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2016/6/15 15:23:40
Competition? PatMarrNC wrote:

I'd be totally disappointed if you didn't submit something! In fact, I'll be disappointed if this doesn't draw all the moguls out of hiding! It's mogul-quality stuff we all want to see...

Muvizu is a blessing and a curse and we are watching, interminably watching.......and waiting......
2016/4/22 11:38:01
Coming Soon 2016 Looking fantastic ukberty - really looking forward to seeing the finished film. Very impressed with the new website too.
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2016/3/27 21:34:52
Open source version of Toonz animation software And a user forum here which is full of people having issues with it!!forum/opentoonz_en
2016/3/27 19:35:08
Open source version of Toonz animation software There is an English PDf manual for the full program here which may help
2016/3/27 10:58:21
Open source version of Toonz animation software No idea what this will be like but the pro version
does seem to have been used by studio ghilbi.
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2016/3/20 10:13:40
Free low poly cemetery It's simplistic - even by Muvizu standards - but it's very low poly and imports easily. And it's free at the moment
2016/3/9 21:38:19
animation fans Here's a version comparison between Iclone 5 Standard and Pro but as Urbanlamb states you really need 3dxchange as well (to import stuff) unless you are prepared to spend lots in the content store and marketplace. I wish they would sell Muvizu animations on there.
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2016/1/4 9:17:08
Free animation and scriptwriting courses Happy New Year all!
Don't know what these will be like but they're free so why not try them - the animation one starts today!
2016/1/4 9:14:48
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... Very very clever - they look great!
2015/12/21 12:24:31
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 Excellent list Ziggy - that covers my favourites too (at least those i can remember although I would add:

Terror at Littletown by Wabby

Desmond the Dentist by Stonehead

And All of Ziggys of course - with this one my personal favourite (PLEASE BEWARE THAT THIS VIDEO FEATURES POTTY MOUTHED LANGUAGE - MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!!!)

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2015/12/17 22:21:56
Buzzball Day 3 Artpen
So much to admire and like about this but I think the best thing about it is the way you have truly nailed the head and expression animation. I don't think anyone has made such a good job of this with Muvizu before and considering the limits of the software you have done an incredible job. You have also made him a believable character.
2015/12/9 14:41:05
Action Duration Hello dtekben
That field has been there since the first release but as you have found out you cannot do anything with it. The only option available is to "hold" a pose by selecting the motion you want and recording and then when you reach the pose you want immediately select an idle animation. Then on the timeline you can move the idle animation to the right which will have the effect of keeping the character in the initial pose.
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2015/12/7 10:12:49
Danimal Such sad news - RIP Danimal.
As well as collaborating with Mysto on the excellent "Garage Band Blues" (one of the best things ever made with Muvizu) he also produced the "Best Show Ever" which was another really great mini-series.
2015/11/19 19:44:39
Market place I agree that it would be good to have an internal currency where you could buy say £10 pounds of points
Then use them when you saw something you wanted.
Very hard to see how you can put a standard price on anything, natural laws of demand should see to that, you would just need some method of reducing the price if something wasn't selling.
I would recommend taking a look at the Reallusion market place for an idea of pricing. 100 points = 1 dollar.
2015/11/18 16:20:50
Market place PCollimonster wrote:

This is not 100 miles away from some ideas we have been discussing!

Good to hear - I think the animations in particular would be good sellers. Most of the animations on sale are game based (fighting and er more fighting) and mostly "realistic". There is very little in the way of "cartoon" animations of any type. I guess the only problem would be that you are selling one of the best unique assets of the programme. I could also see that you could offer two types of licence: commercial and non-commercial.
2015/11/18 15:58:28
Market place Possibly you have considered and discounted this idea - but what about selling Muvizu animations and/or props in FBX format for use in external applications. I'm sure they would sell well.
2015/11/17 21:13:24
Market place I think it would also be worth approaching 3rd party asset makers.
There are a number of companies and individuals making low poly assets aimed
At the games market. Although they could not sell their characters they could sell
Props although they would need to be converted. For example
As muvizu assets are locked in they will be prepared to sell cheaper probably than on the
Unity asset store. They certainly take this approach with Iclone
2015/10/30 12:58:41
Psycho killer Excellent work Fazz - keep on raisin' hell!King-dude
2015/10/28 9:33:44
3DRT has half price sale If you are looking for some more props for your Muvizu productions and you have the paid for version of Muvizu and are willing to pay then 3drt have some decent looking stuff on their site and they have a Halloween half-price sale (need to use discount code "Halloween" to qualify for discount). The props are delivered in many formats including FBX so should import ok although I have not tried!

There are some free models too so you could check using these
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2015/10/21 10:58:37
BTTF Dreeko wrote:

October 21st 2015 The day when Marty and Doc arrived in the future is here!

Anyone still here who remembers when this was being discussed for a Muvizu collaboration?

I do! I remember the heated discussion that ensued about whether Nazis and Hitler were a good subject matter for an animating representing this wonderful new software. Have to admit that despite it being a great title I thought it would be a bad move.

Having said that a whole TV series seems to have been loosely based around such a concept:
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