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2014/7/13 16:14:39
Need A US Male Voice for a few (important!) lines I'll do it for you Brother! I was a Marine so I can be authoritative if need be.
Does your company offer a 401k and dental benefits?

Best of luck guy!
2014/7/13 16:11:31
cheech and chong Funny stuff about the coffee table items....puff puff...

Brilliant work, I saw all three of them, but the scenes was kind of smokey eh?
Thanks for sharing. I too look forward to more of your 'Stuff'!
2014/7/13 16:08:18
Devious from San Diego, California Thank you Pollo Loco...I'm finishing a story now to create a new video.
I have spent considerable time researching it to see if any similar stories
have been used in any short film or if my story was ever a part of any
movie sequence.

Is there a more efficient way or a particular website to research story
lines other than google research so I may be sure that mine is original to
the worlde?
2014/7/13 15:51:14
Hitfilm and Muvizu possibilities Thanks for posting this Toon!
I've been trying to learn Hitfilm and create some of the
scenes this video shows. The video certainly helped to clarify
that some of my goals were attainable. The shadow from the
dragon on the building technique was the most valuable.

The mouse on the bus scene was brilliant!
Thanks again mate!
2014/6/27 7:53:32
Hitfilm Express currently FREE Much obliged for the link. I just downloaded it. I'll come back with my thoughts later.
2014/6/27 7:37:36
camera set up El Chavo right? Good luck, I'm looking forward to viewing your work.

2014/6/27 7:34:08
Devious from San Diego, California Gracias amigo!
2014/6/27 7:32:49
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... Bravisimo Fazz!

The first one was cutesy, but still funny.
The second one however was laugh out loud funny.
I love your camera work and the music during the
fight sequences really made me stand up from my
seat and pay attention...

Freakin' hilarious~ I hope you continue to thrill us
with your marvelous work!
2014/6/26 21:37:43
what is the acceptable rate? This was a fascinated thread to read...mostly civil.
I'd like to thank everyone whom took the time to post.

Nonetheless, I asked this question to several entertainers
in my field of magic and comedy (roughly 30).

The consensus was on average $100 USD per minute
of finished edited video was fair. Most magicians did
not wish to go beyond the three minute mark, so
300 USD for a brief three minute video.

This assumes that the script was pre-written and
the animator should be well versed in maximizing
the use of the Muvizer Sofware so as not to spend
hours upon hours of animating the simpler tasks.
(I'm certainly not there).

It's a start, but I agree with those that posted, "My primary
interest is to express creativity through this fascinating medium."
Commercial interests are secondary to my passion for this art form.

With respect for all parties,
2014/6/26 21:22:55
Character Movement I'm just like you. I am having issues with my characters
not responding fluidly. Hope to hear some advice on
the subtleties of motion.
2014/6/26 21:20:22
Devious from San Diego, California Hello folks, I am Devious.
A professional magician from San Diego, California.

I am looking to add some animation work to my
performance sets and encourage other entertainers
to do the same.

I have learned so much from many of you already,
just from watching your wonderful work!

I thank all of you in advance for all of your advice and

2014/6/26 21:18:21
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... Congratulations Fazz!

Say, where can I view this video?

I'd like to say that your videos were some of the first
I ever saw here. They also helped convince me to try
this marvelous software as well.

Your work showed me how much this software was
capable of, not to mention how humorous and enjoyable
they could be.

Thanks again mate!
2014/6/26 21:12:41
Magician Talks About San Diego Busking I am a professional magician. I am hoping to get magicians to like the idea
of including animation in performance sets. This particular one is a mini-lecture
of a magician at

I created the aforementioned video as an example of how he can add them to his weekly blog
that discusses traveling around the world performing magic as a busker. (tips on the streets)

I'm certain other magicians in the community will be open to it as well, I'm working on other
magicians as well.

Once he decides to go for it, I can then upgrade to the commercial version of this software.
I know you folks need to eat as well.

Many thanks for just watching mates!

p.s. I can't believe The USA is still in the running at The World Cup thanks to Portugal.
2014/6/26 8:02:01
Lugofilm Ltd Presents Vince, a small thing but when you speak into the microphone
try to put some space between your mouth and the microphone
so you don't overwhelm my ear at certain consonant sounds.

Other than that, keep making folks smile and laugh with your work!
2014/6/26 7:50:44
Pop Haydn's Miracle Oil Thanks for the comments. I'm not only a magician but we have to incorporate
comedy into our sets other wise we just become parodies of ourselves, just
look at Criss Angel with his camera tricks and editing.

I actually started toying with this to incorporate them into my stage and parlour
shows as well.

What part of New Mexico as in which town?
2014/6/26 7:22:49
rough concert Select the create button then scroll down to add effects.
Including some smoke, fire, sparks onstage is something
that most folks expect to see at concerts.

You can also include real video of the band in the background
instead of the static banner.

I see that you haven't yet made full use of the character movements
as the host kept banging his head with the microphone repeatedly.

All of these things including camera movement as mentioned earlier
will do wonders.

I look forward to your future work...most folks would never admit
to 'loving' Menudo, so kudos for your bravery. Lol...

2014/6/26 7:16:58
a fake commercial I made Hey there 'Fly Boy', thank you for your service from a fellow retired 'Jarhead'.

I agree this was excellent use of the software for your first attempt. The volume
increase was an issue and you also could have made better use of the lighting options
Try to add some shadows to create depth to your environment.

I understood every word even though you are a 'Boriqua'. I'll hit that place up the
next time I'm in Houston.

Adios amigo, Devious
2014/6/26 7:09:49
A little Star Wars Parody I really enjoyed watching this. I think you should have sped up the scrolling
text intro. A small gripe, for an excellent video. Thanks for sharing it.
2014/6/26 7:06:01
Magician Talks About San Diego Busking This was my first Muvizu Video, I apologize for my early work.
I'd still love any feedback if you have some time to do so.

I'm still learning how to direct camera movement.

2014/6/26 6:51:41
Pop Haydn's Miracle Oil I'd love any feedback negative or positive. Thanks in advance,

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