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2012/6/10 14:51:50
New scene button simonheffer wrote:
Yes that had occurred to me but it only really works if the timing is right and there's a easy path to the next cut. That's why I suggested a teleport.

Yeah, I think the solution would be to allow a new scene options that lets you leave the character (object or camera or anything that can move) at a certain point while removing everything else on the timeline tracks. Teleporting is a headache, it's so difficult to know exactly where things are meant to be and when.

MrDrWho13 wrote:
I agree with the new scene idea, but would it be very difficult to add a 5th camera?

The problem isn't with adding a 5th or a 6th camera it's with computer performance. A lot of the regular users of the forum probably have computers capable of dealing with a few extra cameras but I don't think the majority of users would do. Each camera you add requires extra resources in terms of processing power and memory so it'd slow down the application even further. Of course, once you have 5 or 6 cameras you'll probably be in the situation to need a 7th and 8th camera and so on. At some point you'll run out of space on the screen to display the preview of all the cameras.

Danimal wrote:
When it comes to camera movement, there is no such thing as an "easy path."

Too true. Character movement is a nightmare to test, especially now you can rearrange the movement blocks and actually have characters teleporting about.
2012/6/10 14:42:23
Muvizu art team help?UV's distorting creating .ase Dylly wrote:
Success...but how ?

I've managed to get one instance of the model that is correct. I exported the affected section of the model and the main structure of the model as an object file, and re-imported them as a single mesh. However repeating the same steps again...well back to square one, but I think you are right with the number of maps being the problem. I tried your suggestion with the result that the affected area seemed to be drawing information from two different maps instead of the single map that I applied to it...which is odd.

Now when I opened up the .ase files of the working model and the non working model I found one significant difference (to me anyway) that on the model that worked the once faulty part was now listing the material applied to it as a 'submaterial' of the material applied to the rest of the object I imported.

This is getting a bit 'party of the first party' !Whaaaaa?

Anyway I'm onto the next floor of the building and this time I will try and keep the number of maps to a minimum.

Glad you got this sorted Dylly, it's a strange one certainly. My understanding though, is that all the texture files referenced in the ASE file should be listed as submaterials and you should only have 1 material. In turn each face is given a material. I might be wrong though as I've not had as much practice applying UV maps as you and I don't think I'll have much time to look into this for a few weeks. Remind me then and I'll investigate further
2012/6/10 14:38:54
Random requests! ukBerty wrote:
Could I request that we have a number of file location trackers within Muvizu. Let me explain.

I keep all my assets in a directory (C:\UT3 and below)
I have all my scenes in another structure (c:\project\scene1 etc)
I output my videos somewhere else (C:\project\scene1\vids)

At the moment when you import ab object it defaults to the last location you did anything - open a set, make a vid or whatever.

I would like the import object dialog to default to the last place I imported an object from, the make movie to default to the last place I made a movie and the open/save set to default to that last place I opened/saved a set.

It's just a little thing, but over time it gets quite annoying.

This has come up a few times internally Berty, so it's already in a to do list, I'm not sure how easy it is to do that from a technical point of view (one of the devs might be better suited to answer) but it would certainly make things easier
2012/6/10 14:36:23
Error on exit hugmyster wrote:
I've had a nose and it seems I'm on DirectX 9, so not the latest version. Any use?

Might be, could you just check the File > Options dialog and let me know if you have an option to switch on Direct X 11?
2012/6/10 14:27:32
Error on exit ziggy72 wrote:
It is with the set I sent you, but for the full effect you'd need the other 16. Anyway, I spent last night trying to replicate it as I had to load up and render out all my cameras and I couldn't get it to do it - even after loading/using/saving 4 or 5 of the same sets one after the other, I couldn't make it crash again like I did before. I don't understand! Muvizu is toying with me... Hammer Time

Hmm... is there anything else your aware of doing before that you've not done recently? Some ideas might be, edit a character? edit lights? view the timeline? edit cameras? move cameras? change output settings?

I'll give this a go and see what happens though. Thanks for the feed back ziggy!
2012/6/7 18:30:28
Muvizu art team help?UV's distorting creating .ase Hmm... so rebuilding gives the same problem but at a different location? My gut feeling here is that it's because your using multiple uv maps. If you replace all except one uv map with a basic solid coloured texture (manually editing the ASE file to change file names instead of rebuilding anything) do you still get the distorting? Does it happen at the same place for multiple imports of the same ASE file?
2012/6/7 18:23:08
Hills in my background No worries and I look forward to seeing the end result
2012/6/7 18:22:16
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
At the moment, when you click on it, it jumps to somewhere else. As long as it stops doing that, it could be useful. Actually, could it just be attached to the timeline like a handle, and use it to drag the timeline about like that? Just a thought

I have to agree with you. It's fiddly and not as fluid as the old method was.
2012/6/7 18:19:58
New scene button Interesting suggestion simon, it's added to the post it note wall of feature requests.

There is this little tip that might help you with multiple cameras...

2012/6/7 18:12:35
Error on exit ziggy72 wrote:
Haven't had time to experiment fully, but I'd say yes, it does sometimes happen that way with other set files. It's just really noticable when it's predictable, I guess. All sets are latest version .20b 64 bit DX9.

Is this with a set you've already sent me? If not send it to me and I'll try reproducing this problem and see what I can come up with. I figure it's a different crash to the one hugmyster is reporting as your getting it in the save / load process and his is happening on exit.
2012/6/7 18:11:09
Error on exit hugmyster wrote:
I've been running this Muvizu set-up for a while, though this is the first time I've ever encountered this error. I don't know if I'm on Direct-X 9 or 11. Can I go for a halfway house and say 10?

Incidentally, I took the purple pill. I think Morbius was having one of those days...

If you go to the about screen (the ? icon on the top right hand corner of Muvizu) it'll tell you which direct x you are using. Let us know here or you can go into the system info (click the button) and then click the copy button and email everything to use
2012/6/7 18:09:31
I uploaded a a New Toon at least a few days ago... Yep, join us on twitter
2012/6/6 11:05:13
I uploaded a a New Toon at least a few days ago... EEFilmz wrote:
Hi Jamie, well whenever I've used copyrighted music etc (see my youtube channel)...I just get a lil message from YouTube but it also says I'm not in any violation or anything so I figured too since I credited the Bee Gees in there as well that it shouldn't have any problems getting on Muvizu? is that to say You can't use ANY copyrighted material if you want it to upload here?...just curious?

Well, technically, we can't use any copyrighted music or anything. However, with this situation, it's not in our control. The video is hosted on youtube and all we do is "display" that video here. At the end of the day its up to youtube what videos they allow to be used by external sites and for what reason. This situation is pretty common though, if youtube flags content as copyrighted (especially music) they will stop it being displayed on other sites.
2012/6/6 10:16:52
I uploaded a a New Toon at least a few days ago... Despite Dylly and Ziggys optimism - i think the answer is a bit more mundane. You recent video uses the song staying alive by the bee gees, so youtube will prevent it being embedded on other sites. I checked our youtube system for this video and it comes back as "restricted" so it's never made it to Muvizu.

2012/6/6 10:12:48
Hills in my background You could use one of the hill objects (check the nature category) and set it to float in the air, positioning it at the hight need for the top of the hill and then, at ground level, put down the scene you want. Take some buildings and roads as an example, if you scale them down it'll look like it's really high up on top of the hill - might take some work to get the whole scene built though.

Another way to do it could be to use a photo from the top of a hill you like, this should look like the character is then on the top of the hill.
2012/6/6 10:06:42
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
There is that black bar, yes, but it always sits at the beginning of it's 'range', and as soon as you click on it you jump back to that point, meaning you now have to drag it back to where you were in the first place, negating it's usefulness completely (especially when zoomed right in). Pulling the timeline left and right is intuitive and simple, and if you want to keep it easy for people, it's the way to go I think.

Yeah, it's a bit fiddly to use. What if it was consistent? Rather than it automatically trying to adjust for the "recorded" area or zoom level, it always stayed the same?
2012/6/6 10:03:10
Error on exit ziggy72 wrote:
...which involved copying the light from the source set, then pasting it into all the other versions. I make the changes, save the set, load up the next one, paste in the light, etc. I realised, after doing this for a while, that I could actually make Muvizu crash by making sure to make saving the set the very last thing I did before loading the next one. If I saved the set, then selected stuff, moved around, etc, then loaded up another one it didn't crash (mostly!).

Does this happen with other set files?
What versions have the sets been saved in? (Go to about, system info and the muvizu tab, theres a save history there)
Does it only happen following these steps?
  • Copy a light
  • Open a new set
  • Paste the light
  • Save the new set
2012/6/5 10:48:55
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly wrote:
Jamies Woman in Black Moment

Well that just ruined the film for me, I havn't seen it yet. :P
2012/6/5 10:43:30
Error on exit Ziggy, Could this be to do with the disappearing characters? (which I'm about to look into your set file and see what happens for me).

I think maybe your crash is different from the other ones reported, since your crash is happening when you load after saving and the first report is happening on exit from the application.

Possibly this is more related to a specific scene? Or does this happen with other set files as well?
2012/6/5 10:35:47
Random requests! Trying to summarise this, with some notes below, the requests are:

  • Vertical grid lines
  • Red bar to drag
  • Minute, seconds and frames highlighted
  • Snap event blocks to cue points & other event blocks (and the play head marker?)
  • Replace, cut, copy and paste event blocks

I'd like to see all of these things (either added or back in).

On the red bar thing, there is a bar to do this, but it's black. It sort of appears and disappears depending on how much "recorded" time there is. How do you guys feel about it?

Minutes, seconds and miliseconds are shown on the timeline. I'm not sure if we can show frames as the output frame rate is different from the frame rate of the games engine, so I'm not sure if it's possible to match frames on the timeline to output frames. What would totally be nice is to have those intervals marked across all tracks so you can see where things are easily.

What I'd find useful would be snapping to the play head, I think, as well as cue points & alignment to other event blocks. Maybe cue points should add a line to all tracks, sometimes it's a bit difficult to see exactly where the cue points are.

Some of the event blocks could be inserted, cut, copied and pasted but others I don't think it would be possible to do so. Take the head movement or character movement, as examples, you'd always have to record those first then cut or copy them. Other events, such as character animations or possible some property changes (a basic colour change) could be done that way I think.
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