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07/12/2011 22:16:39

toonaramaMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Hello all

I have just purchased a lmembership of arteria 3d as a source of sets for Iclone but have managed to successfully port into Muvizu.

I had to do this via 3dxchange (Reallusion software ) and biturn (free software) but that was only because they were in iclone format.

They also sell in .ase format (I'll try and test this out) and .obj format (which can be converted by biturn) so no other software should be needed.

There are a lot of quality assets on the site (albeit most of them historical) and although they may seem quite pricey they are not in comparison with similar products and they also offer attractive membership deals which allow access to all the assets on the site plus copyright free music on arteriamusic.
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08/12/2011 02:57:24

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They look really good!
08/12/2011 08:41:14

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Maybe.......a little tuto ???