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2012/1/11 16:07:14
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). jonbez wrote:
I tryed loading my set that was made in the previous version before v0.19b. It worked but it moved at a majorly slow frame rate. I delete all lights and 90% of statics just leaving the barebones of the room and it remain the same slow frame rate. To fix I had to copy the statics and then create a new set and paste in and rearange. This fixed the frame issue and it became fast again but now I couldn't press the record button to record any events.

hi John,

Can you send us the set file? We'll try to work out what has caused the slower performance with it. I think your second issue is one of the known bugs with the UI - sometimes it freezes up a bit. I think if you save your work and restart Muvizu the record button should work again. CTRL-Space should also work if the timeline recorded is frozen. There is a work around that is a little hit and miss as well. If you close the direct mode (whatever feature you are trying to record for) and go to the timeline and directly back to the direct mode you want to use it should unfreeze the timeline recorder there but, as I said, this is a bit hit and miss and might take a few attempts. Your probably better saving your work and restarting Muvizu.
2012/1/11 16:02:01
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). adam_knox wrote:
I had created 6 Abstract rectangles, scaled them to full-size, put a brick texture on them, grouped them to move and now its suspended in mid-air after moving it (none of them have the property to float). We made need to make some cautionary tape, because I'm just waiting for this thing to fall on some poor innocent Muvizu character! =P

*Note this is taking place in my mega-set

hi Adam_knox - this is a bug we're aware of but due to the complexity of the grouping system we've not been able to fix it yet. The work around is to ungroup and wiggle each object a little to get it to fall down, or simple move the objects down to the height you want them at while they are still grouped.
2012/1/11 15:58:51
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). ukBerty wrote:
Also, the "Make Video" view is now a lot slower. I probably get 1 out of 5 frames that I used to in 1.08. I use this all the time to view what I am doing in a larger window. Interestingly moving the time marker manually produces a much smoother output than pressing play, which is weird.

Hi again Berty,

This is a weird one. Could you send us the set file this happens with and we'll look into it further. Cheers.
2012/1/11 15:57:25
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). ukBerty wrote:
Sets saved in 1.09 are not backwardly compatible with 1.08. This would not be a real issue unless you want to re-use sets with imported objects - do not save these in 1.09 !

Hi Berty,

This is the way Muvizu has always been, we've never supported backwards compatibility as we're always adding new things to Muvizu (for example character effects in 0.19b) that are not available in previous versions.

Hope that helps.
2012/1/11 15:46:33
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). ukBerty wrote:
Imported objects which use ID_Textures revert to being pink in saved sets from 1.08. What's worse is that the colours are still there when you edit the object but they are not applied to the object. You can re-import them fine. Textured imported objects seem OK, although I have some transparency issues on some which I cannot reproduce.

Hi Berty, This is a problem. It will happen if you save the set in version 0.19b and re-open it in 0.19b as well. The root of it seems to be Ambient occulsion on a object that has textures per face, at least in my tests this is how I reproduced it. I took the object from the gallery here http://muvizu.com/3D/18519/Witches-Broom and imported it in to 0.18b and 0.19b using the 3 combinations of options (one with no id map, no ambient occulsion, one with an id map only and one with ambient occulsion only) I then saved the set in both versions and re-opened it in version 0.19b - none of the models were affected by the coloured overlay problem. When I went to one of my own models made in Google Sketchup and exported with ambient occulsion and "toto.bmp" (which is a plain solid green bmp file) and repeated the above steps I found that the model imported with ambient occulsion had a green overlay colour to it however, the one without ambient occulsion looked normal. I think the issue is that the toto.bmp file is being applied to the whole model, somehow, and whatever colour that bmp file is, is then applied to the model.

For me, I couldn't get it to happen with just an ID texture.

If you could send the object you tested this on to us at bugs@muvizu.com I can hopefully confirm if the same situation has happened for you - or find a new bug!

If it is the same issue then opening the toto.bmp file and change it to be a solid white bmp file should mean a white colour overlay is applied (in other words you won't notice if it's there or not)
2012/1/10 14:31:07
Sketchup to Muvizu What a wonderful journey you've been on Dylly, it's really nice to see the evolution of your model here on the forum. The end result looks fantastic, can't wait to play with it in Muvizu!
2011/12/29 10:21:01
Error Message Hi Dylly -

I'd hazard a guess that it might be due to concave collision based on the images you've posted on another thread.

Have a look at http://waylon-art.com/LearningUnreal/UE3-07-ImportingMeshes.htm point #7 (kinda far down the page).

As said, that's only a guess. I'd maybe try doing a simpler collision mesh for the roof. Just do a cube where you need it to go to fit the rest of the model or do it as a triangular shape if you want the character to stand on it.

If you post some more details of the (a screen shot showing the geometry and collision) I'll try to help further.

The models look amazing, btw!
2011/12/24 18:06:44
Multiple and Normal Maps Dylly wrote:
I followed a post the other day thinking 'hell this guys talking about exactly what i want to know'. I even took a coffee and roll up break to celebrate finding a wealth of knowledge, only to find out the guy was thicker than custard...I'd come across one of my own damned postings in Muvizu!

haha, what post was it beer
2011/12/24 17:55:14
Multiple and Normal Maps I'm afraid not dylly. unreal supports normal maps but this hasnc't been implemented in Muvizu. I don't think you can ever use multiple maps ( i'm guessimg you mean uv maps here? ).

I think the solution would be to split the model into smaller, less complicated part.
2011/12/21 16:13:41
Download 3D assets? Hi wizplace,

If you go to the Gallery link at the top and then select the 3D Asset tab and click on the thumbnail of the asset you want. This will take you to the asset display page and under the large thumbnail at the right hand side there is a link that says "Download file" alternatively you can browse the assets from within Muvizu and select the one you would like to use and click on the create button or double click it.

Hope this helps!
2011/12/21 12:20:19
would be great if it got past the splash screen! I looked into that hex, and found a few sources showing that card working with unreal tournament 3 so I think there is a chance it's just a software / dependency issue rather than hardware....

Also -

Hopefully I'm not wrong and it can be made to work for ohdear
2011/12/21 11:32:16
would be great if it got past the splash screen! ohdear wrote:
Drivers are upto date. This is a problem with the program or it's dependencies, all of which are installed as part of the package.

You are right that it is a problem with the dependencies. I don't think there is any reason your computer's hardware wouldn't be able to run Muvizu.

Could you try this procedure -

1. Uninstall Muvizu
2. Go to the location it was installed in (normally c:\program files\muvizu\) and delete the Muvizu folder
3. Uninstall all of the dependencies as best you can (some of them become integrated into Windows and are tricky to totally remove)
4. Run CCleaner on your registry to remove anything that isn't in use any more.
5. Install Muvizu again and make sure you let Muvizu install all 3 dependencies itself.

Hope this helps.
edited by Jamie on 21/12/2011
2011/12/20 15:36:23
would be great if it got past the splash screen! ohdear wrote:
Thanks, one example I've tried it on is

ati mobility radeon hd 4570 1GB
core 2 duo 2GHz
2gb ram
vista sp2


Thanks for your specifications ohdear, could you be more specific about the processor and the installed components? Core 2 Duo is a family of processors of which there are many individual models.

The best thing you could do is drop and email to bugs@muvizu.com with your DXDiag output from the computer you are trying to install it on or post that here (if you don't mind showing off your computer spec's publicly).

In the short term, have you updated your graphics card drivers recently? That's usually a good starting point.

The file version number on Muvizu.exe that you've listed has not been updated for a few releases (a bug we'll have fixed for the next release) could you run the installer and before clicking "I Agree" take a note of the version from there. The latest release was Muvizu v0.18b (2011.09.20.01R)

Btw, what other specs of computer have you tried Muvizu on?
2011/12/20 11:21:16
would be great if it got past the splash screen! hi ohdear,

Can you send us your computer specs and the version of Muvizu you are trying to install? You can post it here or email us at bugs@muvizu.com

The easy way to get and send us your system specifications is to use a small part of Direct X. This is called DXDiag, which is a tool that is shipped by Microsoft with DirectX and basically gathers your system configuration and lets you save it as a text file. To use it follow these instructions:

1. Click the start menu.
2. Select Run. (or just use the search field on windows 7)
3. Type dxdiag and hit enter (or click ok).
4. Wait until the processing bar runs to completion.
5. Click the save information button.
6. Attach the file with all the information to an email reply to us.
You can find more information on DXDiag at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc938991.aspx

Hopefully we can figure out what is happening for you.
2011/12/20 11:16:00
Import Question... what's this bit of it for? Dylly wrote:
Can anyone tell me what this bit of Muvizu is for and how to use it? I'm sure I'm missing something useful here!

In brief, this is a bit broken. It should be fixed soon though but let me try to briefly explain them

1. Opacity - this can be transparent from 0 to 100%
2. Opacity mask - easiest way to explain this that it should give a solid or transparent area based on a thresh hold. This is different from the Opacity which gives a graded opacity, the opacity mask gives solid (100% opaque) or transparent (0% opaque).
3. Emissive - it'll glow in the dark.

The other options are all combinations of the above. The way to use them us to create an alpha channel in your texture, which is then mapped to one of these options. This needs to be a TARGA file to support the alpha channel.

Hope this helps, as a brief explanation.
2011/12/20 11:08:43
Sketchup to Muvizu That model looks really amazing Dylly! Can't wait for the finished article!

It looks like the guy (HardPCM) who published the ASE export script has deleted his blog and download links for his stuff, which is a shame.
2011/12/9 11:01:27
Unable to log into youtube account via muvizu wizplace wrote:
I am talking about uploading directly from the site and not the program it's self!

Hi wizplace, if you look at your profile on muvizu.com (http://www.muvizu.com/Profile/wizplace/Latest/) you have a number of videos listed. This means your youtube account and muvizu account are connected on the website. You don't need to do anything more.

If you want to upload through the website instead of the application, just click the upload link under the search box (top right hand corner of the site) once you are logged in. This will give you an upload video option.

If you've tried this and your not able to upload in this way can you give us some more details about what you've tried to do and we'll be able to help further.
2011/9/29 15:44:35
Bat Manuel "Patrolling" Part 2 A cape might help but the character looks good as-is and Muvizu doesn't support capes yet.

Which of hexslayers videos were thinking of?

Another good clip btw!
2011/9/29 10:41:33
Bat Manuel (first Video) hi xombiekiller -

To upload you video via Muvizu.com the first thing you need to do is go to your account settings. You'll find a link called "Profile" under the search bar, click this. Then click on the "My account" tab. From here you want to link your muvizu account to your youtube account. You just need to click the link and enter your youtube login and password to do this. Once this is done, click on the upload link, again you'll find this under the search bar, then select video and fill out the name, description, tag, etc fields and click next. All you have to do then is to select the video file and click upload. Once the video is transferred to youtube you'll need to wait a little while for us here at Muvizu.com to moderate your video. We normally get through them pretty quick but sometimes there can be delays with youtube returning your video to our site.

Anyway, that's it.

Good luck,
2011/9/29 9:42:16
Newbie Introduction Hello Jeremy - enjoy your stay!
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