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2015/6/4 18:57:13
Assistance I am attempting to share the set I have created so far by making it a video. Not sure how to share with you. It has no audio but I have a script. Our Products are called Bin Warehouse Storage Systems and I want to use a squirrel to illustrate how they helped organize his _ _ t s. Cute squirrels voice etc.
2015/6/4 17:31:28
Assistance Looking for someone to work with me on a set I have started. Willing to trade some product for design assistance
2015/4/8 21:52:40
Squirrel Got it, downloaded it and will upgrade my version. Thanks again. I have a lot to learn. I can use a tutor!
Thanks again.
2015/4/8 15:58:09
Squirrel Thanks drewi, this is sure better than I can do. I am really new at this and do appreciate the help. Is there a way for me to import this?
2015/4/8 4:30:18
Squirrel Can anyone send me a link to a cool squirrel I can use as a character?
Not familiar with creating my own.
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