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2016/8/19 15:24:24
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Thanks for hosting the contest MDW13, and for the judges taking their time to review the entries. I appreciate the honest feedback.

Congratulations to Pat! It is nice to see you taking the gold.

I enjoyed what was said about Tony's video:
I don't think there's much I can criticise in this video, apart from I've never been to an airport where the check in desks are that brightly coloured.”
The reason I enjoyed it was due to the disclaimer that there was not much to criticize other than the check in desks. I am not on the level of the judges, but I love the colors. It is a cartoon, and not reality. It sets the stage for the entire animation for me. It is so happy that it makes me smile.

Excellent videos everyone! It was a great experience being a part of this competition.
2016/8/16 17:09:33
Heaven Bound Test Render Wow, Ziggy!!! Can I borrow your eyes and ears? Maybe this comes with experience, but when I am working on something that I want to be epic, I hope I can call on your help, too. Your attention to detail is amazing, and I found it to be very helpful (if I was the maker of Heaven Bound, it would be, after I cried for about 30 minutes and then remembered that I wanted my project to be the best).

@ Rocque Maybe he just liked that watch, maybe it was personal. Or maybe he liked to wear it as a sort of joke on time... No, actually you're right, why is he wearing a watch anyway?
I loved this comment, Ziggy. It was excellent.
To Robert: You have a lot to do, but please continue, now, back to your dungeon and get to work!!!

One other thing is that I would "borrow" Ziggy's blanket can cover up the dying man. I am just modest like that.
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2016/8/16 5:32:58
Heaven Bound Test Render If there is one thing people can use right now, it is something to believe in and hope, lots of hope. I can see the definite Biblical influence here, and it is a great way to explain it. From the golden streets to the places prepared for those who believe. One thing I did notice that if there is no time in Heaven, why is his dad wearing a watch? Of course God knows time, but since I have never been to heaven, I am not sure if everyone else has a way of telling time, or if it is important. I liked the mother's reaction when her son appeared in her house. The time went really fast watching this so that means you did a great job, because I have difficulty sitting through anything over 3-5 minutes. LOL.

The use of water and the sounds of water was very effective. The lighting was really good too. You have accomplished a lot and I admire all the work you have put into this. I can not even begin to imagine how you were able to get so much into your scenes, when I put a few things in one and Muvizu tells me I have too much in it, and restricts how many objects I can use.

Do not give up on this production, you are doing a great job.
2016/8/16 0:19:01
Surprise in the park Wow! Amazing work Ikes! I stand in awe at everyone on this site. Excellent. Thanks for sharing.
2016/8/15 23:42:55
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) It looked great to me! I read excited the way that Tony spelled it and could not figure out what all the other excitement was about. It took me a long time to discover the word.

Tony, just keep animating and we do not need to focus on a language barrier. Right? Es verdad, no?
2016/8/15 14:29:45
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Rodrisilva, that is great! It is a beautiful scene. Adding the car to it was incredible. Awesome work there. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. Your animations deserve a lot more views than they receive. I hope more on this site will support everyone's contributions to YT by leaving comments and sharing.
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2016/8/14 23:02:30
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Thank you again everyone who is being so persistent in their search for adding to what we can accomplish using Muvizu. I am adding encouragement to keep on testing and retesting because several of us who are not at that stage appreciate what you are doing.
2016/8/13 23:52:01
Settled in Tennessee Thanks for the updates BigWally. I do not know you very well, but health problems are always a hassle, so I am glad you are doing better. I thought about moving to Tennessee because there are lots of lakes. It would be a huge switch from the desert in California. It would be nice to live where people are friendly.

Enjoy your new home.
2016/8/12 16:10:09
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers I finished week 1 yesterday and it took me more than 4 hours because I got caught up in watching clips from the major participators. It is tempting to put links to some of my projects in here, but they are very amateurish. I learned a whole lot. Maybe I will share one link because it reminds me of our backdrops here, and what is possible when we use HitFilm for compositing some VFX....ha, I sound like I know what I am talking about.

If you know anyone interested in the behind the scenes in the film making industry I learned that the demands are increasing for compositors and one company, MPC, has an academy to train those they select. The requirements are difficult but what a great way to start a career.

Here is a great article on LinkedIn to share with anyone who might be interested in a new career.

We are learning Green Screen next week.
2016/8/12 15:57:43
Sweet Home Thank you for sharing the link to your video. I left a comment on YouTube. It was really fun to watch your animation and your experience shows. The lighting in the house was great like so many of the excellent animators on this site. I liked how you kept the lighting on the flat car different from the background that looked like sand with a great contrast and the sky fading to the lavender color blended very well.

Yay, another musician in the house!! I enjoyed the song, too.
2016/8/12 3:45:31
Crocodile Hopefully everyone could put their links in here so I can view the videos. MDW13 had a way with the space in it between the http and the rest so that I could just copy and paste it. Or I can just wait until I am able to view them again.
2016/8/11 23:44:20
Crocodile Thank you MDW13 I could see the videos and enjoyed them. I hope it is a bug and is fixed fast. I love the crocs. You are going to give us a lot of new items to use in the future. Now to get the imagination working.
2016/8/11 23:38:56
Sweet Home Maybe I need to upgrade my Muvizu since I am not able to see any videos on it today. As soon as I am able to, I will watch all the new stuff.
2016/8/11 20:22:41
Crocodile None of the images are showing up for me. Maybe I have too many windows open. I will check back later to see if others are having this problem.
2016/8/11 3:12:13
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers August 18 there is going to be a Google Hangout with Ex Machina Oscar winner as follows:
Breaking News: Your invitation to a live discussion with VFX Oscar winner Mark Ardington
Visit this course to find out how to attend.

There is a lot of work in week 1 if you watch the videos but it is all really interesting so far.
2016/8/11 3:06:34
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) Bravo Ikes, and Clayster!!! Once again Ikes for Mogul. Pat for Mogul. The forum is great but that would make it more great. I love the birds, very awesome indeed.
2016/8/11 3:02:13
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Congrats on the purchases Pat. The HD sounds nice. Is it external? Also the Milkshape sounds worth it so maybe in 6 months or so you can help me use it. Keep us informed of your progress.
2016/8/10 1:45:53
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 I am not going to download it until all the experienced people say it is okay to do so. Are we going to have the same issues with getting our "paid" account? Once I know it is all good, then I will go for it. Thanks everyone for testing it out. That is why you are the Moguls.
2016/8/10 1:41:15
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) I like the quote, Ikes.
2016/8/9 23:20:16
uploading videos via muvizu I uploaded a video on Sunday and it is in the gallery now. It is very exciting to have it there and helps me to feel like one of the "artists" here. Uploading it to YT was really fast, too.
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