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2011/9/9 15:48:17
Latest update freezing.. greasefat wrote:
I ran through a bunch of different things today trying out the new software. One thing I noticed was that if I log into my account through the software. Anytime I try to create something the software hangs. I have to do a complete shutdown of the program in order to resolve the issue. Hence I don't log in now. Didn't know if anyone else had/has this issue. Some sort of bug somewhere I presume.

That is all.

Thanks for the report, I've raised the issue internally.

Cheers, Dave.
2011/9/9 15:43:16
Latest update freezing.. willeboer wrote:
mine freezes everytime...

The 32bit version running on Win XP sp 3 on VMware Fusion on a Macbook Pro with a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 4GB RAM...

Hi Willeboer,

What version of VMWare Fusion are you running? Since our last Unreal Engine upgrade in May 2011 it has been necessary to use version 3.0 or above. If you have this, there could be an issue with our new interface in VMWare fusion so please let us know.

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2011/9/8 22:55:08
Dave using uncompressed output from SVegas HD Platinum 10 I was able to output a video which could be loaded directly into muvizu.

Good news, I'll add that to the guide. I'm still hoping that there's a way to produce compressed avi files with transparency though.
2011/9/8 14:55:58
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ukBerty wrote:
Quoling - I would hang on. Although I don't know, I would hope that Muvizu get a fix for this pretty quickly as it prevents anyone creating anything even mildly ambitious with the new version.

My spidey-sense is tingling... could suggest an impending announcement.
2011/9/8 14:07:57
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ukBerty wrote:
Use your mouse scroll button to scroll up and down the web page.

Is it just on my machine, or does Muvizu also obey the scroll button even though it is not the active program ?

It's a known issue, we're working on it. It's annoying but does no harm :-)
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2011/9/8 13:18:54
So I tried exporting a series of transparent PNGs from Iclone (using 32 bit) and then loading them into Virtual Dub as per Dave's instructions and it worked

I'm glad to hear it! This is the thread if anyone is looking for it.:

I don't have a copy of Sony Vegas or Premiere Elements but I'm interested to know if it is possible to get transparent videos out of them without having to go the PNG route, perhaps by using an uncompressed codec format?
2011/9/8 12:50:37
Camera movement not deleting Danimal wrote:
I've seen a similar thing occur with character movement. You delete the movement but the character still walks. OR... you move the character movement forward on the timeline and he still walks as he did before at the original time, then suddenly teleports back to his starting point and walks again at the new time.

Kinda odd.

I saw that in old releases but I thought that such issues had been fixed. Let me know if you see any such behaviour in the new release (particularly if it does not involve loading from old sets where problems may exist and have been saved in the file due to old bugs).
2011/9/8 12:48:57
Camera movement not deleting simonheffer wrote:
Hi Dave,
Well, all I did was load Emily's farm set and hit the little bin next to the camera movement track on the timeline. But when I played the scene via the timeline the camera was still moving. 64bit Muviizu.
I'll try it again tonight and see if I can reproduce it.


I've tried 3 times with the farm set. Once on 64 bit and twice with 32 bit. Can't reproduce this just now but have raised an issue internally in case the testers can find something.
2011/9/8 11:16:33
Camera movement not deleting Hi Simon,

I can't seem to find a problem with deleting camera movement here? Have you any ideas what steps I can follow to reproduce the problem?

Cheers, Dave.
2011/9/6 16:32:41
Detected negative delta time Startup error Hi Joesif

I have never seen this before but it seems to be a problem with some machines with AMD dual-core processors and the Unreal Engine. There's a thread about it here:

It's about a different game/application but it's the same underlying engine and that's where the problem is.

Some things I would suggest:
Uninstalling Muvizu and then re-installing from scratch.

If that does not work, I believe (from looking at your system specs) that this is the AMD CPU diver that you need to install (it's for Athlon64).

From reading the forum, if this still doesn't work, you could try some of the suggestions on the Gearbox website or come back here and maybe we can think of something else.

Cheers, ~Dave.
2011/9/5 22:45:13
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Marco_D wrote:
You can send the list to our email address

Mubizu? :-)
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2011/9/5 22:37:53
Transparent videos as textures in Muvizu toonarama wrote:
I get an Access Denied message when I try and save the ini file

Hiya Mick,
I think this is a standard Windows 7 annoyance, that it won't let you edit a file within your Program Files dirctory tree. I think you can get past it by copying the file to your Desktop, editing it there and copying the new version back on top of the original in Program Files\Muvizu...

Let me know if this is what was needed,
Cheers, Dave.
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2011/9/5 16:58:29
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Quoling wrote:
cannot import ASE files - Muvizu is freezing will try something simple...was really hoping this would work

I don't believe that anything has changed since the last release regarding .ASE file importing, so the old video tutorial should still be completely valid.
2011/9/5 16:40:32
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) zacchang wrote:
is it available on the download page?

Yes, it's version 0.17b.
2011/9/5 15:43:36
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Supplemental to the release notes, there is also a new, experimental, hidden feature that some of our more advanced users may enjoy playing with. It enables transparent videos to be used as textures within Muvizu.

There is a thread about it in the Tips and Tricks section of the forum, here:

Cheers, Dave.
2011/9/5 15:38:43
Transparent videos as textures in Muvizu The latest release of Muvizu has an experimental feature which is disabled by default. It allows users to import partially transparent video files and apply them to any texture. They look great when applied to backdrops and work well within the lighting engine, i.e. as the transparent areas change shape, the correct shadows will be cast. So, if a user had a swarm of bees flying about, each would cast the correct shadow. It also provides a way to include animated assets from other software if the right chroma-key techniques are used.

There are probably many ways to create acceptable video files, but this is one that worked for me.

First, edit Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini (or Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini for the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS). Set bStripVideoAlpha to false. Restart Muvizu. If Windows will not let you edit the file (with an "access denied" message because it is in Program Files) then just copy it to your Desktop, edit it there and then copy it back on top of the original file.

Get latest 1.10.0 (experimental) version of VirtualDub from The latest experimental version is necessary to deal with transparent .PNG images. It’s free software.

Use a graphics package to make a series of 32-bit PNG files, i.e. with an alpha channel. (free software) and Photoshop would work. Adobe Premier or other video editing software would probably be the best for dealing with long image sequences and for chroma-key work. I used a batch command in Photoshop to cut the same region out of every image, but that was just to get something working. Name the files numerically, e.g. foo001.png, f002.png ...

In Virtual Dub, File->Open video file and select your first image.

In Video->Color Depth, select “Autoselect” and “Same as decompression format”.

In video->compression, select “(Uncompressed RGB/YCbCr)”. I tried every other codec I could get my hands on and none of them seemed to deal correctly with the alpha channel, leading to broken results when applied to a texture in Muvizu. It would be great to find one that worked, however, as the uncompressed video is a severe memory hog.

Set your frame rate (Video->Frame Rate) and any other filter effects desired. It may be necessary (depending on memory limitations in Muvizu) to downsample the video using the resize filter (Video->Filters... then “Add...” and select “resize”).

To export your video file, choose File->Save as AVI... then import as a texture in Muvizu. Can be applied to any object or character where there is a texture picker available.

- Memory hog due to uncompressed codec.
- Flipbook textures with low frame rates don’t work very well as there is some flickering between the separate images.

Any contributions to this thread are welcome, as are suggestions for future development. I believe that there will be a video tutorial to help so if you're struggling with this then keep an eye out for that.

Here's an example that I made:

Credit to JonBez for the original superhero video.

Good luck!

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2011/7/26 16:38:19
v0.16b Feedback Dreeko wrote:
I do sympathise with ziggy when it comes to the shadows being cast through objects.

Oh yeah, so do I! It's a pain. It does just seem to be the way Unreal dynamic shadows work though... I have had no success getting it to be different without using static "pre-baked" shadows... and we can't use them because our scenes can be changed at any time by moving objects and so the shadows have to be dynamic too
2011/7/26 11:36:54
v0.16b Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
I shone a spot through them, they cast shadows across the room as you'd expect, all good. Now, however, there are no shadows cast by the blinds. None at all, regardless of light setting or shadow intensity.

None of us here have heard of a situation where an object does not cast a shadow at all. I suspect it's something to do with it being a SketchUp model rather than an original Muvizu prop but I can't tell without looking at it. Could you send the set file to

ziggy72 wrote:
For example, why do objects sitting on top of other objects cast shadows THROUGH the shadow of the object they're sitting on?! It looks terrible. I think maybe I'll have to reinstall the older version of Muvizu, just so I can have working shadows again.

I just installed the 0.12b release of Muvizu and it has exactly the same issue: this hasn't been introduced with recent upgrades to Muvizu. The way that Unreal calculates shadows is done per-object and is additive so shadows often overlap in an unrealistic way, unless the shadows are "blown out" or at maximum intensity, as used to be the case for the old individual shadows. It's something we will probably look at in the future.

ziggy72 wrote:
And don't get me started on the Individual Shadows option - all it does is render your scene useless by putting crazy shadows in all directions with no relation to where the light source actually is.

As far as I can tell, the individual shadow option gives shadows in a more accurate direction than the non -individual shadows (which themselves tend to cast the shadows unnaturally downwards due to combining with the scene's ambient environmental light). If I make a block and a light and move my point of view to be the same position as the light, then look at the block, I see that the shadow is cast accurately: the area behind the block from my point of view is shadowed. Please let me know if I'm missing a point here.
2011/7/20 17:13:54
Character Texture maps I've entered this as a bug here at Muvizu.
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2011/7/20 16:10:29
v0.16b Feedback Danimal wrote:
When doing short movements, the character still steps to the edge of the movement circle rather than the center where I stop the arrow.

Yeah, short paths can be a bit of a problem as with the current system, the character has to play a full "walk/run start" animation, followed by a full step forwards followed by full "walk/run stop" animation. This can carry the character further than the user has requested with the locomotion guide, even with the new code that tries to stop him in the centre of the guide. I think it will probably be looked at in the future in terms of minimising the smallest distance that can be walked or ran.
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