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2016/9/23 8:17:39
KEY FRAME TEST Thank you amigo...I have downloaded a few houses,but I yhink I will stay with this one...I am not sure yet
2016/9/23 8:16:34
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries ziggy72 wrote:
Tony, Try searching for Phantom Manor in the 3d Warehouse - that's where I found that house that I used. Still had to do some work on it to get it 'Muvizu-ready'...

I have downloaded a few houses,...Thank you Ziggy and Pat, lets keep working, when I am working with muvizu, time gos very fast
2016/9/22 20:38:52
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries How you did that small hill where you put the house?
2016/9/22 20:29:21
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries I tried to import a house from sketchup, but for some reason muvizu crashes, and is only like 5,000 polygons...
2016/9/22 19:41:03
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Hello Ziggy, Is the house a png file?,it looks very real
2016/9/22 18:57:52
KEY FRAME TEST Ups.....sorry, it is OK now haha
2016/9/22 9:41:23
This is my first test video using key frame with my brand new KEY FRAME PACK that my friend Pat gave me as a prizeApplause, and also is the haunted house for the halloween contest, I build it from 0 using abstract objects and textures on the firefly set that Unlimitedmagic kindly give us, is not ready yet......

2016/9/22 8:44:41
KEY FRAMING PROBLEM I got it, a technician from muvizu told me to run the program as admin...and bualaaa...because I had the new characters locked also, so running as admin fix both problems.

Thank you amigos....wait to see the haunted house I am working on for the contest muuuuhaaaaa hahaha
2016/9/22 8:34:50
KEY FRAMING PROBLEM I did that, and affter I do it I clic on change to direct and then key frame and that on the picture happens
2016/9/22 3:41:25
KEY FRAMING PROBLEM I already activate the key framing, but it doesn't seems right, look at the picture, I am missing the + button...instead it sais *this camera is not animated....halp please

2016/9/22 3:17:37
Tony, check your email.... you might find a surprise... ;-)

I did, and what a surprise!!!, I feel like a little boy opening christmas gifts....Hohooo
2016/9/22 3:09:58
MODELING SOFTWARE Yes I do...what I want now is to learn how to model my own assets in an easy to use program, I guess Sketchup will be the one
2016/9/22 2:02:55
tonyob67 wrote:

No, no...forgive me for being so annoying hahaha, thank you, got all very clear now.

annoying??? You are NOT annoying at all Tony... it is very easy to see you are a good man and a blessing to the forum! I'm glad you are here and I enjoy your excitement about Muvizu!

Beautifull....Thank you Amigo
2016/9/22 2:01:21
two free ones are :




Both of them can export models in a format that MUVIZU can use. For sketchup you'll need a plugin, and I'll post a link to a version that works with the latest version of sketchup.

If you don't have experience with any modelling software, I recommend that you start with Sketchup for several reasons:

1) its free. If you decide you hate it, you haven't lost any money
2) There is a LOT of information on this site's WIKI about how to make models for MUVIZU with that software
3) There are also a lot of Sketchup users here who can offer advice when you get stuck
4) there are plenty of youtube tutorials explaining how to use Sketchup

Yes, I already have sketchup, but I use it only for dounloading models already made by some one ealse, if you think sketchup is ok for me to model my own assets, I will start to learn ASAP

Thank you Pat
2016/9/21 23:39:19
MASTER PEACE Great, I will continue in English as a form of respect to the other forum members.

How you did the flying leaves and birds at the begining of the alone in the crowd video? they look so real and the small lake to with the falling leave floating in the water

You can answer when you have time Rod....Thank you in advance
2016/9/21 22:33:33
MASTER PEACE Rodrisilva wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:
Hey guys, I found this excelent video on youtube, I think the artist is a Brazilian guy, do you know him?, I loved his work, and I wonder how he did some of the character movements and scenes...He most be one of the PRO muvizu people ...

Hi my friend

I've to rectify your last words. Actually I'm not Brasilian. I'm Portuguese. You know, this little country in the far west of Europe...
Anyway thank you for your comments. I really like a lot Muvizu stuff and all things people has done with this wonderfull software.

This forum has the most gentle and educated animators I ever saw.
I regret not being able to be more participative but my life as Surgeon takes me space and lot of time .
One thing is certain I'm still in love with animation as always.
Within my limits I will always be willing to cooperate in this forum.

Thanks so much

P.S. I speak spanish and french too. That's why my last reply post was in spanish Tonyo.

Gracias por contestar Rodrisilva, Claro, de Portugal, la Madre tierra de Brasil.... disculpa.

Puedo preguntarte cuanto tiempo te tardas en hacer un video? por lo vien hechos que estan, me imagino que mucho, me puedes decir como hiciste la toma de la moneda en la manoen el video (Solo en la multitud)? tengo muchas dudas pero no quiero agobiarte y tal vez no quieras compartir tus secretos hahaha

Un saludo y felicidades por tu excelente trabajo, tu video de (El tiempo no se detiene) casi me hace llorar, es muy bueno
2016/9/21 22:06:13
Changing the subject a little, you use words that I dont understand like (instant slam-dunk payoff whereas Rod) or cracks me up hahaha, is this good or bad, I tried with google but there is no translation

MrDrWho did a good job of interpreting my intent.

It was intended as a compliment, and as a comparison/contrast between two similar (but different) style of presenting information. I like your style.

Please forgive me for using terminology that isn't compatible with google translate. I tend to speak metaphorically, and translators usually do not get metaphorical statements or colloquialisms right.

No, no...forgive me for being so annoying hahaha, thank you, got all very clear now.
2016/9/21 22:01:56
MODELING SOFTWARE Hello again, can some one recomend a goog, and easy to use modeling program that works for Muvizu?

Thank you in advance
2016/9/21 20:21:07
Yeah Tony.. the video you singled out is probably my favorite Muvizu video of all time. My wife died of cancer a few years ago at the end of a long and wonderful marriage. That video perfectly chronicles our relationship. Can't watch it without weeping like a little child. Rod Silva's videos contain a sensitivity to our human condition that is lacking in many other peoples' videos. His stories consistently leave me with a profound sense of wonder and awe at his perception, and at his awareness of how to present it all so accurately to others.

I see this same ability in Ikes' recent Doris video, and also to some degree in your contest video.

The main difference is that you tend to go for the instant slam-dunk payoff whereas Rod and Ikes are more inclined to imply powerful emotions and let the impact sneak up on their audience. People are used to being manipulated by media, and they are on guard. If you approach their emotions too directly, they will side step your message.

But if you back off and let the message speak for itself, it is possible to bypass the audience's guarded filtering system and actually touch their souls with your message, as Rod has so skilfully done here.

I agree Sr.

I am sorry about your wife Pat, life is to short, we need to live like there is no tomorrow.

Changing the subject a little, you use words that I dont understand like (instant slam-dunk payoff whereas Rod) or cracks me up hahaha, is this good or bad, I tried with google but there is no translation
2016/9/21 19:47:15
2 SHORT VIDEOS IN ONE Rodrisilva wrote:
Hombre ! Que video mas chulo !
Una idea perfecta de lo que ocurre todos os dias en nuestras familias.
Felicitaciones por mas este video.

I just find out you are the great artist that I saw on youtube.... And you!!! making nice comment on MY video???, it is an god man, I am a fan of your workbow
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