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2013/7/7 20:50:53
How can I do assets? and in which program? ziggy72 wrote:
There are 2 ways I try to covert formats to something that can eventually get into .ase files :

1 Bring into Google Sketchup (which is free) from your programs, and export as .ase using the HSKP2UNR plugin (which is available somewhere out there, on the world wide webbyverse)


2 Use Biturn, a great little program that lets you convert most formats into each other - you can find it here


Hope that helps
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I wouldn't recommend this for blender it will chew up your optimized creations to be honest do a straight export from blender to ase for muvizu. LOL sorry i think sketchup is probably the worste piece of modelling software on the planet it makes such a huge mess lol
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2013/7/7 20:48:08
How can I do assets? and in which program? lunablackkuran wrote:
I have tried to do *.ase in Blender and Maya but I don't find the option to export in asset format in the options of export in both programs, and I need to do a scenary from Romeo and Juliet video, Can you help me? I need those assets
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You will need to install some addon exporters the one for blender works well and I am sure that someone from muvizu can tell you where to get an ase exporter for maya however here is the blender exporter. You will need to learn the conventions that go with muvizu which is not that hard.


this exporter works flawlessly in blender I would suggest using it if your going with blender. I also know of one for 3dsmax so i am sure there is a maya one.
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2013/7/6 5:02:04
Which settings do you choose for "Make video"? yeah if you can use an editor all the better. Muvizu's internal stuff is just in case but no harm editing it after wards to remove unwanted bits and fix it up a bit. Then you can upload to muvizu afterwards
2013/7/6 3:56:13
Make the camera move vertically yup i get that jerkiness too sometimes its very bad. This is why i have mostly camera cuts and I dont follow anything but I am trying a bit in this video but .. it kinda sucks.. Its just this particular video has a lot of long long dialogue and I need to give the settings some more then just a bunch of camera cuts to keep people awake . Also the adjusting the zoom its always very choppy and jerky. For the most part until they can revamp their camera system its safer to stick to non moving cameras unfortunately. I get the choppy as well and in some cases its just not huge sets although its definately worse in them. I am still using 23b so I guess its not improved in play..
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2013/7/6 3:39:52
Make the camera move vertically I sucks at camera movement but I try

They have made a few mutterings about possibly changing the way the camera system works (one day) but until then we must make do.

I am trying some camera movement in this next blockbuster and have spent about 6 hours on a single shot trying to get the camera to move in an acceptable way. I am now calling it done and people will tell me its bad but I am 50 and I dont know how much better a 20 year old can do even with better reflexes so .. maybe i can start the next 40 second clip tonight..
2013/7/6 2:55:12
Make the camera move vertically the cameras have a movement system similar to the object movement system here is the tutorial


2013/7/6 1:51:59
Iron Man 3 Dreeko wrote:
toonarama wrote:

Looks like he's done a runner....

You don't get rid of me that easily!

are you hiding or just under cover?
2013/7/5 23:20:02
Which settings do you choose for "Make video"? muvizu doesn't have any real built in codecs if you want to compress the video directly out of muvizu you need to install some codecs

most people use k-lite codecs

here is one link

make sure you pick the right codec package for your muvizu software so if you installed 64bit use the 64bit package etc

the other option is to import this uncompressed video into a video editor and process it that way
2013/7/5 18:46:58
sitting down rosie has a ground sit otherwise yeah no other ground sits. This is something I suggested a long time ago there are no sits or kneels in their animation library. These are basic actions and should be included
2013/7/5 16:59:00
pick up an item, please answer me your character can't physically pick anything up you need to use some video editing magic

make 2 or more clips and move the object in each clip until its in the persons hand and use a video editor to piece it together frame by frame
2013/7/5 5:47:09
Roll a bomb the rolling part might be a bit of a challenge...

the system does not let both happen at once because its two actions or set of instructions and this movment system can only handle one set of information at a time..

the only way you can really do it.. i would think is to rotate it once and then move it a step and rotate it again and move it forward another step all the way along and if you add gravity it should fall off the table with a nudge ..

i am not great with hotkeys but.. i dont think there is any other way to do it. It would be best to do this and then speed it up and do some creative editing in a video editor to remove any spare frames. Its probably not the answer your looking for.. maybe someone has done this but I dont think muvizu is capable of this doing it in one fluid action so you will have to edit out the frames with the jumps in an editor

maybe someone has a better answer but this is how i would go about doing it in muvizu ..
2013/7/4 23:19:03
Hey guys! I am FLABBERGASTED! PatrickDFTBA wrote:

Quick question: I want to know if there are more small objects, besides instruments, that a character can work with? How do I do that?
Must be possible right? I saw the superman clip in wich he is acutaly holding a phone. And I have noticed that there is this shooting motion a soldier can do so I would assume I can give a character a machine gun?

I'd love to know.

oh yeah the holding the phone i guess i did a better job then i thought i did. I used stop motion for that one. I made two phones one with the receiver detached. I then filmed two clips of the picking up the phone part and used I think the angry shake fist (i always forget which options I choose ) I then did some video editing of two frames to have it look as much as possible as he picked up the phone receiver and then i had him talk and then repeated the same business of swapping the phones out at the end only i replaced the phone without a reciever with the original phone. I do that a lot sometimes it looks more convincing then others depending on how I decide to solve the problem. Anyhow that is how i do it at present. I create a lot of objects myself using blender and import them into muvizu.

Hopefully that answers your question. Eventually one day maybe we will have a more sophisticated way of dealing with things like using a telephone, but until then I use old fashioned methods

anyhow if you see anything that puzzles you that are not obvious like "how to hold a phone" just post because I am not afraid to share my "secrets" I am sure others will share as well. I also do a lot of green screen as well sometimes that is more effective then other times as I am cheap and don't want to purchase a home copy of after affects so my ability to match lighting is not very good

edited to remove excessive smilies..
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2013/7/3 3:34:00
Iron Man 3 Dreeko wrote:
Thanks for this Kim!
great vid!

why does dreeko's avatar have a bag over it head?
2013/7/3 3:33:25
Iron Man 3 aerllyhong wrote:
I like the film so much.

I dont much like the film that i get on my teeth if i dont brush them because it gives me bad breath.
2013/7/2 18:44:56
Une communauté francophone : JE VEUX DES PREUVES You can choose to refuse the profile on google and request to use your channel name instead.
2013/7/1 18:30:23
Reducing bust size in heroine character. At the moment i think it will be not very good looking because you would have to keep the character from moving. Unless you want to do some stop motion with muvizu this is possible but its a lot of work A lot of people throw a bit of stop motion into their productions including me but for something complicated if the character needs to move your going to be looking at a huge project in stop motion and you can't pose the character and take a screeny and move them in incriments though

Anyhow my two cents you probably can do it using stop motion but that is rather time consuming
2013/6/30 20:30:15
Error Message on Startup!!! yeah sounds wierd access denied this is all windows stuff you will need to post your system info especially windows. Locked files sounds like your not in admin mode, but since i keep my system as simple as possible with regards to how its set up can't really say much. So post your system info because the staff will need it to help you and you will save yourself some time if you do it on the weekend rather then wait for them to ask you on monday morning
2013/6/30 17:59:33
Error Message on Startup!!! therideman11 wrote:
re downloaded it and still says it cant load the muvizu.dll

checked and it is in the folder
edited by therideman11 on 30/06/2013

did you install the c++, .net etc that came with muvizu? sometimes this helps.

Uninstall muvizu completely and delete any stray folders and clean your registry as well.

Then reinstall muvizu and all the little packages that come with it onto the default c drive. If that doesn't work post your pc info for them to look at.
edited by urbanlamb on 30/06/2013
2013/6/30 17:19:47
Just to say "Hi!" :) hello

welcome and nice little clip
2013/6/29 20:16:16
Cannot load saved file WomanCostume wrote:
If you could completely uninstall the version of Muvizu you have and re-install the 64bit lite or full version, this might help.

I see my face in the mirror and go, 'I'm a fancy dress costume? That's what they think of me?

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