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2016/8/20 2:27:47
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Wow, I just got back from the beach and discovered that I won the contest! Totally not what I expected! But I really like both prizes, so I am very pleased to have won each of them! Thanks to both MDW13 and Ziggy for providing such desirable prizes!

I greatly appreciate the fact that your judges all offered feedback... I think offering expert advice in the context of a contest is a great way to transfer knowledge to any newbies (like me) in the crowd. Such sharing is good for the forum, good for the product and certainly good for the recipients of the information! Great idea and very well handled all around! Thanks to MrDrWho13 for running such a clever and well managed contest!

And thanks to all the judges for taking time out of your lives to help others learn! I appreciate that, and I'm sure everyone else does too!

On a related note: the link I received to the prizes doesn't work. I get a 404 error
I got it to work by copying and pasting the URL... Muvizu's forum software must have incorrectly created the link, because the URL as shown worked when I copied and pasted it
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2016/8/20 2:15:02
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Rocque wrote:
I only enter these so I keep animating. However this one is leaving me in the dust before I even start. My mind is a blank, and then knowing all the cool things people will be doing is intimidating right off the bat. I am getting the "who does she think she is entering this little voice in my head". I hate to waste the judges time with my lack of ability, so I might sit this one out.

You have put a lot of thought into this Pat, and I am sure the results will be outstanding and appreciated. If I can come up with a story that I think I have enough knowledge to put into Muvizu, you never know, I might go ahead and waste the judges time. Maybe I will really have to start sending them some pay pal $$.

aw shucks, Rocque... I'd hate it if you didn't come out and play with the rest of us kids!
Don't be intimidated by that list of things I'll be watching for... they aren't requirements, just a heads up for those people who like to work to a check list.

I puposefully made it wide open in terms of time (any length from zero to six minutes) and topic (anything that strikes your fancy. )

"Waste the judges' time????" no way, that could never happen. The only way our time could be wasted is if nobody bothered to submit anything.

If your mind is a blank, I suggest submitting a variation on one of your HitFilm exercises.
2016/8/20 1:58:47
Surprise most people just upload it to youtube or vimeo or some other video repository, then post a link to it in a message.
2016/8/20 1:55:39
The truth about how i make music Interesting concept!

I'd like to see this idea explored further... maybe with a whole musical composition played by the blob and his friends
2016/8/16 21:11:45
Surprise in the park did you model and texture the T-rex? SUPER job, whoever did it!
2016/8/16 20:34:29
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) well, its been two days since the contest ended... maybe the judges need some nudges....

2016/8/16 20:28:17
Surprise in the park well? I think it's about time we get to hear how this was done!

(Pat sits down with a cup of coffee and a notebook ready to take notes...)

2016/8/16 20:21:17
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 clayster2012 wrote:
Well Pat I see your starting your own contest, open theme...hmmm you know I might enter, I do have another side project that I just started, it's another Alien Grey episode but it's a little different this time, I gave alien Grey a face lift and redone his saucer, not going into details but I'm not worried about winning, if I do I'll use the prize money for a new processor, yep thinking of upgrading to AMD 290 graphics card.

didn't you just install a new graphics card??
2016/8/16 14:33:28
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 OK, here's the lowdown on my contest:

1) it is a hybrid contest (open to people using the free version AND the paid version), with separate prizes and judging criteria for each.

2) Winner in the free version category will receive a paid license
Winner in the full version category will get $50 USD
There will be uncompensated honorable mentions in both categories, and each video will be thoroughly reviewed by me and any other judges.

3) submissions should be posted in this thread any time you're ready, but not after midnight GMT on Sept 15.
(that's 7pm Eastern USA time, 4 pm pacific time... just to be clear.)

4) Any forum member who doesn't participate can help judge, if they commit to a timely verdict (within 24 hours after the contest ends). Willing judges should contact me by personal message. Judges should also be willing to offer a written commentary on each video for purposes of edification and constructive critique.

5) Theme is open. Knock yourself out!

6) time constraint is also fairly open, but I hope you keep your video under 6 minutes

7) Please do not recycle old videos. All entries should be started and finished in the time frame of this contest.

8) submissions should be accompanied by the artists review of his/her own video, complete with a description of what they were trying to accomplish and anything else we might miss if we weren't told about it

9) entries will be judged according to the following check list. Points will be added or subtracted based on whether these traits are present in your video. Nobody will have them all, but if you plan the video around this check list, your chances of winning are greater. Failure to meet the legality requirement will result in disqualification

Free version submissions will be judged on how well the story is presented, with bonus
points added for whatever WOW factor you can create with stock Muvizu

-------following pertains to both groups:
foreign language videos must have English subtitles
themes and language should be suitable for children

Paid version criteria: points (1 to 10) could be awarded for each element in the list, depending on whether it was used at all, or on how well it was used

COMPLIANCE (does the entry meet the contest rules? )

THE STORY (does it flow? make sense? use of metaphor, irony, etc? Is it funny? ) ((I will add points for a good story))

INNOVATION (is there something new here? )

ORIGINALITY (did author use ALL original content? (as opposed to incorporating the work of others)

IMPROVEMENT (is this a step up from the person's other work?)

LEGALITY (are all elements legal to use? public domain or royalty free? original content?)
  • music (cite license, public domain status or originality)
  • downloaded models *
  • 2d graphics
  • other merged video

MODELLING (quality of models, attachments, textures etc created by the project author) *

CHARACTER CREATION (clever use of attachments, such as Ikes' chicken or T-Rex idea) *

SET BUILDING (is set original? or downloaded? How cool is it?) *

BACKGROUND MUSIC (does it add something? Or get in the way? Is it original? Do you have the rights to use it?)

TECHNIQUE (points awarded for each technique listed)
  • shading/lighting
  • keyframing*
  • effective use of environment
  • merging elements from different sources
  • any other cool technique not named here
EDITING (value added in video editor)
  • additional keyframing
  • green screen
  • use of 2d elements to simulate 3d environment
  • special effects
  • color binding to make all merged elements look like they exist in the same world
  • any other cool editing tricks not named here

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2016/8/16 12:26:32
FATAL ABDUCTION ( English Subtitles) ukBerty wrote:
Yes - very well done. A story well told, which is not as easy as it sounds.

I totally agree... I think sometimes we get sidetracked by technique and effects, when in reality, this medium is about the story
2016/8/16 3:39:02
Heaven Bound Test Render awesome sets, Robert! And good story line and voice acting! You've clearly put a lot of work into this already!

I especially like the houses. Tell us a little about how you created them... are they full-blown models? Or 2d graphics on backdrops? Is all of this happening in Muvizu? Or are your scenes composite shots assembled in your editor?

Enquiring minds want to know...
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2016/8/16 3:25:22
Heaven Bound Test Render robert-j-ladrach wrote:
It's funny, when I posted the clip on facebook and asked my friends to give me constructive criticism - I got very little. But I really want solid critiques of the work so I can improve the story, animation - whatever I can do, so please don't be shy with your comments - I appreciate the feedback, especially criticism on how you think it could be better. Thanks again.

it has been my experience that the general friends most of us have on facebook aren't likely to stick their necks out and critique much of anything.. and if they did, you probably couldn't believe it because friends tend to tell you what you want to hear.

They also tend to lack the technical expertise to offer any truly helpful suggestions. Which is why software forums are a good way to get the kind of suggestions that most creative people need in order to grow their skills.

As you've already discovered, Ziggy is a good source of information, and he isn't inclined to tell people what they want to hear.
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2016/8/16 1:07:48
Surprise in the park if there are ever any job openings at Digimania, I hope they consider hiring Ikes....
2016/8/16 0:59:55
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) tonyob67 wrote:

Sip Thanks Pat and Rocque...You guys are always... You make me feel at home since the beginning...gracias amigos

you are at home here, and part of the team of friends!
2016/8/16 0:19:28
Surprise in the park ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
HA! I knew you'd do it, Ikes! Congratulations for being the first!

(Have I told you lately that you're awesome?? Well, it goes without saying!)

Thank you Pat!

Yeah, I couldn't give up on it. It was not easy, but I did it... It's still in an early modelling stage, but I had to first test animating with it.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody else's reaction to your accomplishment here...

also looking forward to seeing how you did it!
2016/8/15 23:18:22
FATAL ABDUCTION ( English Subtitles) that was funny, Tony! And well done!

I liked the girly scream at the end.. it was appropriate
2016/8/15 23:14:58
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) tonyob67 wrote:
Oh....yes, me and my English writing,
unfortunately for you, there is no

Spanish-speaking forum, so you will have to forgive me if I change a nice word for a bad word
or the opposite hahaha

no need to apologize, Tony... your English is better than our Spanish
2016/8/15 23:12:14
Surprise in the park the chewing noises during the credits... that's just wrong on so many levels... ;-)

(The T-Rex really looks good! The movement is believable too!)
2016/8/15 23:10:05
Surprise in the park HA! I knew you'd do it, Ikes! Congratulations for being the first!

(Have I told you lately that you're awesome?? Well, it goes without saying!)
2016/8/15 20:26:29
Competition? has anybody talked to Digimania about this yet?
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