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2011/4/5 14:28:15
More Resolutions raptormarlins wrote:
Id like the game to run at that resolution. My dumb desktop always wants to run games at these resolutions or the lag is horrible. But when its at the resolution then the game runs smoother.

In the short term, changing your native desktop resolution to 800x600 will work. Once you've maxised the Muvizu window and un-maximised it then Muvizu will open at that resolution each time. It happened for me after trying it this morning. This will only change if you:

  • Edit the resolution via the Prefs dialog
  • Uninstall / Re-install Muvizu
  • Do the same again but on a different resolution and close Muvizu
I'd suggest, though, you might want to upgrade your graphics card. Why struggle away at 800x600 when you could make life easier for yourself for not too many $$$.
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2011/4/5 10:10:15
More Resolutions Hi raptormarlins,

I'm a bit confused by what you're asking.

Are you wanting to run Muvizu in 800x600 resolution or are you wanting to output Muvizu videos at 800x600 resolution?

Both are possible, just not obvious.

To run Muvizu at 800x600 resolution you can right click on your desktop and do Properties (or for windows 7 right click on your desktop and select Screen Resolution) from here you should be able to set your desktop resolution to 800x600 and by maximising Muvizu have it run at that resolution.

If you want to have your finished videos in 800x600 resolution you can use a program called Virtual Dub (www.virtualdub.org) and by opening the Muvizu video and going to the Filter option from the video menu add a resize filter that will let you re-save the video in the new resolution.

I hope this helps, but I'm curious why you need to have 800x600 resolution? If you run the application at such a low resolution it will be more difficult to use as the timeline, dialog boxes and everything will take up more space on screen. Equally rendering video at 800x600 is pretty unusual and not a standard format, so you may have problems playing it back or posting it to you tube.

Personally I'd recommend a higher resolution if its possible. 1920x1080 is a pretty good one for me to run Muvizu at - this is standard 1080 HD format, however the max Muvizu will output for rendered video is 1280x720 (720HD).
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2011/4/4 10:31:16
Script won't show Up Hi crazylegoproductions,

To use the script editor on Muvizu.com just follow these steps:

1. Login and go to "Profile" from trhe account navigation bar, its just below the search field.
2. Click on the "Create Script" button and enter and name and description for your script.
3. Once you've save that, click on the "Launch Script Editor" link.
4. You won't be able to add much until you've added your character, there will be a link there for "Add character" so click this and fill out the details.
5. Now you have your script and character ready you can type and add your dialogue to the script, after that it'll no longer be a big blank page!

I hope this helps, if you are talking about the app, then let us know and we can give you more detailed steps for using Dialogue (sound files) within the application.

Good luck,
2011/3/30 10:43:55
My video count . . . Looks like you've been bad bigwally. On youtube when you view the BatDork video there is a notice

"NOTICE This video contains an audio track that has not been authorised by WMG. The audio has been disabled."

This will have disabled the video from being displayed on other sites or embedded.
2011/3/30 10:08:01
Camera control Hi Goatboy,

Its always nice to read such encouraging feedback first thing in the morning!

Cameras: We're looking into a number of improvement to Muvizu as a whole and this could include updates to the camera system, however, no promises at this time. Our main aim is to release the next update to Muvizu which is really just a backend update to the Unreal 3 engine that we use. Once this is out of the way we have a lot of ideas that we'd like to implement.

I do agree with you though, the camera movement system isn't the easiest to use. Personally I've found taking time to practice is the best way to achieve what you want and using the keyboard, I think, produces better and more controlled results. From your description of what your trying to do you probably want to focus on using the arrow keys with the keys to control the roll of the camera. Another tip is - don't worry to much about hitting the exact path you want for your camera movement as long as you record what you want the camera to do you can move the start or end point of the camera into the place where you really want it later on.

Your set looks great by the way, I like the little touch of the chair being upside down. Good luck on finishing your pilot.
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2011/3/24 14:44:34
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Not really an action but it's my 2p's worth...

I'd like to see a blue tooth headset / ear piece accessory to allow you to do phone calls. This way you avoid any problems with handsets being lifted to the ear or kept in place as the head moves. It'd also let you do any existing animation to suit the conversation your character is having.
2011/3/17 16:02:54
Sets/Objects - Works in progress that looks fantastic! Great work.
2011/3/17 10:53:27
Water ... Nice video - can't wait to find out what happens to Jasmin!
2011/3/16 17:22:58
Youtube Uploading Here at Muvizu we've noticed some delays recently with videos coming back from youtube for moderation - could be related? Anyway Lahon lets us know what the file size of the video was, what codec you were using and if you uploaded via Muvizu.com or directly on youtube?

Have you had any luck since btw?
2011/3/16 17:17:20
Eyes?? You can use the position and scale sliders to turn the eyes back to front. That way you just see the solid back. The down side is there is no line across then for the eye lids...

Doesnot much help with half or more closed unfortunetely.
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2011/2/28 10:19:17
Sonotones. New video clip Very nice indeed. Well done!
2010/12/22 9:56:50
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) These are beautifully done Matt, thanks for sharing and for being so generous as to consider keeping the thread going!
2010/12/22 9:51:42
Rab ibto a problem As much as I'd like to take credit for the tutorials on object import they were made by Jim (although technically Jamie also). Anyway, I'll pass your request over to Jim to help you out Michael.

The one thing I will say is that the exporter for google sketchup 8 works fine, over to Jim though.
2010/12/17 9:50:42
Creating OBJECTS for Muvizu Hi wayfinder - Jim did some nice videos on how to import your own objects from Google Sketchup. The limit is static meshes though, wish means you won't be able to have the character hodling the gun or other devices at this point in time.

Have a look at http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic497-importing-from-google-sketchup.aspx
2010/12/17 9:48:56
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Congratulations Rollo! Very nicely done video - hope your holidays are better than the ones in the video.
2010/12/17 9:47:58
YouTube account unlinked! D: Good to hear it's all working again Matt
2010/12/17 9:42:06
Familia MOE! (Crazy Family) Nice video - I'm a bit worried that I should ever meet your family though :P Great work for only 8 hours and a first video.
2010/12/8 16:00:30
New Tutorial Vids I will be putting one up soon to show the use of a camera's output as a texture within Muvizu - skies and water.

I was also planning to do one about adding subtitles, or start and end credits as well as one on green screen using AVI Synth and Virtual Dub.

Any requests would be good though!
2010/12/7 10:37:39
Stolen Snowman Have you see this news item from the start of this week?

http://www.kent.police.uk/news/latest_news/snowman_stolen_call.html (listen to the audio) anyway I thought it was great and did a video for it.

2010/12/1 14:43:59
log in from software dwino wrote:
Where do download assets on the website after we've logged into the website?


Hi Dwino,

The assets are available on your profile page, theres a link next to your username on the top right hand side. It is only your own assets that you've previously uploaded that you can download.

Have a look at http://www.muvizu.com/Gallery/ 3D Asset section - we've a few hurdles to over come before asset sharing is complete. So at this point in time the login option from the application is not feature complete, it's there as a framework that will allow us to build on asset sharing in the future, but for now it only allows access to your own images and audio files.

For the time being - as Emily said - you just need to download your assets from the website

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