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10/09/2010 10:45:15

DreekoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Can I make a plea for the timeline

When you do get round to creating a decent keyframed based timeline for true animation control can i nudge you all in the direction of Anime Studio .As a very powerfull 2d animation solution with many features which for a long time have surpassed the likes of flash and has grown from a one man band to where it is now it is very worthy of your attention as a model for the future

Yes i know that you want Muvizu to be as accessible to all as you can make it, but i think the majority of people who will create the best work to show case this software are going to be the animation enthusiasts

and they really need more control over whats happening.

Maybe some kind of "advanced users" tab that we could click on which would unleash features for more in depth use could be possible

and another tab for dunderheeds which would return it to the on the fly animation which we see just now

the topic is closed

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