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2017/2/18 16:24:00
Video for a friend... Nice job on the video, Jammer! Tell your friends I liked their song too... its a good recording, very clean and pro-sounding. The song has all the right elements.

You also put a lot of attention on details in an effort to synchronize the musicians with the beat. Nice job.

Since you seem to like music videos, I'll mention some of my opinions on the topic. (Opinions are what they are, so feel free to follow your own muse if mine doesn't resonate with yours)

1) music videos can get boring really quickly. Since video is a visual medium, it's your job to keep the eye candy rolling. Watching the song from one perspective may be what an actual person at a concert would get, but you have the opportunity to present the viewer with more. More camera angles. More effects. More fades. Views of the audience responding to the music. Closeups. Camera sweeps. Crazy impossible views, let your imagination fill in the blanks

2) once you come up with an engaging eye-candy presentation... never use it again. Make each music video unique.

3) Camera changes are like drum beats.. they happen at whatever frequency you decide. So if your scene changes don't line up with the drum beat, it's sort of like having two drummers in the band playing at different tempos.

4) watch other peoples' music videos. Make mental notes about why you want to click away from some of them, while others keep your attention

I think you are off to a great start with Muvizu! You've really hit the ground running, and you seem to be having fun! In the final analysis, having fun is the goal, so.. mission accomplished!
2017/2/18 15:56:42
picture change background if you are using a backdrop with image texture as your background, you can animate the backdrop's properties, and move the timeline to the place where you want the picture to change before selecting a new image for the texture. That should create a marker on the timeline which will trigger the change automatically when the story reaches the marker.
2017/2/16 14:36:42
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu Anticip wrote:
It was a destination folder issue somehow ! But I get how it works, I can't fix it but I can work with it

please keep us posted!
2017/2/16 13:50:09
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu I know the install location for plugins is different for the versions... maybe the new installation changed an environment variable for all Sketchup installations, and it's now looking in a different place for plugins.

If you can put your hands on a copy of the ziggymesh exporter, try putting it in the same directory as the new plugin (but with a different name so you don't overwrite anything)

link to all the directory paths:
2017/2/16 13:28:36
[HAND Attach SPECIFIC PB] SU 2017 to Muvizu The simplest workaround (if you haven't removed Sketchup 8 from your computer) might be to ...

1) Download items from the 3d warehouse using the current version of Sketchup

2) then save it in Sketchup 8 format (Sketchup 2016 still has this save-as option and I bet even Sk2017 does too... if it doesn't, we can probably find you a copy of 2016)

3) open the converted version in Sketchup 8 and use the tools you already know

3- If we can import FBX or OBJ items in Muvizu (when it works, which let's be honest relies heavily on luck on my end) it seems that for hand attachments only the good old ASE is recognized. Am I missing something ?

ASE and FBX can both be used to create attachments. At present, OBJ only works for standalone objects

regarding the ways size changes made in Sketchup don't translate to Muvizu... I've noticed that too. I make my size changes in Silo, and only use Sketchup as ASE translator. But it's possible that someone here knows a trick about how to size in Sketchup so that it "sticks" in Muvizu.
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2017/2/16 13:14:23
BEAUTIFUL set, as usual for you! I don't know how to put into words what it is about all your stuff that appeals to me so much, but you have a sensibility that most of us seem to lack.

You have such an interesting design perspective... you come up with things that would never occur to me in a million years. I don't know where original thinking comes from, but you seem to be blessed with an abundance of it
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2017/2/16 13:09:00
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs I'll assume you read this whole thread, which discusses other peoples' issues with these UVMaps, and how they solved them. Anything I might suggest is already posted to the thread, so if it hasn't yielded any help, I think this one is a question for support
2017/2/15 23:44:52
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs Speedking5 wrote:
Are there any extra copies of the south asian uv maps availibe they will not reboot on mmy new version of muvizu

I don't understand what you're saying here. The UVMaps don't reboot? Were you able to find them before, but now you can't?
2017/2/9 15:47:03
What Muvizu needs next are quadruped animals Add my name to the list of people who would LOVE to get some quadraped characters! If it was made generically enough, one would be enough, because we could modify it to be every other animal

Developers? Anybody out there listening? ;-)

anybody else want a quadraped? Let's all add our voices to this request!!

QUADRA PED!..... (etc)
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2017/2/9 13:27:12
ERROR loading scene MrDrWho13 wrote:
Veniko wrote:
Why thank you kind sir I will do just that .

One last question... when I dload all the packs, where should I download to ...? is there a best place in my computer... or will the program point to them without prompting..?


For the ones you need to download, they're just little programs to install it into the main version so you don't need to worry about where you put these.

although, it's a good idea to create some kind of planned directory structure early on to keep your projects organized... otherwise you can easily get overwhelmed by all the different files.

Here's my system, (yours will vary.. the main thing is to have a system.)

1) I keep my MUVIZU stuff on a separate drive, but DOCUMENTS /MUVIZU works as base directory

2) subfolders are dedicated to organizing reusable assets:
  • asset packs
  • AVI
  • tips & tricks
  • green screen
  • models
  • PNG backgrounds
  • projects
  • sets (downloaded from the store)
  • UVMAPS and downloaded skins for core characters
  • textures
  • Ziggy's stuff (to store all the cool stuff Ziggy comes up with)

3) in the PROJECTS folder I save stuff that is project specific
  • ideas (a text file where I log any random ideas for a project)
  • audio (dialog, ambient sounds, music etc)
  • images (references, textures, backdrop images etc)
  • models (attachments or standalone models created especially for this project)
  • sets (I typically have a different set for each scene)
  • video (AVI for backdrops, the Muvizu generated scenes, the video editor master file, and final output)
2017/2/8 23:33:06
New here welcome to the world (and forum) of MUVIZU!
2017/2/8 16:15:01
VALENTINES DAY I'd be happy to see some trailers.. in fact, that might make an interesting challenge. We could all try our hands at making the most compelling trailer for a movie we haven't made yet.
2017/2/8 3:09:17
I thought this was cool... this is the sort of thing that Hit Film does so well...
2017/2/7 23:51:45
VALENTINES DAY So... is anybody working on a Valentine's day video? How about a quickie challenge: seven days between now and valentine's day... who amongst us has the stuff to make a blockbuster between now and then?
2017/2/7 23:01:58
SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! also, when you bring your audio INTO Muvizu, there is a volume setting that's worth exploring. IMO, the default volume setting can boost the clip's starting level and make it distort (especially if you had your levels pretty hot to begin with). I usually have to reduce the volume with this when I import my audio, for the very reason you mention.
2017/2/4 23:38:52
Quick shot with a cellphone that looks pretty slick, Ritsmer! Can't wait to see the whole video!

I really like the look of Muvizu characters superimposed on top of real-world video! A bunch of people on the forum are really good at it... looks like its time to add one more name to that list!
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2017/2/4 16:15:07
Quick shot with a cellphone I'm getting the error message "THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE"... you may need to open up the video's permissions to allow the world in general to view it.
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2017/2/3 5:30:51
First Muvizu video - The Distance Nice production! I enjoyed the song too!
2017/2/2 19:53:39
<POW!> letter effect? this is something that could also be implemented very easily in your video editor. Especially if you wanted a wide variety of text-based sound effects like they used in the old Adam West version of Batman..
2017/2/2 1:01:14
How do I make an .avi have transparency? typically people use Muvizu to create scenes, then they use a video editor to assemble the scenes and add special effects. Many video editors are capable of dealing with green screen. That's how I would incorporate green screen with Muvizu: at the Video editing stage.
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