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2016/12/18 5:27:52
Optimize appearance of text as imported texture HitFilm. 100%. The basic version is free and brilliant.

Don't look any further.
2016/11/29 13:50:37
The most recent safe version of Muvizu? I'm on 2016.02.24.01R and it's fine.

I haven't bothered with anything past that as I want to finish my project at some point and the bug fixes I'm waiting for have not got to the top of the list yet so I'm just working round them.

I think there's two versions after this but I can't vouch for them one way or another.
2016/11/24 6:04:35
my first attempt - contains the "F" word Roborough - a good first go at Muvizu - fun isn't it ?

I had also heard this before elsewhere and you really should credit the source material. Lots of us have animated to others audio but you should make that clear (especially in the current climate here!).

Also like Rocque, I'm no prude and personally enjoyed the bad language on the audio, but there needs to be a warning.

But don't be disheartened though and crack on with the next production.
2016/11/19 6:45:20
Failed to load object from file There is a lurking bug still in there which can cause this situation.

If you craft a model in a certain way (and I can't remember or never knew exactly how) then Muvizu will let you import it but then won't let you open the set which contains such an object. There is no known cure apart from to start again.

To prevent this happening I always "sandbox" any new objects that I'm not 100% sure of. I run a 2nd copy of Muvizu and import all new objects into this. Once I'm sure I can save and reload a set (which doesn't take that long as it's virtually empty) I then load it into my bigger set.

This also overcomes the occasional Muvizu crash when loading dodgy objects.

It's a pain, but it saves time and tears in the long run.
2016/11/10 5:48:06
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store That is looking so good....
2016/10/15 6:12:37
How do I place things inside a building? PatMarrNC wrote:
the keyframing overrides the collision detection.

I noticed that, like adding the object as an attachment does. If only we had a button that disabled it for the whole scene, that would have literally saved weeks in my production.

The UCX_Collision box really does work. Two things through - the whole model must be one model (attach in Autodesk, not sure what in Blender) and the name of the collision box must match the name of your one model. So if your house is called "House" then the collision box needs to be called "UCX_House" - I know that sounds obvious, but it took me ages to twig this.
2016/10/12 4:24:57
Using Muvizu Object as a Hat etc Sadly no.

For each body attachment point you have a selection of predefined objects or you can import your own. What you can't do is use objects from other attachment points.

The only way to use the same object on all attachment points is to import it.
2016/10/4 16:16:07
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy Yes. Great ending. Perfect. Top notch.
2016/10/3 6:49:14
Fantasy Pack 2 That looks absolutely fantastic. Love the armour.

2016/9/26 19:22:30
new here tmfathfan06 wrote:
What is ziggymesh and do I need it?

Ziggymesh was a file that Ziggy created that when added to an ASE file it creates a tiny collision box at the centre of the object. This means that objects can intersect with each other and also helps the stability of your sets when moving and scaling things.

I built this into an exporter for Sketchup 8 which you can find here with instructions....
2016/9/25 11:32:56
Muvizu on Steam Muvizu now on Steam....
2016/9/15 9:49:54
Can Muvizu run using multiple video cards? jgourlay wrote:
so additional video cards would not be used by Muvizu for processing purposes.

That would make sense.
2016/9/15 5:51:42
Can Muvizu run using multiple video cards? If you have set up your monitors to extend your desktop across video cards then Muvizu will work.

This is more a Windows thing than a Muvizu thing.

I always have my camera on my left screen, edit in the middle and timeline on the right.

I could not operate Muvizu (or indeed HitFilm) without multiple monitors.
2016/9/9 14:04:22
T-REX set now in store That really is exceptional work.
2016/9/3 10:37:15
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers I looked at Source Filmmaker very, very hard around 2.5 years ago and it's so far advanced of Muvizu.

However, in the end that's why I decided not to jump ship - it's a bit too advanced. I think if you were an animator then that would be a great choice, but I just thought the learning curve and the sheer amount of action customization would mean that my film would take 20 years to produce rather than 6 !

I don't regret my decision.

I mean this is just staggering...
but where are all the great movies made with SFM ? This is 4 years old and there's virtually nothing. And what there is seems to feature the exact same characters and settings. This must mean something.
2016/9/2 7:24:19
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Sadly Dreeko's interpretation of the situation is the same as mine and I agree with everything you say Pat.

I made a conscious decision not to comment on Muvizu's direction about three years ago as I realised that I didn't understand it and it was not in line with what I wanted or needed from the software. My mum taught me that if I have nothing good to say then say nothing.
2016/9/2 6:38:13
Render Muvizu using virtual machines (AWS, Azure) The spec of the machine would take some trial and error I think, but this would not get round the "edit locally and then upload to the cloud for rendering" issue.

I know top end animation software has a workflow pipeline built in but I'm afraid Muvizu does not and you would have to do this manually.
2016/9/1 18:01:10
Render Muvizu using virtual machines (AWS, Azure) I have thought about it (I'm just using particles with HitFilm at the moment and I'm thinking about it again - 5 hours rendering for one 10 second render!)

The trouble is that Muvizu would have to be installed remotely in the cloud. I run a couple of RDS systems and anything graphical starts to really lag - even Internet Explorer/Chrome is noticeably slower to scroll around if your bandwidth is a bit limited - so you would never have enough bandwidth for the heavy graphical interface within Muvizu.

However you could run Muvizu locally to edit and then upload the .set file to the cloud and open it there to render.

The trouble is you're then relying on the GPU of your VM at AWS or wherever, and I bet their not as good as the one I have in my PC as that's not really what AWS is for (I may be wrong on this point, but I bet I'm not - maybe you can buy additional GPU).

Ultimately you're probably better off spending a bit more money on your graphics card and going to make a cup of tea.....
2016/8/16 6:20:35
FATAL ABDUCTION ( English Subtitles) Yes - very well done. A story well told, which is not as easy as it sounds.
2016/8/16 6:16:39
Surprise in the park Er - that's incredible on every level.
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