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2010/8/11 15:27:57
my first movie thanks for that.. like you say it can only get better.. alan
freakmoomin wrote:
cracking video for your first attempt!!!

love it!
2010/8/11 15:27:11
my first movie thanks emily, i will do has you say with the next song that i write myself.. (which wont be long) .. alan.
2010/8/10 22:04:42
my first movie i have just uploaded my first movie to youtube.. i sing songs some i write myself and some i dont.. anyway i have used muvizu to to a animation to a song called "any little fish" i only downloaded it 24hrs ago.. so its my first attempt, the laptop i use is not really upto the job.. so the scene has to be kept simple.. anyway please view my little offering, how do i get a link onto muvizu....? you can find my little movie here..

please enjoy, any comments really welcome.. alan.
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2010/8/10 21:12:34
walking mcmillan-ra wrote:
Hello Alanfromdarwen,

If you go to direct animation, hit record, and then just drag the big disc on the floor around the character will walk in the path you draw.

You can see how to do the movement in this tutorial here:

THANKS FOR THAT.. waw that easy.. thanks again.
2010/8/9 21:38:40
walking hi, how do i make my animation walk.. i dont see a button for this.. many thanks.
2010/8/9 12:58:00
will this program run on vista hi everyone, i was wondering,will this program run on vista. many thanks.
2010/8/9 12:56:27
video to a song thanks evryone
2010/8/9 12:55:10
time limit thanks for that.. 20mins is just great.Emily wrote:
Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch. There is a time limit for recording, which is 20 minutes.
However if you wanted to create an epic, feature length animation, you can stich multiple Muvizu videos together using the VideoJoiner application which is bundled with Muvizu.

Hope that helps!

2010/8/9 0:08:18
time limit is there a time limit on how long your animation can run for.. many thanks.
2010/8/9 0:05:55
video to a song i write songs for youtube, do you think it would be possible to make a video character sing my songs, and will i be able to upload them to youtube.. how long do you think it would take to make a 5 min simple video... many thanks in advance.. alan.
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