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04/05/2012 21:29:40

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so a new weird problem I seem to have hit against with muvizu
here's the system info stats on 1.9 B
System information:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120305-1505)
DirectX: v9.0c

CPU: AMD Turion(tm) II Ultra Dual-Core Mobile M660

Physical memory: 3.9963 GB (379.7656 MB used)
Virtual memory: 1.9999 GB (842.2852 MB used)
Largest free block: 783.3750 MB
Page file: 7.9908 GB
Display device #1: \\.\DISPLAY4
Description: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Chip: ATI display adapter (0x9553)
Memory: 2295 MB
Mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Driver: 8.17.0010.1124

Drive #1: C:
Model: ST9500420AS ATA Device
Capacity: 485214908416
Free: 15413972992

Drive #2: D:
Model: ST9500420AS ATA Device
Capacity: 14574153728
Free: 2408660992

Drive #3: E:
Model: ST9500420AS ATA Device
Capacity: 103833600
Free: 101142528

Drive #4: F:
Model: hp CDDVDW TS-L633N ATA Device

Version: MZASS-v0.19b - build: 2012.01.10.01R (32-bit)

No. objects: 16
No. lights: 0
No. cameras: 1
No. effects: 0
No. characters: 3
Undo: 5 undo, 0 redo

Object resources: 78559 objects
Textures: 48.0628 MB
Animation: 586.8281 KB
Other: 17.1128 MB
Total: 65.7456 MB

Scene file: C:\Users\user\Videos\Full Reviews\main set.set
History: MZASS-v0.13b - build: 2010.11.08.01
History: MZASS-Developer Version - build: Mar 29 2011 (32-bit)
History: MZASS-Developer Version - build: Apr 11 2011 (32-bit)
History: MZASS-v0.18b - build: 2011.09.20.01R (64-bit)
History: MZASS-v0.19b - build: 2012.01.10.01R (64-bit)
History: MZASS-v0.19b - build: 2012.01.10.01R (32-bit)

Running for: 1 minute, 21 seconds

here's the new error that's occurring with the panelled doors (all varieties using panels).

Also the same issue effects the dresser but in a very minor way and also in a minor way the arcade machine too.

the AMD Mobility driver update is an automated install from AMD so its in its full default state.
dunno what the issue is (other than me not really playing on a gaming machine lol)

thanks in advance for looking over this.

Update: having done a bit of research on this it appears to be a common issue with a lot of programs, the issue is with the most recent AMD driver update for the AMD Radeon HD series including 4xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx. The issue has existed with the game rage which required the graphics settings to be edited in a certain way, word is there will be a fixed in the next driver update for AMD or by the changing of the .bin textures files or something.

Update 2: For those super eager like me to have this fixed AMD 11.10 driver preview found here fixes this texture issue, at least it did for me, however be warned its a preview one so you might break other stuff.
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07/05/2012 10:34:07

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Hi theKodu,

Thanks for your updates on this. It will certainly help other users to figure out what's wrong if they get his sort of graphical destruction.

If you don't want to wait for the new drivers you can always roll back to the previous drivers you had installed.

07/05/2012 21:34:21

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Yeh I would have rolled back but then I found out my system checkpoint system has been turned off since its last system restore lol
08/05/2012 09:44:03

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Ah I see,

I still think it's possible on the control panel.

Go to Control Panel and select Device Manager.
Extend the Display adapters and select the graphics card.
Right click over it and select properties.
Go to the Driver tab and select Roll back driver.

I did this myself and worked very well, although it was a desktop.
I'm sure AMD will solve that problem soon though, if you don't feel comfortable doing the roll back

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Home ? Tech Help ? Possible issue with the new AMD Mobility driver.