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Home ? How Do I ...? ? Animate focus distance, DOF or field of view

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31/08/2011 16:20:54

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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Aww, I wanted to tell him! Just too slow

However, that's a great idea ukBerty - hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
31/08/2011 19:01:56

Posts: 4
Aaah, I accidentally deleted the original post. But thank you ukBerty, I was not giving the camera the Focus Distance property to begin with, so did not have it available under "Prepare, Object Properties". Thanks for that.

I do agree, the controls are touchy and I think your alternate method would be more efficient. Cheers!
01/09/2011 09:41:31

ukBertyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Mmmm - not that I'm particularly bothered, but my reply on this thread has gone missing !

Ah - I see - It was Bobbobjones. No problem.

So the initiator of a thread can delete that thread and also all the replies contained in it !

Seems a bit risky.......
edited by ukBerty on 01/09/2011
01/09/2011 09:48:00

DreekoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I didn't realise that either. Maybe that will change when the big website shake-up comes.

01/09/2011 10:44:56

claireqMuvizu staff
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ukBerty, I have let the web gurus know about this deleted post. Seems it could be a wee bug.

S&M Abuse get it fixed!
edited by claireq on 01/09/2011
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Home ? How Do I ...? ? Animate focus distance, DOF or field of view