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01/09/2010 13:33:19

DreekoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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There are a few things which prevent me from creating a movie at the moment and those are

1. The speed of my computer (cant be helped!)
2. The lack of flexibility with the timeline

If the timeline had the ability for us to select blocks of animation ( be it camera cuts or character) and copy and paste these blocks into different areas of the time line then I could create a movie with the belief that all will be well when its rendered out to the avi but at the moment all i can do is randomly click when directing hoping that the stuttering playback will be close to what i want when finished

without being able to directly input anims and cuts into the timeline in a keyframe kind of way stops me dead in my tracks and im afraid i cant see myself doing what i want to do with the program until something like this is established

its a bloody shame cos im dying to get stuff out there..grrr!
01/09/2010 13:45:07

toonaramaMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I can sympathise as I have the same issues. I would agree that it would be very useful to

a) be able to move a number of objects on the timeline at once
b) to be able to insert/edit - allowing the adding of an animation which pushes others along
c) re-ordering of objects on the timeline - eg to re-order animations (might be impossible)
d) change the speed of animations by lengthening/shortening

01/09/2010 13:51:42

Posts: 698
Hi Dreeko,

The Devs are currently looking at other ways to edit the timeline, such as editing length and changing their order - I can't give you a timeframe for the changes but they are being worked on.

Take care,
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