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2016/7/31 18:40:01
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Thanks, Tony. I am going to be working on it today. Please do not die waiting!! There are better reasons to stay alive than my video. HA. Just joking, but now I feel more urgency to finish. I have a few more scenes to do then final edits including adding sounds. Hopefully it will be totally different from yours. I am so tempted to watch yours just to see, but I am not going to. I probably won't finish it for another week at least. I have limited time to work on it.
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2016/7/31 5:22:47
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:
Latest on my wish list - more "Begin" "Loop" and "End" animations
e.g. Begin using Mobile phone - Actor stays with phone to his ear, then you can use "Loop" to show some related natural movements and finally "End" when the call is over.
This ability to start and end animations would make up for the crucial missing functionality in Muvizu, to stretch or cut animation blocks on the timeline.

That would be so nice. I like the variety of actions, but being able to set the duration in Muvizu would be a real benefit. Only when you look frame by frame can you see some of the parts of the action and to set the duration you have to use the off site editors, and that lengthens the time it takes to create the animation and the possibility of really messing up your animation. I start over a whole lot when film editing.
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2016/7/31 2:15:16
Stand while holding cup. Wow, now there is even more stuff to try once my contest entry is finished. Making a new body with Ziggy's arms and then using it as a necklace on an invisible body. That sounds like the advanced lessons. Thanks for sharing this everyone.
2016/7/29 4:05:42
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) OH no. I still have not watched any but mine has an airplane theme, too. This is why I do not watch any. I am hoping I can have it done, but we will see. It is another learning opportunity, and I am making slow progress. My 2 hours tonight was all failure, but I am learning how to fail. According to Edison that makes you closer to success.
2016/7/25 1:09:09
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) I am not going to watch any of the entries for 2 reasons. 1. I will not enter. 2. I will be influenced by other's creativity which I know I could not duplicate, but it might not work if I saw the others first.

Keep entering though, once mine is submitted I can check the others out.
2016/7/25 1:05:49
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) MrDrWho13 wrote:
We have our first entry! That looks good eugenecheese, simple but effective. Let's see how it compares to the coming clips.
You may submit as many entries as you like, but this will not increase your chances in the randomly selected prize.

Rocque, I look forward to seeing your idea take shape.

I have been spending a lot of time on the entry so far and will most likely only have one entry. Sometimes making these turns into more work than fun. Then I have to stop and realize I am spending too much time on it. I am thinking I will have some extra time after August 5th and might be able to put my ideas together then. Right now it is mostly experimenting. Like I filmed character actions but forgot to add cameras, and when I looked at the layers they were all empty. HA.
2016/7/23 21:53:03
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Thanks for the suggestion about where to look to format the time length on the animations. While my whole vacations have not been disastrous, I have had some "moments". It might be why I prefer to stay close to home. Hopefully I will be able to capture one of those moments. I am working on it.

Just back from finding one 5 second video with my least favorite word in it as the main word. Well there is one word that might be more offensive, but that is not the point. I see what they did, and it was sort of the direction I was going in. It will be a new challenge and I won't have to spend a lot of time wondering about the sets, or will I? In any case I am going with my own style.

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2016/7/21 14:21:55
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) I like the beach scene. 20 seconds? I think I can I think I can. Maybe I can. I am thinking that it might be a good omen that I found this before all the others did, and left their comments. Ohhhhhh, what bad experience to animate.

Thanks for hosting the competition MDW13.
2016/7/20 4:42:18
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) Amazing and awesome are words to describe what you have done with Alice. I can see how you have spent a lot of time on this, and it is definitely a labor of love. There is no way I can help you with it. I just think of Johnny Depp and Disney when looking at your animation, and you have captured a great feel for following the book. The dialog is done very well, but at times a bit difficult for me to understand, so I would probably go for closed captioning on viewing more of it.

Never give up, and I hope you find motivated Muvizuers with the time and energy to help you with this.
2016/7/19 5:16:05
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem "Luke, it seems like what we have here is a failure to communicate." Therein lies our fatal error. About the computer though, I really like my new one. My videos render a whole lot faster in both Muvizu and HitFilm. I even spent extra so I could reach speeds of 88 mph with a flux capacitor. It is simply amazing.
2016/7/19 5:06:42
Speed Boat Tease That was really fun to watch. You always have great ideas and great props. Dude!! You think the stranded guy will go back for him? He might miss that casual life. Thanks for sharing your cool video, dude.
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2016/7/18 23:58:13
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) eugenecheese wrote:
The Heads dont stick out of the top because I made sure the "donkey Suit" was higher than the heads. There are Hooves, But they had to be very chunky to hide the feet. The arms of the characters are the worst problem. It would be great to be able to stop them moving !
To sync the walk, put one man in front of the other, then place an object where you click on for them to walk to, then afterwards delete the object !

I love the cow! Wow. This is great. Thanks for sharing how you accomplished the walking. I know I do not have the patience to work with anything like that right now. It is so much fun to see what you are doing though. Maybe one day I will attempt something fun like that.
2016/7/18 23:54:57
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) PatMarrNC wrote:
yes Mindiflyth, that's totally possible. All you have to do is design the head in such a way that the mouth is still exposed. Then adjust the location of the eyes so they are outside the mask. It is the mouth and eyes that are animatable facial features, it doesn't matter that everything else is static.

I am seeking clarification that you can move the eyes and they still blink and move to look around?
2016/7/18 23:26:17
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) eugenecheese wrote:
My Little Donkey. Two walking men under a donkey suit, like a pantomime horse !

I have no idea how you created this, but it is very very cute! I have trouble getting one character to walk and can't even imagine how you got the 2 characters to be in sync. It is a fun idea and I see others are already running with it. Thanks for sharing.
2016/7/18 0:58:24
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem Muvizu is up and running and there is a lot of help in this forum. Your output has a lot to do with how long it takes to render it. Hopefully the people with more experience than I have will be here to help you soon. Submitting the support ticket is a good suggestion. I only render short scenes because it gives me more flexibility, and I save them as Image Sequence files. I learned that through other members. Then I import the images into another editor. It sounds complicated, but once you see the types of animations being created here, you will know why people make them that way.

Please give Muvizu a chance and get to know the positive people who are happy to help on this forum.
2016/7/17 22:06:18
A question about Muvizu chat vs using the forum I think the wiki will really help people to get started. Especially with the link that MDW13 added on the beginner FAQ page. Perhaps there should be information that we always see and I experienced about what happens after you upgrade to +, and how you usually end up contacting support for help. Then there is the step where we have too many log in to our + attempts and the whole thing stops working.

I am sorry for the less than technical explanations about problems experienced. The support is awesome on the site, but due to different time zones does require a bit of patience. However it is always worth the wait or getting up extra early or staying up late to get the needed help. Maybe let the newer user know about the time zone for help.

When I think of more or see more I will be back. Thanks everyone for your response to my question.
2016/7/17 16:11:48
A question about Muvizu chat vs using the forum Since I have been here I see the same sort of questions in Muvizu chat that I asked during my first few weeks here. I guess we ask them there because we would like an immediate answer since we are anxious to get started. However, it seems like there should be a better way to help people who post in chat and get them directed into the forum.

Maybe there should be a Forum area titled: New to Muvizu, or Forgotten Something. It could be an ongoing FAQ by those who use the current editions of Muvizu. I have learned a lot more from the forums then from anywhere else. Perhaps there is already an area like this and I have forgotten something.

It would be nice as a new user to be directed to a part of the forum instead of the chat area where no one sees the answers given, or if someone has already helped the person.
2016/7/17 15:58:21
Sweet Home 3D So many tools, so little time. This looks like, fun, too.
2016/7/16 0:33:16
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) drewi wrote:
Congratulations to everyone Winners or not. I enjoyed them all, such a lot of dedicated work.
Just sorry i couldn't join you due to my badly organised time management and laziness.
hopefully next time.

We look forward to seeing you in the next one Drewi. It does take some dedication to get an entry in when there is a time limit. Start on a few ideas now and then maybe something you are doing will be appropriate for a future contest and you will be motivated to finish it.
2016/7/15 2:14:20
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
Ok winners I just sent you your prizes, check your emails and messages!

let me know if everything goes well
if not then message me

I'd like to surrender my prize to Rocque in appreciation for her diligence and willingness to take risks in this contest!

But don't worry, I'll get all 3 sets in the store. I don't mind supporting the arts. ;-)

(I'll forward the DL link to her)

Thank you Pat, I received the DL link to the prize and it is safely on my computer. I think you are more deserving of the prize since you have been around here a lot longer than I have, and your video was really funny. I loved what you did with the cats, and am not sure at all how you made them, or how you came up with the idea. Your original song must have been inspired by your recent trip to California. I definitely appreciate your generosity.

Clayster please be sure to thank the judges for their outstanding job. Judging can never be an easy task. Thank you for being so enthusiastic throughout the contest.

Ziggy, I had no clue how all those screen shots you were sharing could lead to something so funny in a morbid sort of way. Everyone has said something about your creative process and mastery of lighting, props, and all else, and I agree. It gives me something to strive for knowing that time and imagination are the only limits to using Muvizu.

The Monster Mash will always be a graveyard smash, and Cheesy's interpretation and singing were excellent. I loved the characters, and appreciated all the time to view them during the song. The heads in the jars were a great addition to your set, especially when they could sing, too. You will have to remind us of this animation in October.

The winner is IKES! Flawless animation. I loved the reflection on the walls through the windows in the cafe. I have no idea how you did that but it was amazing. Your timing on everything was great, and the build up of suspense played out well. I loved the designs on the car, too. The coffee was a bit too strong for me, but other than that the realism was there, even for animation. Thanks for entering.

Pat, I won't bore everyone by going into the details of my animation, but you might see the Kristies again. I paid too much for her outfit (just kidding, only a lot of hours to paint it and erase all the mistakes). The whole animation was going to be different and have a different ending, but as I started making it the whole thing shifted over. I am not sure how many of us want that "peaceful day in the park" or at some other spot only to have someone take it away. Think of all the places you go where you end up being that captive audience, and then think of Omega Kristie, or is it Alpha Kristie....I love the hulk.

Hit Film Pro was at perfect timing for the price reduction to help me finish this animation. It is amazing. The smoke was from another creative commons site, and I am not sure if I listed it in the credits. I think I left it out. The 3 minute deadline was difficult.
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