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2013/2/14 19:39:13
comic book effects/layout EEFilmz wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
its also about half the price of the more known adobe and vegas.

Urban I checked the price on it, it's like $400! That's pretty expensive I think.

oh yes its not cheap its a pro editor (they all range minimum 300 bucks) coupled with a lot of the things you find in adobe after affects. Its still a lot cheaper then purchasing adobe premier pro and adobe after affects by miles and miles. If you go the route of sony vegas pro that is about 400 bucks plus you still need a program like after affects. Its a pro editor but its got a very good value for the money.
2013/2/14 17:36:00
To the community at large KerryK wrote:
Hi Muvizuers,

Every day we're asked to grant commercial Muvizu licences. Some people simply ask for permission, while others request 'premium' features such as watermark removal and non-standard render sizes. We get approached by users, companies, non-profit organisations, charities, students, teachers and hobbyists.

Your feedback also tells us that you are bamboozled by our current commercial terms of use. We don't blame you; they're not helpful to inspiring Muvizu money-makers.

So, in light of all that we're thinking of changing our terms to make it easier for people to use Muvizu professionally. We're also open to the idea of spin-off products or features to complement the free version of Muvizu for commercial projects.

So, we would like to ask some questions:

  • How can we improve Muvizu's terms for commercial projects?
  • What features do you need to make money from Muvizu?
  • If there were premium products which sat alongside the free version of Muvizu - products that were interesting to commercial users - how would you feel about that? Have you got any advice for us around pricing?
Tell us about other software you like, use professionally and applaud their approach.

Yours, all ears

The Muvizu Team.

oh my goodness thanks for this post. I am between a rock and a hard place right now worrying if someone is going to sue me haha.

I am not interested in making a million bucks from it but at the same time if I do make a buck I dont want to feel as if I am doing something wrong by doing so. Recently I had to create a video on a very dry subject for a non profit organization and because of the worries of restriction and the fact they want to collect donations for community projects (eg playstructure replacement) I had to create it in a piece of software that grants me a commercial re-use licence.

I am not completely worried about watermark although removing it would make it feel like my creations are not the property of muvizu when it comes to something I have written, created most of the assets for etc gotten licensed music etc.

If there was some middle ground for this a fee for use copy with a suitable eula to go with it. I am no lawyer and I dont know where to start with this other then to point out the eula of other companies doing the same thing and how they deal with it.


I have a few issues with the present eula of muvizu

1) I have like many people had to at times police my own content and I can't control the great internet of doom so I am almost feeling liable when someone rips off my content and tries to sell it or use it to make money which I have had done with videos at least twice in this last year. My only remedy is to issue a dmca takedown notice which is fine but I have a giant muvizu watermark on it and so it makes it hard at times and on top of it if muvizu sees my work with ads on it that I have not given permission for them to rip off are they going to come after me for the money?

2) This is regarding youtube and it makes it very difficult again if your channel is not dedicated to one thing. Even if you do grant me license in the present system I would have to keep complicated spread sheets in order to decide how much money I made off each video unfortunately assuming I can figure out how to make the youtube system give me information that detailed so the choice is to just not bother. If I intend to use it for commercial use I will use another software to avoid the headache of it all.

3) My own IP and writing stories and producing full feature films - The muvizu watermark takes away my ownsership of it even if i created all the objects and wrote the story and the music and hired people for the voices etc. The watermark is for me a deterent to making a completely original work in muvizu

So I was hoping for a license not aimed at large enterprises but more at little one man shows like myself and about the only thing I can think of is to request a fee for use version. I am pretty sure that you will have a small stampede on your hands with me leading the way. I could be wrong though Big Grin
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2013/2/14 15:46:16
Credits Yes the one with the eyes where one pupil is larger then the other has a lazy eye and it simply doesnt move. I love that set of eyes actually and use it often
2013/2/13 18:23:29
comic book effects/layout ukBerty wrote:
InsaneHamster wrote:
I am a big fan of Hit film ultimate.

Mr Hamster - I had a good look at this when I was thinking what to go for but I found the sound editing to be very basic (no surround sound for example). Has it moved on at all ?

I looked at the newest release and it seemed to me (although i didnt actually download it and check) that the sound editing had become better. Its odd really my corel video package has really good sound editing but very basic everything else. In any event it seemed that the hit film now had true pro editing capabilities coupled with a lot of the features of adobe after effects. To me it seemed to have the best of both worlds last time I checked.
2013/2/13 2:04:22
comic book effects/layout yes hitfilm ultimate is on my want list. Presently I am using a basic editor because it was cheap and had enough features to get me by, but I have outgrown it so after looking at all the possibilities out there I decided I could get what i wanted with hitfilm ulimate and its also about half the price of the more known adobe and vegas. I intend on buying that soon to replace my present software its a pretty neat piece of sofware.
2013/2/12 18:33:52
dialogue I haven't seen a multiple track tutorial but since I found it hard to work with not to mention my project would require me to find a way to separate dialogue in a radio show I found the muvizu tutorial method okay.

In any event yes if your having trouble with the shush thing I guess separating it works. I dont have that option with the radio show. I would probably end up in a rubber room
2013/2/11 23:03:18
dialogue hello they way you add dialogue for multipe people is to merge it into one audio file in muvizu. When I first started using muvizu I thought this would be a problem for me but it turned out to not be an issue its just diferent.

So take all your audio dialogue and make one soundfile of it and then assign that to each of the characters and then that is why you need the talk and shush so you can shut one up when the other one talks and visa versa.

Anyhow I hope that helps. Its a bit odd at first but once you try it a few times you realize it works just as well as "the other way" and forget about it

here is the tutorial the interface has changed there is no longer an "all shush" button but other then that its all the same.

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2013/2/11 2:27:42
How-to Video using blender to import 3ds files InsaneHamster wrote:
Thanks Urban this is greatly appreciated bowrofl

Rolf thanks mr hamster man hopefully I made it so a novice can at least get models that are not something we can put into the gallery into muvizu. Most of those sites let you use the models for things like muvizu but your prohibited from giving them out. There are lots of useful things that take very little effort (once you figure how..) to move into muvizu.

ziggy72 wrote:
Not sure if "made me listen to it" sounds right - I was willing to help, honest!

If you want to get into blender this is a good overview of what you'll need to know to get stuff into Muvizu. I think Urban did a good job on this - if you don't believe me, try doing a tutorial, it's hard. I've been delaying doing a character texturing one for ages because I know it'll take a lot of work to make it helpful and simple enough for everyone to understand.

haha yeah my sense of humour but I knew you would honestly say to me "yeah it is nasty fix it somehow" but I was hoping you would think it was okay ^^. So many of these tutorials are so way over a beginners head. I think sometimes people teach like that to make it seem harder then it really is I honestly do.

Anyhow anyone who uses it let me know if it worked and you can get some models at least from that site which is massive into muvizu
2013/2/10 23:57:08
How-to Video using blender to import 3ds files Not sure if I should post here or in the tips forum or what haha maybe someone can move it if its misposted. Anyhow I have been doing this tutorial in spurts for about a week and a half .. the sound leaves something to be desired as recording in my office never turns out well, but I made ziggy listen to it and he says he can handle the sound so here is the video .

I used closed captioning because I felt the sound quality was so bad even I can't understand it i areas so turn on closed captions and at the end you need to turn on annotations to get to the final section as its one giant tutorial that forks.

I have been wanting to do this tutorial for awhile but am trying to solve my echo chamber office noise.. I think its partly solved I put a sock over my mic .. now I just need to find a way to stop the noise if i slap it on my desk from the vibrations ...

Anyhow here it is .. hopefully next tutorials I do I will have found a solution and not have to try to hold the mic and type and stuff....

hopefully you find it of some use..
2013/2/10 23:01:38
Birthday Videos hehe not scary in the literal sense. I was just being silly
2013/2/10 20:21:44
Birthday Videos haha they are cute the bottom one is a bit scary though
2013/2/8 22:23:34
How to join videos? hello you can use the muvizu video joiner they have a tutorial

or you can use an external editor I think the one that comes with windows is called windows movie maker

a third option is to upload all the little clips to youtube and use their video editor I saw one of the staff do that here and its not something I even though of
2013/2/8 0:09:25
problem downloading hi there this means that the graphics card your using doesn't have the shaders needed to run the software so you need to find a pc with a graphics card able to run the software unfortunately your card doesn't support the software.
2013/2/7 20:16:14
Sitting to standing and idle guitar I dont know if this breaks the guitar animation but its possible to have a character move from sitting to standing or visa versa in muvizu

you set up the animation menu that pad and there is an option to add the sit and stand default positions to the pad so you can select them during running the animation portion
2013/2/7 19:07:19
Hide walls tis difficult to plan ahead if you use prebuilt sets though.

The ability to hide walls is something I miss in muvizu I have developed the strategy of having several versions of a set with certain walls missing this is the only way I found around it so maybe one day muvizu will have a hide walls option

the other is as dreeko says I tend to do the movements at the very end otherwise the scene would be too hard to work with. You also can't do movements without a full set so hiding walls would be super cool even in the filming stage so I dont have to delete walls for certain camera angles

*adds it to the list of features requests if its not already on it*
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2013/2/6 20:01:46
Azureus Rising I kind of liked the big spider thingy with all the guns and lasers in the middle of the video lol. I like anything with lots of flashing lights and sparkles and whatnot so more flash and sparkles is always something I hope developers add.
2013/2/6 20:00:05
Crach at start-up Hi there it sounds like possibly your graphics card does not support muvizu , but to be sure your going to need to post the information your card name, brand and type etc in order for someone to let you know if anything can be done.
2013/2/5 19:44:50
Youtube and copyright issues one day some guy in a suit decided to mix up the concept of copyright with "making money" and license to use and on youtube its a complicated mess

I wanted one day to sit down and write about all the crazyness that is youboob's content ID system and what it really means lol but have yet to have time to

Technically everything is copyrighted and for the most part youtube is actually pretty bad at protecting actual copyright and more into protecting companies wanting to make money or who have the right to make money off of stuff that the person may or may not have the right to claim copyright to

here is an example: It will probably explain why your midi files get hit with a content ID match

The works of Johann Sebastian Bach can only be claimed as copyright by Johann Sebastian Bach
and since he is dead the library of congress has relegated his work into the public domain (this is american public domain which most people follow as what should be public domain and what is not)..

one day a guy named walt disney decided to make a movie called fantasia and hire an orchestra to make
the sound track

Then disney studio's discovered youboob. They do not hold copyright to the music its not legal but they do hold copyright to the movie and the music even though they performed it is not theirs but its a really nice recording and who doesn't like toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach
or the The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky?

you also like this music so open up a musical score and make a midi recording of one of these works and also want to put it on your video on youtube but alas disney got there first and instead of just claiming the visual content as their own creation they decided that they want to make money off the recordings which is cool but the minute they do that they are also claiming copyright because youtube has decided that they are one and the same (even though they are not .. )

So boom you submit your midi of toccata and fugue in D minor and walt disney claims it so they can slap an add on it and make money off of it.

And that is the content id system basically and that is why you get these matches. Youtube should not be labelling it as a copyright claim because in many cases they aren't claims to copyright they are claims to the performance.. which are two completely different things but software cant discern between music read off a musical score and played in the same key and tempo.

edit: adding this in after there is a huge repository of public domain content mostly old old radio shows available for use so there are several of us (i am one) who uses these radio shows which are actually free to use and all rights to the recordings have been released. The avengers recordings are another one that are near "the top" which are the south african public domain recordings which is fine and there are a couple of others used as well. Many of us use creative commons music which comes with a re-use license. However often using them can be irritating and often you have artists tagging them anyhow. So you need to contact the artist directly and request to be put on their content ID white list. If you get a match that makes no sense (and there are plenty of them ) and you know for a fact that its wrong or you hold license to use the recording etc then you have the right to dispute the claim and have them unblock your video. Anyhow if you need to know about specifics you will probably have to point out the video. In my case i do sommersaults to make sure I have proper permission and dont use anything that is not designated or licensed for re-use. Of course there are also scam "collecting societies" which is a whole other layer and its copyfraud and you have to dispute it to get it dealt with as well.
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2013/2/5 2:50:59
Coming Soon... rolf thanks woztoons. I have had to stop because as usual every 6 months someone decided to download things and try to sell them for like money so... I will be back when I have crossed all the t's and dotted the i's again.

I think I have successfully and for all time plugged the leak on youtube but I didnt like what I had to do to plug it nevertheless I think I have found a solution
2013/2/4 17:45:21
Coming Soon... looks like a love story play type idea actually which will be fun to watch looking forward to it. I am going to ignore valentine's day I am needing a break from animating for a few weeks
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