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13/01/2015 03:22:26

DyllyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 555
Just a quick note to let folks know I have not snuffed it! I am indeed alive and kicking but currently up to my eyeballs in boat restoration. In true Dylly style I decided that I just had to learn the skills myself...still a lot to learn but I've almost finished the major structural jobs. Just one section of deck to replace, one bulkhead to replace and then several coats of varnish & paint. I was lucky enough to find that the same spirit of help and comradeship that exists in Muvizu also exists among the historic boat community...although the on-line community is not up to the standard of Muvizu's.

In other news I'm now a two beagle household with Dylly the Beagle's litter mate Toby joining the family since the eldest lad, partner & my Granddaughter Gracie moved back home until their new house is ready. However when they move out ...Toby will be staying with me. He's already used to the boat & posing for the holiday makers.

I'm still animating with Muvizu and 3D modelling, although I've now moved onto 3Ds Max & Maya solely, although that is now something that I save for the winter months although I do regularly keep up with Muvizu throughout the year...often spotted lurking outside of Tesco in Stalham or various riverside pubs wherever I can get a free broadband signal.
13/01/2015 16:14:49

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 2220
Welcome back Dylly!
Nice to see you're still out there. I'll be looking forward to seeing your finished boat.

Perhaps you could start up a forum for historic boat enthusiasts.

13/01/2015 21:52:53

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 1988
Good to hear you're still roaming around, although it seems like the beagles have a look of 'please put down the tools now' in their eyes
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