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2019/11/12 19:52:11
Announcement It's true that most images now appear, but still there are images with missing bottom part.

Can you also answer the last question?
2019/10/31 19:55:48
Announcement Hello,

Some of the UV-maps of the characters in the store are missing the bottom part of the image. This concerns the following files:
- Skeleton
- Dog
- Fat woman
- Fat man
- Male

Also a lot of images do not show on the store and give an error when you click to download . It looks very unprofessional.

When can we expect new characters and actions?
2019/10/27 17:28:42
Custom Textures Hi,

I said to email them, but I believe there are more people looking for the files, so I've uploaded them to my website for anyone to download. Here is the link : UV-maps

These are made by Ziggy, they contain psd files with brows.

Good luck!
2019/10/19 19:09:18
Custom Textures Hi TheBankser,

I've clicked on the png file to see it in the browser and it's missing a piece of the bottom. That's probably giving you the end-of-file error.
If you send me an email address, I can send you a proper file of the UV-map.
2019/7/18 17:40:46
Write a letter Hi Amissimal,

Under 'Boardroom' you find a 'writing (looped)' action. However, it only works if the character is sitting down.
2018/12/19 20:48:39
Unlimited licencing question https://who.is/whois-ip/ip-address/

Strange that this IP address leads to alibaba.com...

I believe the Chinese only bought the product to sell it as is. My conclusion is that they do not have the knowhow to upgrade, fix bugs or add new features. I think you don't have to expect any improvements from the Chinese.
2017/5/22 9:14:35
sale on Silo 2.3.1 PatMarrNC wrote:
update: the FBX output doesn't work in Muvizu. I'm guessing it's a newer variant of the FBX format than the 2012 version that works in Muvizu. Bummer.

Hi Pat,

That's strange, what version is the FBX exporter? The FBX 2014 version from Daz3D Studio does work with muvizu.
2017/5/19 14:20:38
Video starts to render then stops halfway through Hi,
Is the start and end range properly set on the timeline?
2017/5/18 14:25:17
Unable to download purchased Muvizu assets Hi,

I don't think they are downloads. I think these features are already in muvizu, but you only need to unlock it by activating it with your key.
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2017/5/8 9:35:31
Import object from another set Did you save it in your favourites? It should be there.

2017/5/7 22:01:14

Do you have the Asian Characters or the South Asian? I think the dress you're talking about is from the South Asian pack.
2017/5/5 10:08:04
Import object from another set You should also be able to copy the object from a set and paste it in a new one.
2017/5/4 17:44:20
Direct eye lasers Hi,

You can select the Eye beams in the Attachment dropdown.
2017/5/4 8:41:49
Horror zombies not showing Hi,

The horror zombie set are not characters, but textures, I believe. If you insert a basic character and edit it, you can go to the tab Decals and click the Custom textures slot to load it. I do not have it installed, so I don't know if they are in a category, but they should be there somewhere.
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2017/4/25 19:33:05
Digimania has gone into administration WOW Rod, very nice made!
2017/4/24 15:29:05
Work around for SketchUp models convert The way I get models from sketchup into muvizu is with 2 free programs, Sweet home 3D and Daz3D. First I download the model in Collada format from the 3D-warehouse. Sometimes there is a KMZ file, that will also work. It usually downloads as a zip file, you don't have to unzip it. It doesn't have to be furniture, can be any model.

- Sweet home 3D -

Open up Sweet home 3D and under Furniture, click Import furniture. This opens up the wizard.

Choose the zipfile you downloaded. It can handle a couple of file formats.

click continue >

You can adjust the orientation and click continue >

You can adjust the size and colors and if you want to add it to your catalog of models. Click continue and Finish.

Try to center the model on the 0 axis.

Select the model and under 3D view, click Export to OBJ format and on the popup choose export selection.

Not Export all, because then it exports a ground plane in it. Now you're done in Sweet home 3D.

- Daz3D -

Open Daz3D and go to file > Import… and select the OBJ you exported out of Sweet home 3D.

Set the scale to 50% and click Accept.

Select the model and under File, click export…

Choose FBX as file type. In the popup set Output Options to FBX 2014. Check Collect Textures to folder. Check Selected and Props and click Accept.

- Note that the objects are not very smooth, some models work beter than others -

Now go and import it in muvizu...

Good luck!

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2017/4/24 13:24:04
Need a video camera (prop). bigwally wrote:
I am not the handiest when it comes to props, but I usually do okay, until now. I need a video camera that can be placed on the shoulder of a potato-head character for a 2 second shot. Someone who better versed at Sketchup or other software. Anyone?

Hi Wally,

Do you mean something like this? I downloaded a camera from sketchup and imported it in muvizu. I could email you the files if you PM me your address.

2017/4/24 10:48:17
ZUCHAT... a FB group for Muvizu PatMarrNC wrote:
Personally, I'd like to see a way for users/volunteers to keep this forum alive

I would gladly help with it, if necessary. If this site comes down, it sure would be nice if they backup the databases, so this treasure of knowledge would not vanish. It would be a great loss if that happens.
2017/4/24 8:25:03
ZUCHAT... a FB group for Muvizu Hi Rocque,

If I can I'll keep in contact. I rather see another solution for the forum, maybe it's an idea like Clay said, to create our own forum, far away from the weasels of facebook.
2017/4/23 14:35:32
ZUCHAT... a FB group for Muvizu You'll have to do without me, cause I don't and never will have a facebook account.
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