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2012/10/15 14:21:06
Crash WAVs are more of a native format - i.e. older and supported by more applications. You usually default to 44K WAVs which are CD quality digital files.

MP3s are much smaller (about 10 times smaller) and allegedly poorer quality, but not by much. MP3s are supported by fewer applications but do support things like song names. album names etc in their headers.

I use MP3 everywhere (for SonyVegas, itunes etc) except for Muvizu where I use WAVs - only because I have never got any MP3s to work in Muvizu.

There are different encoders for WAV files as well. I use "Microsoft ADPCM" from within Adobe Audition which is my sound editor of choice. Some other WAV formats don't load in Muvizu either - it's a bit picky.
2012/10/14 19:13:33
Crash I have never got Mp3 files to import properly. I always save my audio as a WAV for import into Muvizu and an MP3 for Sony Vegas
2012/10/10 6:45:39
Spikes appearing Thanks chaps - The new version must just push things over the edge.

It'll be OK - Winter's coming.
2012/10/9 8:14:57
Spikes appearing I've had this happen a few times now on the set that I'm making. Have a look at these cameras......

See those spikes ???

This happens after working in a set for a couple of hours in the latest version. It can happen on objects or even characters (All "Man" characters had an Omen-like spike through their back!). These spikes will render if you make an AVI - the ones on characters and objects even have a shadow. They will survive a save and re-open of set file, but will go away if you close Muvizu and go back in, so I can't send you a .set file with them in.

It's not a big deal as I know I can get rid of them, just thought you'd like to know......
2012/10/8 6:16:49
Lost character voice Mach1,

Importing video into backdrops etc within Muvizu will not import the audio.

The best way to do this is to use a video editor to sync up the whole thing afterwards. Using Sony Vegas (or Windows Movie Maker - not sure) you can import video and audio independently and then move things around on the timeline.

Hope this helps
2012/10/3 11:15:57
Opening Set files I keep getting this EEFilmz wrote:
Now if only I could understand why I have NEVER in any version, been able to import ANY video onto a backdrop in muvizu or anywhere in muvizu Ever!...That's an old problem I wish I had figured out by now too.

Well this an issue and I don't really know what the rules are but I have never got a video to import without running it through a re-render first using some editing software. I have just tried with Sony Vegas. Load the AVI you want into Vegas (I have to re-render through virtualdub first to do this from Muvizu AVIs). Then "Make Movie" and render using Video for Windows(*.avi) - PAL DV Widescreen. The output from this loads into Muvizu backdrops just fine.

I used to use Pinnacle Studio to do this so any editing software should be able to produce usable AVI files.
2012/10/3 10:02:46
Opening Set files I keep getting this EEFilmz wrote:
What do you mean "don't" save the sets if I want to use them again in extreme version?

I mean that if you're using the Extreme version don't save sets you make in the released version unless you rename them. As the Extreme version doesn't guarantee forward set compatibility anything you save in any particular vintage of Extreme probably won't be able to be used in any other version - future or past. If you're working on a short clip that's fine but as I'm working on something that'll take longer I have to avoid production using the Extreme version for this reason.

EEFilmz wrote:
and how do you "roll back" to a previous version (when you need to)?

Muvizu install is great as you can install multiple versions. So when the next version comes out I will install in in c:\program files\Muvizu23b. I can then play with this new Extreme version and have the old one to fall back on. Same with stable releases. If there are any problems with the new version which means I cannot use it I can "roll back" and just use old one. I keep using "save as" withe the suffix on my sets until I'm happy with the new version as sets saved are not backwardly compatible.

Sure you lose your favourites this way, but like you I have a "characters.set" with all my chaps in which I simply load and add everyone in favourites again.

If you have installed over the old version you could download it and install in c:\program files\muvizu21b or whatever. All you need to do is create shortcuts to c:\programfiles\muvizuXXX\binaries64\muvizu.exe for each version.

Hope this explains....
2012/10/3 6:27:35
Opening Set files I keep getting this EEFilmz wrote:
I just saved a plain set with the 2 characters I created so i could go back to them easily

EEF - I have such a set which I have used for over a year now, and it still opens fine. I have now saved the custom textures in there as well as this has been fixed.

However, you must make sure that you don't save any sets you wish to use again if you're using the Extreme version, or save them as a different name, as Muvizu don't guarantee that these will load in future releases. I always start saving sets with a suffix - e.g. "Characters22b.set" when we get a new version, just in case I have to roll back to the previous version (I've learnt the hard way !)
2012/10/2 19:26:11
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing Yep - GeForce GTX 460 on desktop and GT540M on laptop
2012/10/2 5:56:58
Opening Set files I keep getting this EEF - Is this the problem with saving favourites/sets with characters with decals on their bodies or skirts ?

This is the only time I've seen this error, but these sets would have saved but not opened at the time.

I hope not as there is no way round it.
2012/10/1 18:51:49
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing Marco – as discussed earlier today, I have a new issue with anti-aliasing. I’ve noticed it in 20b and 22b and it happens on my desktop and laptop.

The problem is that if you are using shadows in a fairly dark set the characters can have a “ready break glow” around them.

Have a look at this set –

Make sure that anti-alias is on – the version of DX doesn’t matter.

When you click “Make Video” the previously clean edge between Eddie’s arm and his shadow changes on both the make video window and the original cameras window. If you actually make a video then the white glow is rendered.

With Anti-Aliasing turned off...

With Anti-aliasing turned on..

This can make your rendered video look pretty poor.

I've had a play with the AA settings on the video card itself, but can't get anything to change. As it happens the same on my laptop and desktop I guess it's not machine specific anyway.

Could you have a look please ??

2012/9/16 20:38:34
Problem with uploading Scaryder - it's a Sunday and Muvizu are all in the pub beer

Hang on until tomorrow and I'm sure it will appear
2012/9/16 20:36:17
Closed topics topic! Jamie wrote:
My first guess would be you've saved them in a beta test version?

Jamie - as you know I am the king of the "Sets are not compatible" whinge and your reply here does highlight a flaw with the Extreme version testing programme that Muvizu have introduced over the last 6 months or so.

I really want to help test the latest extreme versions but can only do a cursory open an old set and have a look around. This is because I'm working on a large project that will take more than a couple of weeks to complete and Muvizu won't guarantee that my sets will continue to load in future versions.

This means that for the last year I have rarely been using the latest released version as it has been released with "Show Stopper" problems for me as we can't test it for actual production.

We could do a lot more testing if you could guarantee compatibility and the released versions should improve.

I know, I know. All I seem to do is whinge - I'm sorry......
2012/9/13 8:30:33
Feedback Thread - v0.22b release (September2012) I have used 22b for a couple of hours and created a couple of of shots. So far....

  • No Crashes
  • All sets seem to work
  • Focus in camera window issue resolved
  • It's generally faster than 20b

Excellent works chaps.
2012/9/13 6:29:58
Camera cuts ekessler - sorry you're having trouble with this. I occasionally use Muvizu camera cuts but I think most of us don't for the majority of the time. I would use an external video editing program like Sony Vegas or Windows MovieMaker to do this.

Using another program allows you to shoot the shots longer than you need them, then trim in the video editor. That way you can adjust the cuts very quickly without re-shooting the whole thing.

For a 2 character conversation you can make one long shot just of one character speaking and another long shot of just the other one. You then cut them together in the editor.

I always have an audio track in the editor with the original audio on - that makes it a lot easier to line up the cut up video you are splicing together.

I hope this makes sense.
2012/9/9 16:59:27
The new Muvizu and The Garage Band Blues... Mysto, I think we just have to hope these will be addressed in future versions. I know we did take a few steps back with the new interface but hopefully it will allow them to overtake where we were in the not too distant future.
2012/9/9 16:53:04
Ghettoblaster Rob,

Welcome to the wonderful world of importing objects. Look forward to many hours of frustration and swearing.

"Object too small" is something that crept it's way in on version 20b I think. No real idea what it means, but normally it doesn't seem to stop anything working. Most, if not all, of my sets give this error now when opening up as there are some imported objects which Muvizu no longer likes.

All of which is not much help to you. Did Muvizu actually import the object or did it refuse ? You could try exporting the house in pieces, or probably find another, less ambitious model.
2012/9/9 8:07:02
Ghettoblaster Rob85,

For items such as this you need to get into Google Sketchup. You an download ready made models from the 3D Warehouse and then import them into Muvizu. I've had a quick look and there's quite a few GhettoBlaster models available.

It will take you a while to get your head round it, but you don't need to be an expert in order to simply download a model and export to Muvizu.

Download Sketchup here -
Then you need the exporter plug in here -

Any problems post them back here and we'll help you out.
2012/9/9 7:54:26
The new Muvizu and The Garage Band Blues... Mysto - I have some real sympathy for you here. Are you just talking the head and eye movements, which I agree are not as controllable as they used to be, or are there other things you're missing ?
2012/9/6 10:03:37
Excruciatingly slow when editing. herseem, Once Windows starts swapping (i.e. it has run out of physical memory and starts using virtual memory) the machine will pretty much stop - the speed of your hard disk just won't be up to it. Windows XP was fine when you bought the machine , but with all the updates, service packs and AV downloads 2GB is now pretty much the minimum. The AV you use will have a big impact on an older machine - lots of the "Complete home security" editions are really bloaty.
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