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2015/8/13 3:44:17
Problem after doing the upgrade help please Hi Jamie,

I got your email reply, and I sent over the requested details to you. I will be awaiting a solution, so I can continue to use this software properly soon, thanks a lot

2015/8/12 6:47:06
Problem after doing the upgrade help please Hi UkBerty,

No I click to open it up, and it instead comes up with this long list of error messages, but Muvizu is showing behind it like it wants to launch open?

An suggestions sure would be helpful right about now, thanks

2015/8/12 5:18:57
Problem after doing the upgrade help please Hi Everyone,

I had the Muvizu working just fine, took the advice when opening the software to upgrade and now I have a ton of error messages here like this:

Address=0x803c800b (filename not found)

Address=0x803c830a (filename not found)

Address=0x803c854a (filename not found)

Address=0x800b99e8 (filename not found)

Address=0x80814e74 (filename not found)

Address=0x81c7f50e (filename not found)

Address=0x81c7f50e (filename not found)

Address=0x81c82166 (filename not found)

Address=0x81c83cc0 (filename not found)

Address=0x81c8564f (filename not found)

Address=0x81c8564f (filename not found)

Address=0x80bf9829 (filename not found)

Address=0x800c5399 (filename not found)

Address=0x8118b42b (filename not found)

Address=0x8118b8eb (filename not found)

Address=0x8118b98a (filename not found)

Address=0x811ba72 (filename not found)

Address=0xcc7ead5b (filename not found)


I already did the following steps before coming here and still can not get it to function anyone here know of what else to try please?

Did these:

uninstalled, and reinstalled-- no good

used full down load, and lite version too no good

used another downloader-- no difference

I already have net frame 4.0 newer installed on the pc

I have direct x

and I un-ticked all the 3 boxes as I have all the updated ones --no change, and no good

I am running a windows 8.1 with the 64 bit operating system on it.

Now as I said early on, I had the software and the upgraded version functioning just fine, until doing the latest software upgrade, can anyone here please offer any new steps to try.

I emailed support, and awaiting a reply, but they are currently closed at this time.

thanks everyone

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