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2012/2/23 11:58:28
Sketchup to Muvizu Great work Dylly - look forward to playing with them!
2012/2/23 11:56:27
Some tests and attempts That's looking fantastic ScorpyX - how did you achieve it?
2012/2/22 11:06:03
Major Problem !! cant work it out Hi skylike,

I'd try getting virtual dub (www.virtualdub.org) and the xvid codec (www.xvid.org) and then open the gameplay you captured in virtualdub and re-save it as xvid. This normally works a treat for importing videos into Muvizu.
2012/2/6 15:55:38
Correct way to import into Muvizu? I think you are doing everything correct Dylly. There is a problem with transparent textures in Muvizu (even if you look at the patio door object or the flask / jars in the Science category you'll see issues). What I've done in the past to do window glass is to create 1 object that is the glass pane, with a tiny collision mesh some way away from the visible part of it, and place it inside of a separate window frame. This way you avoid these transparency issues. It's not ideal but for this situation it will work, other situations it might not work so well.
2012/2/2 10:08:37
Every Body Can help me What was the video RainMan? Chances are it's been an imported model, but we could tell you more from seeing the video as well.
2012/1/18 12:38:06
Make a Glass Material in Muvizu Dylly wrote:
I'm making a prop for a clip, and I need the prop to be made of glass. How do I make the material like the jars etc in the Muvizu science lab?

Is this something that is done in Muvizu or is it something I need to do in my modelling software?


What you can do is make a alpha channel in a TGA file to give you a transparent texture. You can probably use a glass texture or just a plain colour tint then to make it look like glass.


If you make a UV map you can apply an alpha channel with the right amount of transparency at only the part of the map you need it at.

Let me know if that gives you the desired result!
2012/1/17 18:55:31
Blender export to ase py script is giving me prob andla wrote:
I tried yesterday several hours to make it work. I'm talking about the goofo py script:

The first script gave me an error like unknown location. Wrong version I use blender 2.61 and this was like 2.4 or something.
The second script gave me an grayed out export item in the export menu. Can't do much with that can I?
The third script doesn't generate a file. It just ends with no information.
I have almost non experience with blender but I suppose I select the object "yellow border" and then click ascii export to ase or similar.
How do you do it?


Try this plugin


It's the one I use without any problem. Just make sure you have only one mesh as the object and another mesh with the same name except it's prefixed with UCX_ for example if the object is called "cube" then your collision object will be called "UCX_cube" if you click the little eye icon for the camera and light in the scene it'll make them invisible and then press A it will select everything in your scene and so long as you only have one geometry mesh and one collision mesh everything should export fine. Also you don't need the collision mesh if it's a simple object as Muvizu will generate this itself.

Hope this helps, good luck!
2012/1/17 13:52:21
Help exporting from Blender 2.61 cdunaway wrote:
Thanks Jamie!

That did the trick. Just removing the extra spaces at the end of the line caused it to work.


For anyone that is interested, the python script was the culprit.

In an effort to keep the source code neat, the author added spaces to each line to indent the code, but those spaces were being output to the .ase file. The extra spaces were causing Muvizu to fail.

I can adjust the python script in Blender to take care of this, but I still feel this is a bug in need of repair.



Glad that's fixed it for you Chris. This is the plugin I've been using -

2012/1/17 10:20:14
Doesn't work MiOG wrote:
I'v installed Muvizu and I opened it and it works very good. I can do everything.
But, when I turn Muvizu off and turn it on again, Muvizu doesn't start, but this message appears:


Do you know maybe, what I have to do now?


hi MiOG,

I'm not sure what DLL it is that's crashed, the name in the screen shot doesn't look like it's a Muvizu one, but I could be wrong. I think the first thing to do is uninstall Muvizu and go to the location you installed it to (normally c:\program files) and manually delete the Muvizu folder there. Then install Muvizu again, the latest version (0.19b available http://www.muvizu.com/download) and try creating a quick video again then close and re-open to see if it happens. Of course before you try to close and re-open Muvizu could you go to the ? icon on the top right hand side of the application then click on the System Info button and click copy then paste all that info into an email to bugs@muvizu.com along with any other details you feel would be useful to us.

Hopefully a reinstall will have fixed any problems, but sending your system info in will help us track down what is happening.

2012/1/17 9:54:56
Problem Making Video atinybitlower wrote:

After I uploaded the update for some reason about half way during the make video process I receive an error message "Unable to make video, unknown error." Can anyone provide a solution?


Hi Mike,

Can you send the following infomation to bugs@muvizu.com and I'll take a closer look into this issue for you.

1. The set file you are working on
2. Go to the ? icon on the top right hand side of Muvizu and click on About then click the "System info" button, click Copy and then paste it into an email (this will let me see the version of Muvizu you are using and your computers spec in case that has anything to do with it).
3. Could you give a brief description of what you were doing? Adjusting timeline markers, etc.
4. Did you use the patch posted on the forum's yesterday or are you using just the released version from the 10th of January?

2012/1/17 9:51:10
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). jonbez wrote:
Sorry Jamie for late reply.

I was using the previous version when that happend, Sorry for the mix up. I just tryed the latest build and the set saves fine now with the bomb in the scene. I guess whatever the problem was. its fix now.

I was scratching my head a bit as to why I couldn't make it happen here. Glad it's working for you now!
2012/1/16 10:43:49
Help exporting from Blender 2.61 cdunaway wrote:
The plot thickens!! From your test file, I copied the BITMAP line and merely overwrote the existing line in my file, and now my file imports correctly, even though that folder does not exist. It also works if I substitute my name instead of yours in the path.

What is strange, after I get it to import, if I change it back to what I had originally by manually typing it in, it works, but if I use the Undo feature (Ctrl-Z) in my text editor to revert it back to what I originally had, it then fails to import again! I looked at the file under a hex editor and I cannot see any strange characters and the file doesn't seem to be encoded in any special way.

I feel that this may be a bug in Muvizu.

Hi cdunaway, I've had this problem with blender exported ASE as well. What I tend to do is remove everything after *BITMAP<space> and then put the file name only in quotes after the <space>. I think the problem is, at least for me, that blender ASE export leaves 20 or so <spaces> after the end of the file name. Muvizu then reads the file name and includes the <spaces> as part of the file name and tries to load that - obviously failing - at which point it attempts to locate the file in the "textures" directory and again fails. I think this might be why you didn't see any strange characters in the hex editor and why when you manually replaced the file name it worked.

If you send the original files to bugs@muvizu.com I'll take a look and get back to you. Glad you got it working though!

Welcome to Muvizu, good luck with your movies and models!
2012/1/16 10:40:16
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). jonbez wrote:
Possible fix Tip for people who may come across this error message when tring to save there set.

(There was an error saving the scene. unknown error)

If you happen to have a bomb from the science props in the scenes try deleting it and it should save ok.

I'm not able to reproduce that John. What version are you using? 32 or 64bit? Did you change anything on the object before saving or do anything else with it such as direct object movement or object properties?
2012/1/16 10:12:44
Shopping List & thanks for de-trumpeting Dylly wrote:
Ability to turn collision ‘off’ on a model or swap collision model ?

We've looked at doing this and it is something we'd really like to make happen, I think it will just take time though
2012/1/16 10:00:59
Shopping List & thanks for de-trumpeting Dylly wrote:
Any chance of a hexadecimal colour chart so colours can match up in Muvizu? Colours seem to go all sorts of weird shades on objects once imported.

This is a bit of a known issue, we have a decimal colour chart (RGB values) and I'd think a hex version wouldn't be too hard however, the problem is down to the way the unreal engine renders colours (lighting, shadow, material types, etc). This is where we need to fix it up a bit to display the colours as you see them when you pick them.
2012/1/16 9:58:23
Shopping List & thanks for de-trumpeting Dylly wrote:
And is there any way that we can use the view that I can see on the screen as a camera view? I can never get my camera view to match what I see on the screen...I know I should look through the camera when I build the scenes but I always seem to forget. It would be nice to build up the scene in the scene window and just be able to shoot what I can see.

You can sort of do this. When you create a camera it is made just in front of the directors (or screen) view. It doesn't take on the properties such as the looking up or down though. The other problem with this is that the camera is further forward than the directors view so it doesn't really line up. I'm guessing that it might be possible to refine the create camera option to duplicate the director's view (although there'd be other considerations here as someone else may not like the a new camera duplicating what they see) however actually using the director's view directly as a camera is probably not achievable. One of the dev's may have another thought though
2012/1/16 9:33:27
Shopping List & thanks for de-trumpeting Dylly wrote:
A scale for Muvizu...Luscan said it was 1 unit to an inch but...how many real life inches to a Muvizu inch as I keep making everything too small or too large.

From what I remember the models and characters were made to an original size and then, over the course of the months and years, scaled up and down to fit better within the basic scene (this was done with the scale controls in Muvizu) when they were first created.

I keep doing the same as well though - too small or too large - I think the easiest thing would be to pick a default size in Muvizu (for example a character) and through some trial and error make a cube about the same size as the default scale character and measure that objects size or roughly model to that scale.

I'll see what I can find out though with regards to how inches vary between real life, muvizu and 3D modelling packages.
2012/1/12 16:07:11
How do I achieve an effect like this? I think it was this video Dylly -

The guy used other software for the roller coaster.

Maybe you could build a forest and use direct cameras to "fly" through the forest?
2012/1/11 16:51:18
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). jonbez wrote:
Hi jamie

I reverted back to the previous version for the time being just till I've got this video finished. Unfortunately I overwritten the file I was working on in the new version.
I can still send u the original set file that I tryed to import if thats of any help.

Yeah, if you send it to us John I'll take a look and see I can figure anything out with it. Good luck with the new video!
2012/1/11 16:10:34
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). adam_knox wrote:
Thanks for the heads up Berty! I got the same default pink texture on objects I imported.

Hi adam_knox and Berty - the pink object issue might have been present in the 0.18 release as well as this post shows http://muvizu.com/forum/topic1306-ambient-occlusion-and-uv-maps.aspx?p=f#post7111 although it maybe a new issue that's crept in. Could you send your set files and ASE objects to bugs@muvizu.com and we'll find out more from that. Cheers.
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