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2010/8/18 0:45:01
Uploading video and it showing on site. Ok this comment is just on your vid.

Grate vid man.
couldn't stop laughing at the end bit ^^
2010/8/18 0:40:31
Free sound editors, sound-effect or music makers Grate advice pall.
I was using some other programs that didn't have tools to work with.
Im going to give some of these a try.

2010/8/18 0:38:19
Project Assets Its cool ^^
If anyone is having the same problem.
then you just need to wait for approval.
to make sure its all rite for other users to view ^^
2010/8/17 17:36:18
Project Assets I just uploaded a scene from my Project "Alone"
But the Clip has uploaded to YouTube but not to the Project "Alone"
On this website as a Asset.

I was just wondering if any one can tell me why.
Or do i need to wait for a wile.
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