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2012/12/25 19:55:28
Merry Christmas merry christmas mr hamster man. Myself I am "old" and dont really partake in such festivities. Add to that that I am jewish .. even still if i party its not like when I partied when I was 20 it will take me 3 weeks to recover so my idea of a good time on these holidays now is sitting down with some nice sweet baked goods and watching movies all night and then going to bed. Meanwhile I am sure a great many of the muvizu staff are 2 or 3 days into partying with lots of alcohol. Nevertheless hopefully they enjoy it all despite the horrible hangovers they are going to have tomorrow and do it all again on january 1st
2012/12/25 19:51:27
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar InsaneHamster wrote:
The only drawback to this contest that i could see was that it was a first come first win type thing being that some people had to work and all makes it hard to meet that kind of dead line. But atleast they are giving away a 2nd prize which makes up for it. Congrats to who ever made it in time! and Good luck to everyone else that got entered in the 2nd drawing

yes I was not even awake when the last clue was entered and then well I didnt actually work on it till hours later by the time I actually got a chance to solve the thing entries had been made for about 10 hours according to the first comment I saw (in the right place) anyhow neither here nor there I like many seemed to have the basis of the code down but could do nothing with it for many hours. This is always going to be a problem hehe but in the end its really just fun to watch the thing unfold. I didnt enter any of the drawings as the only thing on the list I would have wanted to win and could have made use of was the laptop pc. The yeti mic is an excellent mic and from what I saw gosh at least 10 hours after the first entry was made only 20 people at most had solved it.
2012/12/25 2:40:31
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar fazz68 wrote:
surely the code is for something? i suppose it wont matter but i thought it was code for a you tube identification 11 letters and numbers long, you tube vids are 11 numbers and letters long but i couldnt get it to work for me.

Its definately a code for something (i am not submitting by the way because I already have a yeti microphone lol) but its definately a code for something
2012/12/25 0:51:07
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar ah well anyhow since I dont live in the local time zone etc its a bit hard I would hate to be an aussie because they are upside down and backwards.

Good luck to anyone who figured it out for myself the one thing I thought would not be involved in this was making a video :/

not to mention I have not found the submission instructions which were apparently precise ^^

I think many people might have thought it was an easter egg code it still might be and now I am off to work on me superman video Big Grin
2012/12/25 0:14:04
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar I am going by this information

"The precise submission instructions will be obvious at the end of the treasure hunt."

I have no submission instructions sooo I have to find them. possibly making a video is involved but I dont see any submission instructions so this would be what I have to unlock. Its possible someone has figured it out already. Since I dont even know what qualifies as christmas eve lol I have to work that out as well. However at the moment I have not figured out where to put those numbers and letters :/

Although I would end up giving away half the prize if i won it anyhow.. haha I am not going to worry much about it. I dont think simply making a video is all that is involved though

2012/12/24 23:51:12
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar yes I dont know sorry I mean the first thing i did was enter the code into that letters/words thing .. but that seemed a bit odd to make a group and then what? lol

Anyhow good luck to anyone who figures it out but I dont see any information anywhere that asks for a video entry and the instructions said the last clue would tell us what to do.. and since it was simply another letter /shrug
2012/12/24 23:28:09
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar WozToons wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
They said that final clue would be revealed on christmas eve so that's the 25th? So one more day lol. Not a huge one for puzzles or contests but I might give it a go for 5 minutes

Surely Xmas Eve is the 24th. I think we've had the final clue. I don't think the MZ team will be updating on Xmas Day.

hehe I dont know I am not Christian I simply googled christmas eve and it said the 25th. Big Grin

Anyhow for the clues since they are using youtube which has a scheduling option I dont know how much updating they have. If that is the final clue then I have no idea what its for. There is no information on where to submit the entry etc so I am going by the assumption that they are not done yet. We have a series of numbers and letters which is obviously a code/key/password but when we find the answer where do we send it? This detail is left out so I can only assume that they are not done with this yet
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2012/12/24 21:28:09
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar They said that final clue would be revealed on christmas eve so that's the 25th? So one more day lol. Not a huge one for puzzles or contests but I might give it a go for 5 minutes
2012/12/23 19:04:32
How to sync the effect to a move (repost) Hi fazz explained it correctly you animate the aura intensity in the properties using the prepare and direct. If your saying that you have done this? and its going off anyhow at the start of the scene this is a bug where all effects even if set to zero will shoot off at the very start of a scene so you need to leave space. Otherwise everything else he explained is the way its done.
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2012/12/22 20:04:03
Crash! Please help me I am not a tech expert and its holidays so i will pretend

i see you dont have .net framework installed you need this
I also would suggest you use windows 7 compatability if its not working in windows 8

also the bottom screenshot is too small to read the writing on it. Anyhow remove the muvizu completely and try again (this is what I would do) make sure your installing .net framework when it asks you just in case yours it not in the "expected place" you can always patch it later on microsoft will find it.
2012/12/22 20:00:18
Installed but can't find the icon to open it!!!!!! okay as long as its working
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2012/12/22 19:38:07
Installed but can't find the icon to open it!!!!!! look for the muvizu.exe icon and click it

once you get it to work then right click on the icon and select "create desktop shortcut"
2012/12/22 19:22:12
Installed but can't find the icon to open it!!!!!! if you do a search on your pc for muvizu it should pick it up and then you can create a desktop shortcut.
2012/12/22 0:51:39
Coming Soon... Maybe giving too much away with this shot but I was busy working out the "hows" of my next superman video .. I call this shot "ouchy" Big Grin

2012/12/20 21:09:06
Missing sections from Sketchup to Muvizu hello this sounds like you have flipped faces. You need to select the faces that are inside out and flip them outwards. I dont use sketchup so I dont know the exact tool name to do that but this is a common issue in any 3d software as you create items.

Put the model back into sketchup there is likely some way to tell which way the faces are facing and then select those faces. Then re-export the model into muvizu
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2012/12/20 19:11:14
character does not follow music hello did you go to prepare character actions first to choose actions for the characters to use and then hit direct ? here is a tutorial for how to do that. You do need to "prepare" the actions first. After that unless its a looping animation the animation will stop and you will have to choose a second animation etc

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2012/12/20 19:08:16
The Elephant in the Room hehe nice one dreeko that poor priest was having a hard time being positive lol
2012/12/20 18:58:19
Voice actors? We need em. oh I just saw this i am not american I am canadian and I am told by americans I sound english and i tell them to be quiet as real englishmen will roll over in their graves but if you want a not UK accent from north america I have one..

sorry been sick last few days so sort of slow to pick up on threads

my "accent" can be heard in these videos if you want to listen. the first was with a bad mic

the second was with a "good mic" and then I added sound reverb

In any case I havent read this entire thread lol but I am a "real north american girl" - except when you speak to americans from southern states they claim I am english.. which makes me laugh.. okay my parents are english but they dont even sound english anymore they have been in canada for like .. 40 years.. so I guess that is where the so called "accent" comes from

p.s. I also do evil elves as well but that is with the help of some voice editing equipment..

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2012/12/19 14:15:12
The Avengers Pt2 hehe thanks fazz I think I saw this series up on archive.org as well but animating old commercials is something I had in the back of my head to do (one day).
2012/12/19 8:51:20
New for 2013 I have decided that yellow dude with the t-shirt is winnie the pooh or his cousin at least
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