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2015/5/1 22:11:08
My first Video Thank you Isadore.
I appreciate and let me tell you the trick its practice.
Sometimes its a big frustration working hours in a face and in the end looks like crap.
Practice its the way.
Thank you
2015/5/1 21:33:11
My first Video Nice one.
I´ll upload the psd file with the kit then you just have to change colors i suppose.
your gareth bale hair looks better
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2015/4/29 21:16:28
My first Video Gareth Bale

2015/4/22 22:11:12
My first Video
Thank you Guys.
This one is Cristiano Ronaldo.
See you around. Peace.
Get in the Assets

upload images
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2015/4/20 22:09:35
My first Video Yes i made !
For now i uploaded Lionel Messi Texture
This is the ScreenShot.

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edited by jorgze on 20/04/2015
2015/4/18 21:23:22
My first Video Hello mates!
Finishing some football players Textures to upload them!
Sorry if my English isn´t the best but i am Portuguese LOL.
2015/4/15 21:10:13
My first Video Hello Evryone.
I am jorgze, love this Muvizu. I do lot of faces for Pro evolution soccer has you can see in Google if you search for jorgze. it´s a hobbie. Well now i am starting playing in this lovely software that you create and here is my first video.
See you around!

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