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2024/3/27 23:16:57
W2 error first time I tried to run For anyone watching the thread meshmellow came through and extended me and I'm up and running.
2024/3/25 22:17:11
licence key not working Thank you. I have done that but am waiting for them to reset my account so I don't get the W2 error on next install
2024/3/25 7:17:57
licence key not working I bought it 3 days ago and installed on windows11 and have the same issue.
I have contacted Digimania. Waiting to hear.
2024/3/25 0:45:51
W2 error first time I tried to run I see the bit about 10 w2 and they block you but this was the very first time I tried.
Posting in the hopes to be noticed by those who can reset it for me.
Thank yiou
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