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2010/2/24 15:48:38
Geraldo and the Evil PART TWO Will we ever find out if the evil alien monkeys get Geraldo?
2010/2/9 9:45:05
Geraldo and the Evil PART TWO Wasn't this suppost to be made in Feb?
2010/1/13 11:50:12
Resources Another free AVI editor is called AVIEdit ( http://www.am-soft.ru/aviedit.html )

Seems pretty good so far, it lets you do fades between videos, scrolling text for your credits and layers.
2009/12/1 15:14:52
When's the next one coming??

There was talk of a new one being released last friday but it was cancelled at the last minute.
I think we are seeing a re-telling of the Susan Boyle story.
I think the sudden fame and celebrity that barrys has found due to the success of geraldo has led to a bit of a SuBo moment.
Does anyone have the number for The Priory?

2009/11/13 14:02:11
The Red Guy

Actually, I just watched "Geraldo visits the Doctor" again and the Doctor calls the red guy "Daddy".

2009/11/13 11:43:13
The Red Guy

I think he's the "Master".

2009/11/13 11:40:21
Who's in control

My bad *psychological - In my defence I'll hide behind Skitts law.

2009/11/13 11:01:33
Who's in control

Do you mean Stockholm syndrome, where the hostage feels sympathy and loyalty to the hostage taker? Or are you suggesting a deeper, perhaps more sinister phycological condition here - that Geraldo continues to act naughty inorder to gain "attention" from the red guy?

2009/11/11 17:03:15
When's the next one coming??

geraldo's surprise is my favourite

2009/11/6 15:01:48
When's the next one coming??

Getting withdrawal symptoms, need a new hit soon.

2009/11/6 14:55:54
Who's in control

What I want to know is, is this just a standard dominatrix/submissive relationship where the "controlled" is really in control or is there something more sinister at play?

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