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2015/4/29 12:00:51
March 2015 update bugs I gave up with MP3s as I just couldn't get them to work.
2015/4/29 0:09:08
March 2015 update bugs All my sets have audio saved in them and I've not had this.

You have to re-import the WAV file to get anyone to lip-sync of course, but no crashes.
2015/4/27 6:32:31
muvizu ase exporter and Sketchup 2015 Well that's annoying.
2015/4/13 5:47:08
Beefy custom texture Ziggy - Ah - I see it's a property of the body part rather than the character.
2015/4/12 8:28:45
Beefy custom texture Not really played around with custom textures on non "potato head" characters.

Is it possible to add a customer texture to the whole of Beefy's body - if so how ??
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2015/4/6 15:10:41
Lying down Also, depending on how the scene pans out, I would consider building the entire set at 90 degrees so the characters are in fact standing and rotate the camera - you will have more options this way.
2015/3/25 13:08:33
top quality muvizu animation Yes - Excellent... Bravo.
2015/3/17 15:25:00
IMPORT FROM SKETCHUP -PROBLEMS SHADOW I think Fazz68 came up with the answer to this but I can't find it.

I think if you draw a rectangle with edges almost at the edge of the side of your current model so that all the holes are within it this rectangle then the problem goes away.

Can anyone find Fazz's original post.... Fazz ??
2015/3/15 16:50:09
Muvizu at the Cinema A side project I have been working on has gone live this weekend. I have been helping an independent cinema in Wisconsin create a policy trailer (you know - no talking, fighting or petting - that sort of thing). Here's a photo of it...

So this is a photo rather than a screenshot - you can see the cinema doors left and right. It's massive !
2015/3/9 16:46:57
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors Not yet - it was consistently not working with inserting Mandy into an old set file, and then it worked once. Trouble is I've stopped doing this bit now so probably will never get to the bottom of it.
2015/3/8 6:24:58
can't join files If you find your clips using File Explorer in Windows and right mouse on each them and look at properties it will tell you the frame rate - usually 24 or 25.

Have a look at the rates of the clips you are trying to join and see if they are different.

When you export your clips the frame rate will depend on the codec you have used. Many of us have given up with codecs with Muvizu and just use "uncompressed" as it avoids a lot of trouble.

I suspect that the codec you used to create these clips was different.
2015/3/8 6:19:41
Import 3d Face Mask If you have Muvizu Play Plus you can import and attach objects to your character - including face masks.

You could then create one in a 3D modelling program like Sketchup or Blender, although if you have not used these before the learning curve will be steep.

I've been using them for 3 years now and I still wouldn't be able to create my own face mask.
2015/3/6 11:31:49
How To Upgrade Just download it again from and install over the top.
2015/3/5 20:56:55
March 2015 update bugs ziggy72 wrote:
An object's property has been unexpectedly changed and this file will not display properly
Object called NAME MISSING

I've long since ignored messages when loading sets - they all look OK to me.....
2015/3/5 17:56:11
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors imyourda wrote:
First, when I try to sync dialogue, it will work for the first character, but the 2nd character in the scene's mouth doesn't move at all. I've never had this issue before, and have tried restarting the scene multiple times.

I have noticed this as well - but there's another factor that I'm trying to track down.

I you create a new .set file with two characters and one audio track and animate the dialogue between them then it works fine.

However if you have an old .set file and import a new character then they will not sync to the existing audio track. If you import the same audio track again and set the new character to sync with that then it's fine. There is another factor as it sometimes works so I'll keep playing...
2015/3/5 5:38:01
This might be dumb question BUT here it is anyway. I asked this a while ago and here was the response:-

You can have it on a few computers, so for your purposes, just install Muvizu:Play on the other computer and use the same license key again.
However, it isn't infinite! So once you reach your limit with different computer activations, please contact us and we can see about renewing the activations for you.
2015/3/4 5:30:30
Sketchup ASE Exporter Try here -

Only works with v8 of Sketchup though, so make sure you have that.
2015/3/3 19:04:40
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Danimal wrote:
Unless it's some multi-million dollar movie, attempts at "realistic" 3D characters always, always looks awful without exception anywhere.

What He Said
2015/3/2 21:36:17
Unreal engine 4 free! Looks like they are now giving away the software but have created a market place.

2015/3/2 19:10:24
March 2015 update bugs Would I be correct in saying that there are no attachment points on Mandy - things like shoulders/chest/back. Is this something that could be added ?
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