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2013/7/16 9:42:04
WIKI MrDrWho13 wrote:
WOW, I just found the new Muvizu Wiki!
Thanks guys!


Feel free to add anything useful to it at your leisure.
We'll be contributing more ourselves over the coming weeks and months too.
2013/5/24 10:01:19
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures Thanks for the feedback guys, your comments are well received and noted
2013/5/15 15:32:45
network error OK, I've sent you a PM with a different URL to try. Hopefully that should do it.
2013/5/15 14:29:32
network error Hmmm, so are you seeing this error immediately after clicking one of the 32 or 64 bit download buttons, or at a later time?
2013/5/15 10:30:47
network error Hi JackoT,
We've not seen this error before. What browser are you using to download Muvizu?
2013/5/9 12:06:53
Download link missing. Well spotted guys. It seems at a very particular browser width the buttons did indeed disappear. That's it fixed now although you may need to refresh the page first to see them.
2013/5/2 16:04:32
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures We've been considering this ourselves actually. Watch this space for an update coming soon!
2013/5/1 10:08:31
Problems uploading / commenting on videos LippyAlison wrote:
Hi guys. I'm having no luck getting help with my video not appearing on Muvizu.LippyAlison

Hi LippyAlison and chuckles, that is your video(s) here on Muvizu now.

There's been gremlins in the system this week but we think it's all sorted now thankfully! Gavel
2013/4/30 13:59:29
New website feedback thread simon, it's been moderated now. Apologies, it must have been missed.
2013/4/26 11:23:19
New website feedback thread ziggy - it should hopefully be fixed now although you may need to clear your cache first (CTRL-F5 may do it, if not, do a full clear)
2013/4/26 9:39:55
New website feedback thread ziggy72 wrote:
Am I the only user who sees the Get Assets page like this?

Ah is that Internet Explorer 10 ziggy? Being the most recently released browser, it's also the least tested. I'll investigate...
2013/4/25 9:00:57
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop The presentation has now begun guys
2013/4/23 14:56:30
New website feedback thread Hi guys, we've incorporated some updates to the site today:

Dreeko wrote:
There should be a checkbox to keep me logged in available wherever I log in from (page wise.)
That's there at the top now.

Dreeko wrote:
The forum is murder to try and follow when viewing on an iPhone
This is much improved on smartphones now (you may need to clear your cache). More tweaks coming soon though.

Dreeko wrote:
When I receive a personal message via the website the fact that I have messages sitting in my inbox is now invisible to me unless I check my emails
There's a new mail indicator at the top now if you have any unread messages.

MrDrWho13 wrote:
I would also like to see changes to the email updates please. http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic2641-feedback.aspx
This has been much improved also.

Any more issues, feel free to let us know
edited by IanS on 23/04/2013
2013/4/15 11:21:06
New website feedback thread ziggy72 wrote:
on the Gallery page, the top right drop down gives you themed movies - how are these defined?

Hi ziggy, these playlists are defined by us manually - and we plan on changing them regularly.
I'll PM you about the other issue.

And MrDrWho13 - Thanks, I'll have a look at what can be done with the emails.
2013/4/13 19:47:59
New website feedback thread Thanks for the feedback Dreeko. Will aim to address these issues ASAP
2013/4/10 15:12:41
Blog - link missing? simonheffer wrote:
In the costumes section it says "Check them out here." Should that be a link?

Well spotted Simon, the link is in there now.

simonheffer wrote:
Oh and I noticed writing this that the tab key didn't take me from Subject to message as I would have expected.

It's actually working for me here, but I'll do some more testing.

simonheffer wrote:
Website looks a lot cleaner chaps - great work!!

Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback!
2013/3/28 9:49:09
Problems uploading / commenting on videos That's your clip in the gallery now Feisty
It can just take a wee while to get here and be moderated.
2013/1/21 12:35:51
website woes suggestion We've had a go at implementing this urbanlamb. To be honest, it's not quite as clever in terms of how it looks compared to how it does on YouTube.com (for various technical reasons) but we think it does the job
2013/1/8 11:16:24
Really good text to speech ! I LOL'd at the Glasgow English one - it's quite accurate
2013/1/7 11:34:59
cannot upload to you tube account Newbie54 wrote:
when I tried to join you tube it sent me to google..why can`t I just upload to muvizu?

Hi Newbie54,

When you upload a video to Muvizu for the first time it will ask you to connect your Muvizu and YouTube (Google) accounts. This is because the videos we show here are hosted on YouTube so you will have to have a YouTube/Google account in addition to your Muvizu account.

Note that you will have to upload them here at Muvizu for them to show up in our gallery though, so just click on the 'Upload' link at the top of the page and take it from there.

Let us know if you have any more problems
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