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2015/6/16 20:06:20
where to locate objects that can be imported I have the Play+ version, and have done all of these steps. For some reason, I can't get it to work where the character holds the object. I can import fine as an object on the canvas, but not for the character to hold with the left or right hand. It appears to import, but then the objects disappears somewhere and cannot be found. I zoom in the out to see where it went, but I can't find it. Perhaps it's not a MZ issue, but something in the properties of the sketchup? I am importing as an .fbx file, which should work. Thanks for your continued guidance!!!!!
2015/6/16 5:49:46
where to locate objects that can be imported MrDrWho13 - Thank you very much for the superb instructions. I did as you suggested, and it does work, with one caveat. I am seeking to add objects that a character can hold; e.g. lady holding a handbag. Perhaps I am not doing something correctly, or is it not possible to add objects that characters can hold?

Thanks again for your help!
2015/6/15 5:58:57
where to locate objects that can be imported I've gone through much of the Muvizu site, and still cannot find an answer about how to locate objects that are ready made and import ready for Muvizu. Is there a place to find objects? For example, I need a handbag that can be held by the character.

I find the library of assets in Muvizu to be limited, and don't have the time to create my own stuff.

Thanks for any advice.
2015/6/4 20:41:54
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? It's not that something is "wrong" with the software, but that the audio functionality could be more fluid. It does work as is, but the ability to lay down multiple tracks for the same character would make the software more efficient. Most competing products allow for multiple tracks. It's slows one down considerably having the work with one single, and often very long track for a single character. That's the jist of this thread.

Muvizu is still a standout product, and better audio controls are high on the list of user needs. I hope the leaders can offer this in a future release.
2015/6/4 1:32:28
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Thanks for the post Valero. Which version of Crazy Talk Animator are you using? Can you expand a little on how you use it?

I've also been using MovieStorm, which works well. It's easy to use and is fairly robust. My hunch though is that Crazy Talk Animator might be a better choice. I tried the iClone demo once, and the learning curve was way too steep to make it worthwhile.

I still really like Muvizu, and use it as one of my animation choices, but the multiple lip synch files continues to be a big issue.

Thanks for sharing.
2014/6/8 21:02:24
Effects will not record Never mind, I figure it out. The positioning of the object is very sensitive. I was not doing that correctly.
2014/6/8 20:18:14
Effects will not record I am trying to use the lightening effect followed by the smoke effect. I can get it to work on the canvas, but it never shows up on camera. I am recording the effects, and they both appear in the timeline. why won't the camera see the effect, or record it to to video?

I am selecting the animate option in properties, setting a trigger, triggering the event during recording. Is there some special trick to using the effects?

Thanks for any help!! I've wasted many hours. :-(
2014/6/3 18:45:54
bunch of questions ... There is a banjo ase file for download. i would like a character to play the banjo instead of a guitar. How can I do this? I can download it, but it is not an option for the character instruments.
2014/5/19 17:52:40
which render "made video" is the highest quality? I don't have targa as one of the options. I have used the microsoft option. I can't get the avi to work as well because of file size. The issue of codecs is very confusing. Can anyone offer a good explanation? The video's and documentation are not really very clear.
2014/5/19 17:49:10
how to lip sync in the lastest version of muvizu ? It should be mentioned in the video that only one dialogue sound clip per character is supported. I created a vid with multiple sound clips for one character, only to have to dump it into audacity to create a single file. Are there any other tips that can be offered for creating lip synching for dialogue that is back and forth between characters?
2014/5/15 22:46:27
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Thanks for the reply! I was excited about the potential for this product, but sadly, need to move onto to another product solution because of this major limitation. I'm just stunned at the lack of design foresight for such an important function inherent to quality animation. Hopefully, this is improved in future versions. There are many nice features of this product. I'm sad to have to let it go. :-)
2014/5/15 22:07:39
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Is this still the case with the product? That means if you have a dialogue between two characters, the lip synch feature is useless because only one file will be saved for lip synching. while timing a characters dialogue in audacity is a workaround, it is not practical. I have a 5 minute video with questions and answers between characters, so lip synch is perhaps the most important feature I would need. I am hoping there is something I am not understanding. Thanks for any assistance.
2014/5/15 19:43:48
Lip Syncing? I am able to apply the lip synch to dialogue, but it does not hold. What I mean is that it works when I play back the timeline, but then later on when I play the clip again, no lip synch to dialogue. Any ideas why the lip synch disappears?
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