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2018/8/9 1:46:37
Loooooong Load times Sadly that didn't work MrDrWho13. Tried emailing support but they don't seem to answer emails at all.
2018/8/9 0:25:19
Loooooong Load times Thanks SO much MrDrWho13
2018/8/8 20:55:14
Loooooong Load times Anyone else suddenly found that it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to launch Muvizu?
2015/12/3 7:52:44
Muvizu Christmas pack is here! Thanks Drew, I already purchased the pack so I have the hat but thanks for all the help

drewi wrote:
I put christmas into the 'sets. store search' and had a shock....
plus for theocom

jingle bells etc

santa suits
The only thing your missing is a hat..?
Message me and i will send you one.
edited by drewi on 03/12/2015
2015/12/2 12:11:45
Muvizu Christmas pack is here! Thanks MrDrWho13,

Muvizu support contacted me with the same info. Still a baby when it comes to packs but thanks for the feedback.
2015/12/2 8:35:52
Muvizu Christmas pack is here! Hi there,

First time I have purchased a Pack so I am battling a bit. I purchased and downloaded the Cristmas Pack. It's an exe file so I installed it but cannot access it from anywhere. It does not come up in the "new set" gallery at all. Does not come up under characters. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
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