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2012/6/17 12:46:19
Banging my head against a wall... bigwally wrote:
I have *never* been able to use MP3s with Muvizu without getting the same problems. I believe that I one time saw this being addressed, but with no resolution. As far as codecs are concerned, I like the sharpest image possible. I use an uncompressed codec (sp?) that I need to (slooooowly) convert in able to load it into my editor. None of the codecs available produce a video that is usable on Pinnacle Studio. Something to do with AVI-1 versus AVI-2 standards, with Pinnacle only able to use the less popular one.

Hmm... Could you email in some example mp3 files bigwally? I'll take a look at them and see if I can track down the problems cause.
2012/6/17 12:44:35
see through winodws simonheffer wrote:
It would be nice to have some see-through windows where we can adjust the opacity.

If there is time I'd much rather see the object importer fixed / updated / improved to handle transparent sections and non-transparent sections correctly - at least that way you wouldn't be stuck with only 1 or 2 models of windows that include transparency.
2012/6/17 12:42:55
see through winodws Dreeko wrote:
Jamie wrote:
Currently there are 428 suggestions logged

I thought I'd asked for more than that!

I'm sure you have, most of them involved dragons in some way so those were ignored as duplicates
2012/6/15 13:27:14
see through winodws I'll put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with to share the suggestion / improvement list on the forum.

Currently there are 428 suggestions logged, some may be duplicated and others might not be useful.
2012/6/15 10:44:17
Character object properties > visibility and size We had a look at doing this but there were technical problems so it was dropped. It's something we may have another look at but it might still not be possible.
2012/6/15 10:41:11
Redirect There isn't a check box to do this automatically but you can click the trash can icon next to the track to clear it before going back to direct.

It'd probably make more sense if the check box was called "Overwrite" and just allow the application to wipe the track from the point the play / record head is at onwards. Unchecking it would then return to the normal behaviour where it only over writes a block if you've start another block within or ending within the existing one.

I've made a note of this feature request as well
2012/6/15 10:37:45
New logo animation This is looking good MrDrWho13 - what did you use to make it?
2012/6/14 18:16:05
Source Engine Used To Create Animated Film Interesting stuff Dreeko, wonder how it'll turn out.
2012/6/14 10:16:27
Captain Kirk / William Shatner sings Karaoke Good job Dreeko - Shatner sings is hilarious!
2012/6/14 10:05:33
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
I'm pretty sure that Dreeko means a button on each timeline track which corresponds to it's special menu - clicking on the button for Eyes Look At would take you straight to the Direct Eyes menu, or a button on the Actions track for Direct Actions, etc. Great idea, and there could also be a Prepare button next to Direct where appropriate too.

Interesting idea Dreeko - Ziggy are you sure there's enough space to add more buttons on the timeline?
2012/6/13 16:24:34
Muvizu needs you! tripfreak wrote:
I'd be interested in testing the Superheroes !

Refresh your profile and you'll have a sparkly new tester badge. Ok, it's not sparkly but it is a badge
2012/6/13 11:36:29
Muvizu needs you! Thanks for the outstanding feedback guys. Is there anyone who isn't already a tester and is interested in becoming one?
2012/6/12 11:04:32
KISS Masks...Help?... EEF - When you have the face mask (with default bush image on it) click the texture thumbnail in the bottom right hand corner and browse to the character - face mask category under the textures tab. This will let you select one of the kiss mask textures to use.
2012/6/11 11:00:31
Muvizu needs you! We're steaming ahead here with the anticipated Superhero's release and in order to make sure that it's as good as it can be we need your help! If you think you've got what it takes to squash a few bugs leave a message (or any questions) here to be an official beta tester.

We expect the beta test programme to start next week, Monday 18th June 2012.
2012/6/11 9:41:52
Basic question about the audio component/MP3 Hi Gordon,

Muvizu accepts MP3 files for import, but not WMA as you've found. It might be possible to output MP3 but you'd need to check your video codec as that would deal with the output - Muvizu won't let you save out audio files, only video.

As for mic type? Any that can connect to your PC. It's not really limited. USB will work fine, so will a 2.5mm mini-jack that plugs into your sound cards microphone port. Actually Muvizu just looks at the software level for audio input devices registered in Windows so as long as your mic works in Windows it'll work in Muvizu.
2012/6/11 9:38:31
ATT: ALL MUVIZU STAFF AND MOGULS!!!! Aww, that's lovely
2012/6/11 9:30:33
Error on exit hugmyster wrote:
I was just fiddling about and it blew out a second time. Hmmm. In the File > Options sections there is nothing about Direct X 11. Could it be installed or is it the graphics board?

Ok, thanks. It was just to make sure it wasn't DX9 running through DX11 but its obviously not if you've no option for this. We had a known issue with DX11 crashing on exit of the application but that's not the problem your having.

Is this happening consistently? Does it only happen with some set files?
2012/6/11 9:28:10
Making the movie MrDrWho13 wrote:
I mean when you are saving the video, not the set.
The video may take over an hour to save and you should not press abort during the time it is saving.

Do you understand? dunno

No I don't understand, sorry. There's no cancel button on make video and the X in the top right hand corner does the same as the Abort button.

I think I've misunderstood you all together - were you asking for help or giving advice?
edited by Jamie on 11/06/2012
2012/6/11 9:22:41
New scene button MrDrWho13 wrote:
Thanks, perhaps an extra thing on the website to download if your pc is fast enough?poke

I admire your optimising MrDrWho13 but it doesn't work that way, unfortunately.
2012/6/10 16:21:31
Pt 3 - Nick Danger & the Case of the Missing Shoe Brilliant, keep 'em coming.
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