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2017/5/13 18:22:22
Chewbacca Thank you PatMarr could you tell me or point me to where i would find the dimensions for a head mask as yes i can model one in blender.
2017/5/13 14:30:27
Chewbacca Just a thought can i export one of the caricature models as an obj and import it in to Blender as texturing the UV's on the model would make life easier.
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2017/5/13 14:15:45
Chewbacca Can someone help i would like to texture a caricature to look like Muvizu style Chewbacca. I know how to paint and texture on UV maps to a degree, but how would i go about making him look hairy ! as painting flat hair looks flat lol

Thanx for reading i look forward to your ideas.
2015/9/30 2:18:13
Update - content store I think it maybe mid October now.

Or we might have to hang around till Christmas.

Muvizu updates have stalled.
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