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2016/7/17 18:53:49
A question about Muvizu chat vs using the forum in theory the forum is more for questions and info the chat is just for well chatting really.

If you have any info that is important that is asked often yeah put it in the wiki. I am not a wiki fan but have been known to use one now and then.
2016/7/13 1:38:20
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? oh no the music is a paid for service the only way you get access to it is to join their network etc. Its a service they provide as a result of splitting revenue with the creator. Considering how much of their music and sound effects I use its the least one can do lol. They also offer the cover song clearing service and a bunch of promotional and video creation type tools but its all in an area for creators who are part of the network.

Some people hate this idea but considering how much money I save I think its a great service and its all above board. I think I made like 40 bucks last year and I spent it on a video game but really I am more interested in the services they offer than getting rich

There are a few who will be relentless on youtube who you dont want to touch like bob marley they are pop culture popular songs and although they are dead their families are still collecting money on their works. They can be the worste anyhow at the moment ATV is using epidemic sound they had another company awhile back but they had to manually whitelist the videos with the music and it was too time consuming for them so they changed to a service that is used a lot because its automated. However its still a good price even if your doing it privately. Anyhow right now they are using epidemic http://www.epidemicsound.com/ . Yeah its not free. (unless you join something like ATV)

they also use epoxy and the other site wearethehits.com and one other I forget now.
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2016/7/12 19:57:24
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? yeah the copyright info this is not quite true so be careful it depends entirely on the holder. I am a "hardcore" youtuber so I know all about their rules. The public domain music I avoid due to scams and stuff and its just not worth the paper work to get rid of it. Legally the people laying claim dont have a right to claim it but there are some scammers out there who do wierd crap and its very easy to target public domain performances.

I am a member of awesomenessTVnetwork ( http://awesomenesstv.com/corporate/ ). I joined them gosh years ago now to get royalty free music and sound effects to help the angst go away from youtube. Dont use copyrighted music unless you have permission ads or no if the copyright holder does not want you using his stuff he will have it taken down and you could loose your youtube account so just ... dont do it... its not worth it google is so huge

if you want to use copyrighted stuff ask the person who owns the stuff and if you want to "cover" someones hit song there is a clearing house for getting permisson to white list the performance but the performance must be yours and you must have cleared it with the holder.

These guys deal with helpting you to obtain permission to perform your own version of copyrighted music https://www.wearethehits.com/

So no dont post stuff without obtaining proper permission if you loose your channel your going to have a very hard time starting a new one you will need to find someone to make one for you google has lots of data to block anyone they want

if you want to use a beatles song clear it, but you need to make the music yourself you cannot use theirs unless you want to take a risk on them letting you keep it up just with ads.

in conclusion any music on my videos there if its written by someone else I have obtained the rights to use it. I dont post without permission ever 3 people hating your animations can come along in a row and that is the end of the channel. Seen plenty of people loose channels and full google access to know its possible and just not worth it.

I have either asked to cover it and have it whitelisted or used proper royalty free stuff. This costs money that is why I joined a conglomerate.
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2016/7/11 0:00:32
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? oh look for public domain radio shows they are all dialogue really. If its in the public domain you can use it however you like.

I get most of my stuff from here https://www.otrcat.com/ its more reliable then archive.org but you can try there as well. Stay away from music even if its in the public domain someone is gonna try and claim or block it but dialogue no one cares about.

(Ooop fazz beat me but basically they are fair game if marked public domain. If you dont want to spend money find it in the otrcat catalogue and download it from archive.org lol )

I just dont trust the labelling there so I always double check.

Also something else you can do is audiobooks. If you are a female just download a book read by a male and then you have two voices without worrying about voice actors. https://librivox.org/

these are just audio books people read from paper books but there is another idea. I have also just taken a book and read it myself and made a story that way.

This is my public domain project the sets kinda start out simple as I do the first one and get more custom as I go along lol so you can see I was still learning to use muvizu at the beginning and eventually I get all the kinks out and build everything and stop using any muvizu assets other then the characters

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2016/7/10 16:03:55
New South Asian character pack available! Rocque wrote:
Everyone who posts on this forum has helped me to face my fears and go beyond the one line one scene project and turn out something I can not be afraid of adding to my YouTube channel.

longer projects are quite hard they are daunting to look at. They can be fun though but they are a lot of work and take some organizational skills and patience. The key is take your time and walk away from it and dont rush and put things in file folders to assemble at the end.

Radio shows are fun to do especially if you are not one to be looking for voice actors. You can also chop them up and rearrange them and make something else out of them if you are feeling especially creative that week/year.

Anyhow I will go back to being a cheerleader. Once a year or so I say something that might not be all roses. I hope that no matter what I say its polite when I say it. Big Grin
2016/7/10 15:10:47
New South Asian character pack available! I dont think people were trashing muvizu....It was just people being honest. I have no issue with people expressing opinions after all I have plenty of them myself, but when the conclusion is "go away" its no longer just that its something else lol. We dont have enough forum population for anyone to go away hehe.

Maybe if we were drowning in people no one would notice but lets face it if 5 people stopped posting for a week the forum would have no traffic LOL.

I also think of all the people posting in the thread I am likely the only one who doesn't have muvizu even installed right now so that is why I took it that way. I know that others have it installed and are actively working on something. Me I am creatively in a bit of a slump and drained and my interests are more towards making fullly rigged characters right now then anything else so this would be part of the reason why I reacted the way I did.

I also read it as "dont post negative feedback" which of course the creators of muvizu are professionals and as long as its constructive and not being negative everytime one posts (this is just complaining relentlessly which again the people posting this feedback dont do either).

Anyhow I will shut up my .. the point I was trying to make was about the go away part and dont be negative. I think everyone posting in this thread contributes something to the forum so any one of them going away is not a good thing.
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2016/7/9 19:50:41
New South Asian character pack available! fazz68 wrote:
im trying to find something witty and awesome to say but..... i got nothing... so i'll just shut my face and vanish back into the shadows....

here I will help or would you use dick van dyke?

this is a canadians favourite saying .. so here all the way from canada land for you
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2016/7/9 19:33:31
New South Asian character pack available! MrDrWho13 wrote:

All software is obsolete
I never thought of it like this.

I'm looking forward to Muvizu 2, designed in Unreal 4 with actual animation compatibility rather than what we have here.
(Old image for representation)

pc's are like that too if you purchased it its obsolete. So in the world of this sort of things upgrades are sort of part and parcel and it would be cool if this happened.

I know I stated the obvious but still sometimes this is not a bad thing to do. Blank stare
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2016/7/9 16:32:39
New South Asian character pack available! I am trying to be polite but the reality is this forum is often used as a drive by for self promotion. I always tried very hard not to do that and engaged in a lot of discussions (hence my post count). This forum is in need of people who just post to exchange information, talk about movie making in general and give feedback both positive and negative.

This post was painfully blunt, but the reality is that when comments are made about spotlights in a thread where there is no self promotion and only exchange of input and ideas (not always positive). It makes it difficult to be a part of a community.

So I have added my two cents on this topic but really my post count is high because I answer a lot of questions and have basic conversations. If people are told to go away the moment they stray off the path of "hey that is a cool video" and "look at my video" ... then what's the point? LOL


(it appears i have engaged in yet more discussion bad me)
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2016/7/9 15:43:55
New South Asian character pack available! bigwally wrote:
Wow. Bit of a downer if you ask me. I have always been a cheerleader for Muvizu, but, hearing my mentors' criticisms are a letdown. I say if you are bored or have moved beyond what Muvizu can do, use something else. Positive feedback is always welcome, but comments here are bordering on the negative.

Let others have the spotlight.

I wasn't going to say anything but in looking at when the response was reposted I believe this was directed at me. I have not posted a single video to this site and have finally decided to engage in a conversation for the first time here in over a year. The only time I post on this forum is like once a week when I breeze by and answer a question that has been posted and appears not to be answered 100 different ways on this forum already.

So I just wont bother to even browse these forums or try to have a conversation or fill in the blanks to a questions when someone else hasn't been able to provide the answer to yet.. because it appears I am trying to take a spotlight I never had. (my videos are not that good to take one in the first place)
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2016/7/7 19:45:40
New South Asian character pack available! well hopefully i dont sound too much like that.. i must admit i have an apple cider under my belt right now (the alcoholic kind) and i am a cheap drunk so one is enough to make me even less coherent then usual. Big Grin

2016/7/7 19:24:45
New South Asian character pack available! lol sorry muvizu is starting to show its age. I think it does what it does well. If you look at the product info the starting age is 8+ so looking it in that respect they aren't going to add that much more stuff on top because then kids will get overwhelmed.

Muvizu is fun for small things but if you learn and progress its probably time to start broadening your horizons. I try to use software for its strenghts and not worry about what it can't do. So although I thought muvizu was cool and did all kinds of wierd things with it pushing it far beyond its original purpose the reality is that there is a limit and when you exceed it well you have to add more tools to your toolbag.

So maybe that makes me "evil" but i tend to use things for what they can do and not make them try to do things that are too hard for it to do.

My rule of thumb is if i am working on something and the words come out of my mouth or the thought enters my head "this would be faster in blender" that is usually a sign I should look for a better solution. I think that is a good rule of thumb because in blender you literally are making it all from scratch and then rendering so if i think i can create the scene from scratch and render it faster in blender then create the same scene in whatever software I am using .. that means its probably not worth the bother Big Grin

2016/7/7 16:39:03
New South Asian character pack available! I dont want to you know be a bit of a downer here, but the reality is that it would only make sense for them to do this stuff if they were upgrading this to use unreal 4, then it would be worth the effort, but I feel it would be a waste of manhours if they were going to do all this work although there is a lot of that framework in renderdigiwhatsit. I think its unwise for them to be putting huge development into muvizu or renderdigiwhatsit unless they move it into unreal 4.

But unreal 4 is working on its own movie making framework. so.....

unless the work is 99% done cause of renderdigiwhatsit and they can do it without to much fuss it probably is not worth the cost to do it...


just checked renderdigwhatsit is no longer being sold so hopefully they encorporate all that stuff into muvizu in some way which makes it still usable and not crashtastic memory eater of doom. If they haven't done the work .. i really wish they would start looking at upgrading their base engine ...
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2016/7/7 16:14:22
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater yeah its possible. Its a texturing issue if your using ase you have to understand alpha channels and how to grade them and create masks. If the window glass was a single flat plane and not a cube like in that case there would be no alpha sort issue and it would work like the tree. The way to make it a bit foggy is to grade the mask.

I would at this point only use ASE for trees and things that need to look like bunches of objects and using transparency like that to make the leaves seperate and ignore it for any other application its easier to do with fbx way way easier.
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2016/7/7 15:40:41
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater (ugh not thinking when I wrote that post)

This window was a request for it to be in parts. It is possible to make that window as a single unit. However you need to beware the alpha sort bug which might come into play because the window part not just a plane its a square with mass. The person was requesting it for a specific purpose and wanted it to fit a certain style and to be in two parts.

if you search this forum you will find a post where i demonstrate the alpha sort bug on a window which is not totally clear and has frosting on a door with a handle. (assuming i have not deleted the photo).

yeah the photo is gone anyhow i made a door with a window in it and a handle for a set a long long time ago and I posted a photo of the alpha sort bug because the texture was one unit and used on all the parts of the door. Anyhow i deleted a pile of stuff awhile back cause i was running out of room for stuff and i removed that photo. The mask is a greyscale if you want to have semi transparent.

So that window was a bad example because I forgot I had treated it differently as a result of the request that was made.
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2016/7/7 15:29:41
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater yes that is because this is not a material property in ASE if you want to do this in ASE you need to build it into the texture You can't get that into the material layer of ASE and FBX works differently LOL so if you want that particular look

The minute you try doing this in ASE with texture you have to beware your alpha sorting and you can't put two textures one behind each other each with an alpha layer. (unless you want to actually take advantage of that bug in which case yeah do it LOL)

You can get away with it in fbx if you seperate everything down and use some of the properties of the material layer.
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2016/7/7 15:21:12
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater i have windows that are ase that are not perfectly clear. Opacity masks are basically greyscales so if its grey its semi transparent so if that is what your after make the alpha layer semi transparent (this would translate to grey in the alpha channel and not black)

So you can make something foggy a bit and then make the foggy greyish .. you would need to fart around with it, but it is possible. The only real texture type I have been successful with this is the TGA format because the alpha layer is so easy to define png etc its not really that possible I have found.

TGA is not very popular because its a bit more complicated easier to just define semi transparent and go like in a png.


The cloudy parts on this window are a graded alpha mask white->grey->black with some blurring in there.

And your welcome this particular subject I dont think has come up before I dont think not like this. Anyhow yeah i have done all this inside muvizu its possible just you know "need to know how"
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2016/7/7 14:51:17
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater if your using one texture/material your going to run into alpha sorting for an object like that. You might get rid of it if you use double sided for the glass and single sided for the liquid. This is a visual bug that is present in a lot of older stuff (a reason why fbx became popular it was designed to get rid of this problem).

separate the textures and materials as well two textures/two materials, no alpha mask, fbx.

Its a proximity issue the graphics card doesnt know which to display so it just well does that.
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2016/7/7 13:34:29
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater look at my trees in the gallery they are using transparency in the form of a mask built into the alpha layer and are ASE.




In fact the only way you can make something like that in Muvizu is to use ASE which is kinda ironic, but unreal engine has its own system for making vegetation so that is why their FBX is the way it is and your stuck falling back on ASE.
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2016/7/7 13:27:05
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater you need to create a texture with an opacity mask if you use ASE you can only control transparency via a texture and opacity mask (define the alpha in a layer such as you would find in TGA textures)

If you use fbx you can control transparency via the material layers and use semi transparent textures with no mask because the transparency control ability is part of the material so you can increase/decreate transparency inside muvizu because fbx takes advantage of material settings if you export them with the object you created.

ASE ignores all that so your stuck using the texture and masking to define transparency. Then you have to deal with something called alpha sorting as a result.
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