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2016/12/15 7:47:59
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import @primaveranz Were you able to select the model and move it around?
2016/12/14 19:36:11
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import The model I used was created in Maya. It was originally sent to me as FBX file, because that's what I requested. But upon hearing about the new OBJ support, I converted the model from FBX to OBJ in Blender. I didn't make it myself, but an artist I'm working with made it for me based on a previously existing 2D design.

The model's file size is 556kb, it is textured, and I have no idea about whether it uses collision geometry.

Here's a picture of it. It's a space ship.

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2016/12/14 15:15:09
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import I just tried using the OBJ import feature. It works but I can't select the model to move it around freely. I see my problem was also brought up in a previous post, but I thought I'd mention it here as well.
2015/9/11 18:29:22
Hello! Thanks for that suggestion as well, Danimal. Cool
2015/9/11 11:07:55
Hello! Thanks so much!

I'm beginning to like this community already.
2015/9/11 3:16:57
Hello! Hey everybody,

I call myself the SuperStarvingWriter, or SSW for short, because I'm a career screenwriter who hasn't earned much from writing. But I've always been in love with animation since I was a little boy and have messed around with 3D animation programs off and on over the years. I noticed Muvizu last year after having made use of another animation program called GoAnimate. I finally made the plunge to purchase Muvizu this past week and I am loving it so far! I am eagerly looking forward to creating new stories and narrative experiences using this program.

One thing I'd like to start in making Muvizu is new episodes of my current animated web series called The Adventures of Ninja Steve. It plays out like a goofy super hero parody and I think it would play a lot better in 3D rather than 2D. Here are the episodes I've made so far:

One of the reasons why I bring up Ninja Steve is something I need help with here. I noticed in Muvizu that there's really no option for Ninja clothing or masks so I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help me out with that. I saw a video another user named jonbez made called Ninja Assassins but I haven't seen any of his textures made available for other people to use.

If anyone could help with either providing me with the Ninja texture or showing me how to make one similar to what jonbez did would be extremely helpful!

Nice to meet you all!
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