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2016/11/28 10:19:16
Finding muvizu's ase Hi Pat,

I can completely understand that answer. Though it felt like Muvizu was quite a collaborative tool where people create and share so that the product grows bigger and bigger. Let's be honest about it, user made assets are a more than solid argument to invest into muvizu. And with the tech team itself releasing the base models of the characters so that we can make custom textures, I thought that (disregarding indeed the end user agreement) it was something they would be open to consider as it would make the user creation much faster if we could work off their base models (not to sell them or anything of the sort).

To be honest I thought it was already the case, that it was maybe tricky but that somehow people had already figured out, with muvizu's blessing, how to work off those base models.

Point taken though. Thanks !
2016/11/25 10:50:44
Finding muvizu's ase Ok here is to the crazy

Is there anywhere on my computer the files of each item parts included in Muvizu ?

For instance is there a way (even a very hard way I'm a quick learner) to extract an item (say the bride's hat) from muvizu and modify it through sketch up or blender and then re-import it into Muvizu as a standard ase file ?

Thanks a lot.
2016/10/18 13:33:18
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Hello all,

First and foremost, thank you very much for the incredible product Muvizu team has been developing until now.

I am following very closely how the product is being developed and though I get why 360 or VR have been developped, I have one simple and plain question.

Anticip is a business, of a special sort some may say since we are in the area of defense. I use Muvizu to create videos and support the trainings and formations my colleagues are providing all over the world.

But it goes farther and my question is simple : we, as a business, might want to pay (in advance) to develop attachments / perks or animations we might need, which could then be added to the base product for the greater good. Would that be possible ? I think everyone who wants more option for action / war movies would benefit from that.

Can we discuss it ?


Anticip Team
2016/10/13 9:51:52
Customizing clothes questions. Handling SKIN. Hi guys,

I'm currently customizing clothes on my characters following the very good tutorial here :

It's fairly simple once you get it so thanks a lot for the great explanations. i've got a small problem though.

I'm modifing a top for beefy and Heroine. And sometimes they've got short sleeves. So my first attempt I didn't pay attention and they got their arms painted white like their shirts (same for collars).

I assume I could paint the part that is sleeveless with their skin color on the pattern and everything would be fine. But what if I change their skin color later? I'll have to redo the textures.

Is their anyway to paint it so that muvizu replaces the color with the current skin color ? If I leave it transparent I assume they will simply have no arm right ?

Because if I take the original shirt for instance and later change the skin of my beefy, the sleeveless shirt adapts itself and the parts where we see the skin changes too !

It's hard to be clear but I hope someone gets what I mean

Thanks a lot !
2016/10/7 13:17:15
Lip Sync Nightmare Hi guys !

Hope I find a quick fix here it's making me nuts.

For some reason Muvizu doesn't seem to be able to deal with lip sync on multiple tracks for the same character. Like it's ok if there are 2 characters and they have one sound track each but not if they have multiple lines recorded on multiple sound files. So you just have to record one track at a time if you want lip sync, and to assign lip sync to the next track you need to go back through prepare dialogues and direct dialogues, record and repeat for next track. That's a first problem but not the biggest.

The biggest one is when I assign a dialogue to my character right now I choose "talk" to have Lip sync and not "Shush" but Muvizu tells me "go **** yourself I'll shush your character no matter what you order me to do" so as soon as I move from "prepare dialogue" to "direct dialogue" it automaticaly changes to shush.

Tell me this is a known bug with a known fix or a knwown workaround. Please sorry if I sound pissed, I lost half my day trying to work around that crazy bug.

Thanks a milion !
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2016/9/30 10:44:44
Heroes bodies and animations. Hi guys,

I've got a few questions on Heroes bodies ! Heroine and Beefy.

1 - I like beefy, but for the need of my set i'd like to make him a little less beefy. Like some guy who is in very good shape but no so outrageously out of proportions muscles-wise. Any way to do this ?

2- Same for Heroine, I like endless legs but maybe having them not so endless would also be nice ! And second, am I doing smthg wrong ? but the skirt is always behaving really weird ! Like it's being pulled-up :o ! Can I fix that so it looks a little more business and not like she just comes out of the bathroom ?

Thanks a lot for your help guys !
2016/8/23 13:53:20
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Hey thanks Ziggy for the info. It did help, I ended up managing ok with that bug, but it's quite a huge proble mthough and a big loss of time. Hope the team finds a fix soon !

Got a new challenge on that project !

I'm trying to create a "ray of light" (yeah I'm starting to feel great with Muvizu thanks to all of you, really proud of what I've been able to achieve recently, so I'm pushing the limits).

Imagine a night sky with a bomber plane about to deliver its bombs. So you've got Anti aircraft canons on the ground with spotlights searching the sky for the bomber.
I've been able to create everything between SU and Muvizu, including the spotlight and the yellow circle for the light in the sky, what I'm trying now but that may well be impossible is to add the "ray of light" between the spotlight and the yellow circle in the sky so I can make it move when I move the spotlight.

Do I have to add that with Adobe After Effects for instance or can Muvizu somehow simulate that ray of light ?

Thanks a lot !
2016/8/16 16:15:12
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Thanks a lot Ziggy this is fantastic ! I'm very grateful for all the helping hands lend by one and all !

Next issue which is killing me : The SPIN 2 WIN camera. God I hate that. I'm animating my cameras with key frames so that they move through my set (nothing fancy here) except that for some crazy reason the camera often starts spinning along the way doing 360° footage of everything like my character is turning around while moving forward (1st person camera).

WTF is that ? Really makes me crazy because I'm very careful with my keyframes, or at least I try to be. Even on a very straight line where I haven't moved the camera sideways or up and down it starts spinning like crazy.

How do I make it stable so it doesn't dare to turn around ? Automatic or linear doesn't seem to make any difference regarding that issue. Thanks for the help !
2016/8/12 9:26:23
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Thanks a lot for the tips Ziggy I'm gonna try that

Edit : tried and it works, thanks to all of you this is moving forward ! I now have a guy with an AK47 with okish textures.

I've got two glitches though :

1- If I import the item separately I can import as a two sided item (great!) but it appears on my set but no way I can click on it and make it move, only way to select it is by "select all" than manually unselect all the other items of the set, and even then I don't access the option panel. I think that maybe the "clickable point of the item" is reall yfar from the item itself ? Any idea ?

2- If I import the item as a "hand item" then I don't have the option to import it with 2 sides. And it becomes really glitchy because depending on the angle you can often "see through" the item. Any tips ?

See here :

And from the other side it's deferent parts of the gun that becomes transparent :

Next and hopefully last question that comes in mind, are there any tutorials or tricks to make characters to pose ?

Like I would like my soldiers to be able to just stand with their rifles or guns aiming, (not shooting) so I imagine I could freeze the shooting animation (under western) mid way but is it really possible ? Is there like a camera trick or smthg ?

Like in a bank robbery : you point your gun at someone but you don't necessarly shoot at him Thx a lot people !
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2016/8/11 15:16:28
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Hey ! Good news ! the toto .bmp thing is now fixed. Huge thanks to all especially to MrDrWho13 as for some reason the toto bmp he hosted on Gdrive solved the problem.

Though I know have a brand new problem, all my assets imported from SU8 have no textures at all whatsoever, they are plain cyan (color) as is his toto.bmp file haha. Needeless to say that a full cyan AK47 coupled with a cyan kevlar vest just looks horrible haha.

Any ideas as how I might bring the original textures along in Muvizu ?

And second question is there a metric standard for imports / exports. So I create / import assets from SU in a size that fits Muvizu ? I'm kinda working blind on this one, at times my objects are ridiculously big, like an AK47 20 times my hero's size in muvizu or the reverse, the ak47 is big as a needle, and the options to change its size are rather limited in muvizu, like you can double it or reduce it by half, but not change it 20 times bigger or smaller ... ty guys you rock !

Thanks all !

Here is the ASE file where all textures are toto.bmp obviously

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2016/8/11 9:08:24
Middle East objects [Collaboration?]

I think I've really followed everything step by step which is all the more frustrating
2016/8/11 8:36:17
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Hi sorry for the late reply, been working a lot on that project recently.

So I've created a folder named "UT3" in C:\

Within that folder I've created a file named toto.bmp 100x100 pxl, greyish.

I still get again and again the same error messages :

"import file error,
File not found
C:\Users\Anticip\Documents\Muvizu add ons\Items\textures\toto.bmp"

"Muvizu Add ons" is the folder I've created to put all ASE and assets downloaded. I've even tried to create a toto.bmp file at the exact place the error message says it's missing. Without any success this far

What Am I doing wrong ?

Any ideas ?
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2016/8/2 14:54:28
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Sometimes when I do an import I also simply have the "File not found" error. Which is werid because I import from a very real .ase file giving it its exact location by selecting it before clicking import, but it doesn't work.
2016/8/2 14:47:39
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] @MrDrWho13 ok so I've created a document named toto.bmp, 100 px per 100px, do I need to fill a color (I've tried with light grey). But where do I put it ? There is no folder whatsoever named UT3 in my C:\ Disk. And the error message states that this toto.bmp file is missing at C:\user\me\documents\textures\toto.bmp so I've tried to create it at that location, even creating a "textures" folder in My Documents folder but without any success.

@ukBerty tanks a lot for the link, I've been looking for this one for a long time ! Muvizu should update it's tutorials and wikis because the link to your website stops after "downloads" which is useless because it sends you to your mainpage (nice work btw) and there is no way to find the upload of the exporter from your mainpage, you need the entire link. Here is the link the give on wiki etc.!downloads

@Ziggy72 As soon as the toto.bmp is fixed I'll let you know if the ziggymesh exporter works, thx for the tip !

For now seems this toto.bmp is the main problem ! But thx for the help guys, it's much appreciated
2016/8/2 9:56:39
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Well this is not the place and I've read pretty much every post there is on Muvizu to successfuly import from SU.

But : I got SU 8.0, I got the plugin Muvizu ASE exporter, I can make or find in SU what I want, I can export it to an ASE file. This is ok.

Problem is whan I import to SktechUp (mostly as a hand item (for the ak47 example) I get one of these two errors (translated from French as I have installed Muvizu in French) :

1) "The asset you're trying to import is to small or may have a problem with the collision mesh"


2) "File not found item/textures/toto.bmp"

If anyone has an idea. (I got and fixed a different toto.BMP error when I import assets from the Muvizu store by text editing manually the asset).
2016/7/29 12:49:01
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Pretty amazing the niqab Ikes. Thanks for the tips I'll try that !

Longer dress would also be great ! Up to the feet.

Regarding the sketchup thing I must say I'm having quite a lot of problem right now, I first had the toto.bmp bug, which I think I've fixed but I'm no expert and even when I export ASE files from sktechUp (I've tried for an AK47 for instance) I can't import them into muvizu, always an error message.

Updated my first message to add few other things I'm looking for now

Thx a million guys
2016/7/25 14:32:52
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Hi guys !

I'm trying to make a movie set in modern Syria.

I'm wondering if I missed it or if the following elements already exists :

1) I'm looking for a way to dress women characters with Niqab / Burka and more discreet veils.

2) I've found the explosive belt but where can I find an AK47 ?

3) I'm looking for a cab / taxi. Whatever its model, haven't found any

4) I've found several churches but no Mosq and nothing related to Islam.

5) A hotel ?

EDIT 29/07/16: Few other things come in mind now

6) A bulletproof vest (ideally to put above the shirt, like the scientist vest of the chemistry pack)

7) An other way to get your character shot ? For now you got two options :
a) the cow boy way so if you want to film a victim you've got to give her a gun because the animation makes her use it.
b) the military way where your character takes about 50 bullets in the stomach.
Something in between would be nice ! like 2-3 shots top.

8) What would be amazing for a war movie, would be the possibility to make your character crawl. For now it can either sit or stand but crawling would add a lot more options for adventures / war movies.

Any help ? if it doesn't exist and someone feels like making them I would be very grateful and I'm willing to consider a collaboration (financial even if that is allowed).

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