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2011/11/20 17:35:19
Favourite characters Thank you Berty,

I've managed to get most of them back this way.

2011/11/19 18:10:58
Favourite characters Hi, I've just downloaded the latest version of Muvizu and seem to have lost my favourite characters, have they gone forever?
2010/9/15 18:48:43
new characters Thanks for the suggestions and the giggles I had reading and watching the replies!
2010/9/15 12:03:40
new characters Could we have a baby?! or small child please.
2010/9/3 20:00:15
Dog Coat Textures Hi, I love the new dog, but would it be possible to have different coat textures instead of skin colours for him? Could we have fur textured bracelets for his arms and legs and also a choice of tails?
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