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2013/10/22 23:38:41
FBX UDK editor stuff. just to show what I am speaking of here is a screenshot of what I was speaking of the udk settings to allow import of maps there are limited ways this is part of the fbx import that is left out in any "free" or "freeish" option I have found. To get maps layers onto the material on the ways I mentioned in the initial post are the only way (for the moment)

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2013/10/22 22:59:29
FBX UDK editor stuff. primaveranz wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

I found it to be a nasty piece of software which i wont use ..

Lol! Yes, like all software it requires a certain degree of application but personally I have found it much more intuitive and easier to use than Blender and better at low polygon modelling so - you takes your choice.

Unfortunately I have not found anything "freeish" to add all the maps this is where they make their monies as the UDK applications all of them all assume that your going directly into unreal engine to add the maps the only cheaper alternative to spending 3-5k I have found is the iclone exchange which is why I mentioned it well unless you want to go through the fbx file and write in the names. This is the only workshop type deal that goes both ways so its a great tool. Muvizu pro is working under the assumption you have access to 3dsmax which of course add the map layers because unreal decided to cater to 3dsmax which has a monopoly on this ability. If you read all the unreal infos they refer to max all the time even their unit of measurement is based off of 3dsmax scale. In any event I like my normal maps and opacity maps and spec maps but its possible to turn on the material abilities without using the pipeline its just 'way prettier' if you run it through an application that will allow you to add maps.

I was just trying to find an automated process that would allow this function without manually editing the files in notepad or some such stuffs. Anyhow I satisfied myself last night that in fact (for the moment) there is no way.

There are noises about working to add maps with the fbx abilities in blender but that is a whole other set of buttons and their software has hit a design wall and can't progress further until they fix their UI.

At the end of the day there is an old bag with carpel tunnel syndrome from all the clicking over the years trying to find a way not to click if possible Big Grin
2013/10/22 21:44:53
FBX UDK editor stuff. primaveranz wrote:
mrjoyce wrote:
Thanks, will look into it

Hi Mike, Milkshape 3D will export in FBX format

yes here is the link http://milkshape3d.com/

I found it to be a nasty piece of software which i wont use its actually harder to use visually then blender even which is a stretch. It will do basic exports similar to blender it wont add all the map layers or collision but if you prefer milkshape to blender your free to try. If you have access to blender and know how to export then basically your doing what milkshape does.
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2013/10/22 17:56:08
Hello! Steven from Bodalgo.com! I give this an A for effort

anyhow welcome

I am looking forward to your muvizu productions with eagerness
2013/10/22 17:30:52
FBX UDK editor stuff. mrjoyce wrote:
Now for those wanting the easy way out (my prefered way I try to reduce button clicking to a dull roar) the cheapest and most flawless solution I found that had a price tag attached unfortunately its the iclone3D exchange if you use blender and that your good to go as they have in fact installed a very good unreal engine exporter (based off the dev tools of course)

I have an old version of iclone 3D exchange 2. Will this work or do I need a newer version?

I have the pipeline version i dont know if this will work with the pro version you will have to try to export something to find out. 3dexchange is setting itself up to be a work horse for file conversions its a wonderful tool no matter what your engine choice. I am pretty sure you need the pipleline version now its hard to tell from the info if they allow fbx mesh only export with the pro version or not. You will definately need to upgrade your present version from 2 to 5 though
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2013/10/21 23:37:09
FBX UDK editor stuff. I thought I would add this. I am avoiding the wiki for the moment but I found this info when digging through the udk forums to decide if someone made some more udk type stuff in relation to blender (I like to avoid multiple softwares if possible)

anyhow i found this list of tutorials on how to use the UDK editor it explains the basics of how materials work anyhow for those looking for "free" this will offer a solution although its rather um convoluted if you can learn to filter out the bits that you dont need to use and just focus and mesh, materials and textures you can do this.


Now for those wanting the easy way out (my prefered way I try to reduce button clicking to a dull roar) the cheapest and most flawless solution I found that had a price tag attached unfortunately its the iclone3D exchange if you use blender and that your good to go as they have in fact installed a very good unreal engine exporter (based off the dev tools of course)

Anyhow this is two ways one with a price tag and one without. Again at the moment nothing i do inside blender allows for direct export of meshes with their accompanying set of maps and I have found no info to say that this is possible yet either. However you can turn on the material options easily inside blender. Its just the accompanyimg maps that get left behind :/

I have found this info on how to manually edit the file for the fbx export to add normal maps in blender

Anyhow for now unless some more work is done on the fbx exporter about the only thing that can be done is the material properties be activated.
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2013/10/21 18:05:32
FBX Dylly wrote:
Finally managed to get a model finished. One thing I noticed with Max when making emissive maps is not to use a light map or indeed variations of black or white. Instead i had to use a simplified version of the texture map. So far opacity is still giving me headaches...and I'm totally stumped as to what 'shinies' are? Come on lamb...let me into the secret?

Finally I have lamps that both glow and shine!

shinies is my slang for shiny things

think of the phrase people use "ooo look shiny"

I will see if i can figure how to explain opacity have you got an alpha layer defined on the opaque map? this is usually the main thing you need so say its a window with some bars on it you would define opaque areas as white alpha and the metal bars would be black you also would need to do this on the actual texture using a map it should work fine that way. Buttons one pushes unfortunately changes with software package
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2013/10/21 17:53:06
Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer i feel so old I actually remember whatching the bulk of those doctors. I started watching doctor who when i was a wee kiddy and it was black and white and tv's were like well not something everyone could even afford to have one of now people have a tv in almost every room oh my how times have changed
2013/10/21 17:32:09
FBX yes super cool all these new shinies
2013/10/21 0:51:47
FBX I haven't tried emissive yet been busy playing with the shinies metal stuffs. Its a much better format however less forgiving on integrity of the model but there is a lot more control off everything its something we needed and so I am glad they added it. I might try to make a few lights etc next week or so

anyhow glad your figuring it out
2013/10/20 18:54:59
Help me please muvizu is not compatible with windows 8 not really if you want to use muvizu you will need to partition your hard drive and run a copy of windows 7 as well. Windows 8 does not offer backwards comptability and most companies have not moved forward to windows 8 yet in fact many applications are not fully compatible with windows 8 unfortunately
2013/10/20 15:56:50
Coming Soon... hehe upgrade to 2.68 that works fine 2.69 is not the official version there are in fact "more buttons" on 2.69 however you will be happy to know that one of the main developers of blender has put up a super awesome ui redesign proposal. Their blender conferance is coming up soon they will be addressing it then too. However I am about 99.9999% sure that they will be going ahead with this redesign. Blender quite literally does everything so the ui is very crowded. There is one thing that I was doing wrong with blender 2.69 they added a new feature which I had noticed however that does not explain the other issues I found. Anyhow so yeah they are gonna fix blender a bit 2.69 is not working 100% correctly though.

I might make a couple more items tonight and stuff it in the gallery tonight if i get a chance to finish the dishes stuff plate and mug and a cup or something.
2013/10/20 1:42:16
Coming Soon... oh perty and yes lighting is much improved

Big Grin

oh here while i am at it technically I guess its coming soon (just uploaded) I love the shinies for sure *cough* blender exporter is a wee bit buggy ...

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2013/10/19 17:25:44
Rosie needs a man! If they had a system to change body proportion it would help but then they would need to rework their entire system of characters.
2013/10/16 21:03:19
Texture issue while importing .ASE The unreal engine does not recognize DDS it recognizes jpeg, png and tga
and yes for a file to import it must have a texture on it and a material this is a parameter of most engines although sometimes you can get away with no texture and only use materials there is in fact a way to do this.
You can use multimaterials in muvizu you need however to find the appropriate ASE exporter to configure the model I use the blender ase exporter and it allows for multiple materials.

However if your using id textures you can only use one material and one texture and one ambient occlusion map.
here is one tutorial there are others in the list

here http://muvizu.com/Tutorials

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2013/10/16 18:10:08
problem with the timeline is this a bug then? perhaps it has to be reported.

maybe explain more and send the info to bugs@muvizu.com
2013/10/15 22:56:28
Audio limited and cut-off I have had a lot of issues with mp3 as well its unreliable and sometimes you can hear stuff and others times you can't. So yeah use .wav it probably will cure a few issues up
2013/10/15 0:39:47
A Sticky End stickman movies are actually pretty fun I used to do them a lot. Anyhow good luck to the competitors should be interesting Big Grin
2013/10/14 23:21:41
Newbie having trouble moving / directing object moving groups of objects is something on their list of things to do if i remember rightly at the moment you can actually. At the moment and unless something has changed since I last looked you can in fact now place someone in a vehicle and have him move with it. I dont know how the legs are going to work I know they have added a few animation subtleties we needed as well. To have someone move with a vehicle now you would have them basically wear the vehicle likely around the waist and adjust the weighting. I dont know how difficult it is I have not actually tried however I am familiar with the concept of wearing vehicles to make it appear as if your driving them. They still need to add a method to attach it to multiple characters this is not so easy :/

anyhow at the end of the day likely they will use the group method for that as well but for now you will have to animate the lights seperately and the engine as well. It can be done its just rather fiddly and difficult though and not the ideal way

the wearing a vehicle and moving with it i guess I should qualify this now it would be doable in play+ i am also running on the assumption that we can use the character movement system while the character is sitting and his legs will behave because its an idle action. I haven't tried it yet but I am just imagining it based on "them other softwares" and it seems like it should logically work if anyone has tried it maybe let us know if it works I haven't had time to test this "assumption" yet
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2013/10/14 18:44:13
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) erm more words for me i am unsure in one case if i am looking at a bug or its just the way muvizu is going to work with fbx now i got this result regardless of how i imported the house into muvizu so its not a blender bug (not a big deal really) so here is this infos

so after making sure i wasn't messing something up no matter what axis i had facing up and forward once i added my own collision it imported sideways

but if you put in enough collision of course to have it decide which way to sit on the ground it will bounce around and land on the collision you have built in. If i use just a tiny cube as with the ASE settings it will end up sideways and I will have to mess around with it but i can get it to lay on the ground the right way by building in enough collision into the base to get it to fall that way. This peculiar but possibly intended? lol

and for use in blender unless i am missing clicking something I can't get the normal maps to import but I am assuming this is just a blender issue so i see no way around using some form of udk editor to finish the job. These are the settings i am getting by using blender only so its not bad the added spec maps etc dont seem to want to import correctly using blender unfortunately those will need to be added via another piece of software.

anyhow done fiddling i dont know if i can show anyone how to do this proficiently I will add to the wiki what settings to use unfortunately I can anticipate a lot of people getting upset because its not straight forward and so they will indeed need to learn how to model and understand materials and blender. I dont think this can be done mechanically without people getting lost in the process.
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