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2010/11/3 22:04:02
Muvizu version With the Unreal engine in Muvizu soon to be updated, wouldn't it be a good idea to have the current version of Muvizu as the full version 1, stored in a downloadable archive? So after that it would be version 1.1, 1.2 etc... with the new Unreal engine being used (technically version 2). I ask this because the different game engines would probably need different hardware specs.
2010/11/1 23:17:38
Should I bother? I'd like to see it too, because it sounds amazing by the way he's being possessive of it!EEK!

20% is a good starting point for what is being given, and pyrrho has said that this is negotiable and could be on a sliding scale over time, and he's said that he's looking to clarify it to avoid any future confusion

If you had to employ modellers, texturers, animators, light riggers, bone riggers, scene riggers (yep, there are are myriad of specific disciplines in 3D production these days) it would burn a hole in even the most substantial bank balance, and that's not including the price of the software and hardware needed. Yes, you could use Moviestorm or iClone, although I find them to be a little too above their station, if you see what I mean. They're good for producing videogame graphic style animations, but they're not professional enough to produce decent animations. Muvizu may be in the same league as them, but what I think they've cleverly done is create the cartoon style in their models and animation sets to get around this, so in it's own way it encourages you to produce something comedic - which I think is good. I could probably do that myself with Blender, Animation Master, C4D, or Max (although I haven't used Max in years) but that would take ages. Muvizu is a convenient shortcut that gets ideas down quickly. So 20% is quite fair.

If you wanted to produce something more professional, then you could use and old copy of Poser, along with an old copy of Bryce and Daz Studio (which all should be available free from somewhere - usually on the coverdiscs of 3D World or 3D Artist) But then, they still require alot of work to be done, and those apps can be resource hungry - especially in rendering!

Which reminds me, Renderman is a renderer, used with various 3D apps. It's not a standalone 3D modelling and animation app. And don't worry about pyrrho's tone. I quickly understood it. He's got some good comebacks, which I can appreciate even if no-one else does LOL!
2010/10/31 23:42:41
Should I bother? pyrrho wrote:
Oh, and "it" doesn't take the possessive. "It's" is a contraction of "it is". This is becoming something of a feature in these forums, perhaps there should be a Muvizu clip explaining it.

Its something I've thought about Stick Out Tongue

But RightURKen might have a valid point about the approval filter system for projects. Just because something might not meet with Muvizu's ideals doesn't mean that it should be dismissed. It's like opening the doors of creativity for all (which Muvizu does), but then stopping one or two from getting in. Such a policy can alienate and make Muvizu look bad.
Thing is, people will create nasty things with it, whether you want them to or not. It's the way some people are You just have to accept the bad with the good, the filth with the fragrant. You simply focus more on the fragrant, but still allow in the filth without pricing it out of the way. Although it would be funny if someone did approach with a project that Muvizu didn't like and you quoted them a 90% cut and they thought about it, then replied "Sounds fair!" The reaction on everyone's face at Muvizu would be priceless! LOL!

So with that in mind, it might be worth considering having a fixed and fair percentage for all (whether the projects are good or bad). A case of grin and bear it, really
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2010/10/28 18:26:54
My prize arrived! A pretty high horse you've got there, toonarama!

But as Neil and glasgowjim quickly sussed, I was just having a laugh
2010/10/27 23:23:18
My prize arrived! pyrrho wrote:
two words - make an effort, old boy - with your monitor crisis.

That's nine words

pyrrho wrote:
Suppose a picture is out of the question?

Alright then:

I chose The Lady of Shallot by J W Waterhouse, as it's a good example of pre-raphaelite painting.

2010/10/27 16:58:06
My prize arrived! The people at Muvizu are revolting

Complete the effect by getting some placards made, and have one of you wear a badly ironed shirt, with a crooked tie, making a series of demands through a cheap megaphone with bad feedback. Use suffixes like "-ism" and "-ist" on words to make it sound intelligent
2010/10/27 16:45:34
Weapons, new animations and Muzzle flashes Having held objects, and especially weapons, would take Muvizu onto a different level and open it up to a whole new area of creativity. Fair enough, you'll get a stack of death and destruction creations, but there'd be some right gems amongst them.
And if these objects were a little generic, meaning that users could import their own models to replace them, then that would be superb!
2010/10/26 23:49:24
My prize arrived! Thing is, even if the prize had been a budget, I would've customised it the way it is now. It purrs along like a kitten with a fresh bowl of milk! Quality product

"pyrrho" wrote:
Oh, and while I'm at it, "its" does not take the possessive.

Whaaaaa? Okay, I want you to imagine something...Imagine me sat right next to you whilst you work, looking at you in an unblinking stare and pointing at you at the same time. This I'm doing all day long, relentlessly! LOL!

I'm alright with the monitor I've got, actually
2010/10/26 12:05:39
My prize arrived! Yay!

As soon as the base unit arrived this morning, I decided to give myself a one day holiday just to mess about with it. This rig is exactly what I needed - A proper workstation that can do it's job And if mysto's reading this, yours is similar and just wait until you get it - It's a monster! LOL

I am most contented

*cough" shame there was no monitor with it, though *cough*

What? Quiet
2010/10/22 12:16:32
A Spoof of a Spoof? He is, and don't call him Shirley.
2010/10/17 19:23:59
Ghost house: Episode 1 Weird! They got rid of the Muvizu watermark. They probably did it by using fraps and just recording an area of the screen without it (which you can do with fraps).
Naughty, naughty! The people at Muvizu central aren't going to like that S&M Abuse
2010/10/14 15:10:24
Smaller Head Movements The head animation node can be very sensitive, that's true, but once you realise how sensitive it is and how even slight offset from the centre can move the head, then you get a better understanding of it and you do get used to it.
It can be difficult to use if you're click-dragging it, as it can go all over the place. One way of avoiding that is to point-click it instead, which is far more precise and which the node is better used for. Just click on one point in the node and the head will move to it then move to another point and click on that one (no click-dragging needed). The timeline will clearly show these two points, whereas if you click-dragged it, the timeline would create numerous points for the head movement, making it difficult to adjust.
2010/10/14 14:56:12
Animatable objects-props GUNS! That's what we need, lots of guns. Old, new and sci-fi, that the characters can use
Let's nurture the primal need for creating death and destruction, as Muvizu would benefit greatly from it. Look, even this smiley has the right idea - Gun

Then there's other weapons like knives and swords. There really needs to be an entire Muvizu section of usable, and animated prop weapons
2010/10/11 16:06:26
Don't think I'll make it... pyrrho wrote:
Good call. I've emailed asking you to change the settings to private and shared with MuvizuYT. Don't worry, your entry will be fine.

It's done For some reason, the "send" button wasn't available on youtube last time. I think that might've been an IE thing, as it's always visible in Firefox.
2010/10/10 23:26:31
Don't think I'll make it... I can see how some have been having trouble with linking to their entry on youtube, because I tried to set it to private and have just the MuvizuYT account view it, but it wouldn't have it for some reason (probably a glitch because it's worked before) So I just chose the "unlisted" privacy setting, which stops it being made public, but allows you to send the URL of it to anyone of your choice. In this case, just one, the competition entry email
2010/10/10 10:56:13
Don't think I'll make it... Blimey! I nearly forgot to submit my entry!Shock I had it all edited together but totally forgot about it and thought I'd already submitted it!, but I managed to send the link to the youtube vid just before I went out this morning

Without going into much detail, it's a spoof of the old B-movies
2010/9/14 22:03:46
Blender 2.49 ASE Export Tips n Tricks Doesn't this work with 2.5?
2010/9/7 12:46:41
3 Point Lighting Tutorial Cheers!

3 point lighting's worth knowing, even if you don't stick to the rules of it, as it's always in the back of your mind when you're lighting scenes. I could do video tuts, but I have to admit that I like the text/image ones found on websites and PDF. I suppose it's a personal preference type of thing Cool
2010/9/6 20:44:27
3 Point Lighting Tutorial I've put together a basic 3 point lighting tutorial for Muvizu, which some of you might like and find useful:

It's not a video, because "I cannee dee a scortish accent!"
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2010/9/4 14:03:03
Pixar Short Films DVD I think the Knick Knack one they released in the video shorts isn't the original. In the original, the female characters were big-breasted, but being all Disney now, they decided to redo them. It turned the snowman character in it from a horny guy lusting after women, to a perv chasing teens! Whaaaaa?
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