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2014/1/22 9:41:36
Show us your Beefy! Haha - brilliant!
2013/10/28 17:13:28
A Sticky End Not long to go now!

How's this for a stickman...or stickbaby

2013/10/24 16:55:35
Imported Props Hi Primaveranz,

You might want to change the view mode in the scene window to help you find imported props.
Try clicking on the 'View as tiles' or 'View as details' button to help you see the prop name.
It's highlighted as yellow in the image below:

2013/9/16 12:08:47
Hi Honey I'm Home! Welcome Home Dylly!

Let the wild rumpus start!

2013/4/23 11:35:56
Time to say goodbye. We lost a good one
2013/4/15 16:52:04
New website feedback thread theKodu wrote:
Just one small bit of feedback.
Any chance of getting the facial hair items transferred to work with the Heroes and Villains pack. It seems a little odd that there's essentially classic villain facial hairs but not usable on the villain model.

That seems like a fair request!
(Although it's not really feedback for the website...)

Regardless - I'll add it to the request list.

2013/4/15 10:55:40
New textures for woman models Hi Insane Hamster,

It's maybe not too obvious, but the costume options which show the full body in the icon:

Should go in the main decals "custom texture" slot:

Whereas the costume options that show a close up of the skirt:

Should be applied to the skirt attachment:

Does that help?
2013/4/12 14:42:42
Bugs in Muvizu:Play fazz68 wrote:
hello emily.

yes it does, but not the crashing thats only happened twice.

rosie ballgown

rosie housecoat

rosie viking

rosie viking top, ballgown legs. the ballgown legs only ever show as this, is this right? the other ballgown pic is the muvizu generated one that appears when you create a character.

rosie viking top ballgown legs.

ive only had the crash twice and it didnt happen when i was messing about to make these pics, so i dont know how that happened.

hope these help you

Yeah, thanks, that's really helpful.
The colours that you see, pink, black and white, that's the default material.
It means that for some reason, the cloth assets have become detached from their material.
This happened previously with other characters, but I'm not too why.
We'll look into it Cool
2013/4/12 11:46:00
Bugs in Muvizu:Play fazz68 wrote:
while using the rosie character, if i have changed the colours on her clothes then tried to scale the body up or down, the textures flicker on and off. sometimes they remain the same, sometimes they vanish altogether and if i scale the body up and down to fast muvizu crashes. id like to give you a screen shot but it crashed before i had the chance. i was using the viking top and the skirt.

Hi Fazz68,

I've tried to recreate this, but I can't. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
The Viking costume uses cloth physics, so it may be something to do with that.
Does this happen when you try it with the Ballgown costume?

2013/4/11 11:55:26
Fatal errors all the time ember wrote:

Ok, thanks. I was expecting some kind of acknowledgement email or ticket #. No worries.

We should probably have something like that in place.
I'll suggest it for the future
2013/4/11 11:27:14
Fatal errors all the time Hi Ember,

In response to your first post - the email address bugs@muvizu.com is working fine.
We get a lot of mail sent there, so apologies if we weren't able to reply to you directly.
It's always worthwhile to post any bugs or feedback on our forum though, as it allows other members of the Muvizu community to chip in.


2013/2/7 14:57:26
Hide walls Hi William,

It's been a while since I've made a video, but I used to run into this problem sometimes too.
What you could do is set the walls to 'float in the air', then rise them up above character height, complete the animation, then when you are ready to record your video, untick the 'float in the air' check-box. It's not ideal, but it might be a work around.

Hope that helps a bit

2012/10/3 11:53:37
my latest adventure Very original, and cool characters!
2012/10/1 16:58:56
Video into TV or into background? Hey - you'll need a movie file rather than a gif - see number 8 on this list:

2012/9/25 9:41:56
Batman : The Dark Knight Awakes I was a bit afraid to watch this, as I STILL haven't seen the new batman film yet.

I can assure you all there are no spoilers here...

Nice vid Dreeko, it gave me a little chortle on this dark, rainy morning.
2012/9/24 15:59:46
Christmas Assets Haha - yeah it is very early - mind you - it's only 91 shopping days till Xmas...

These assets weren't made by me, I'm just putting them up here to share.

I believe they were made with Autodesk Maya.
2012/9/18 14:10:41
Christmas Assets It's ridiculously early for this, but you can now download the Christmas assets!

Get them here:


2012/9/10 8:48:20
New version? Maybe
2012/8/28 14:11:42
The IDea
2012/8/28 11:09:31
Muvizu on Mac - 32 or 64bit - help needed! No problemo
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