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2011/3/18 17:50:47
Straight lines Asked for this myself a while back, and someone had already posted it before me - it was on the to do list, probably on page 397...
2011/3/18 14:45:55
Wrong english You should've shown them Jeeves & Wooster - that would have freaked them out!
2011/3/16 21:31:45
Eyes?? yaya96 wrote:
So any sugestions that could show 'eyes closed'?

I would try setting his mood to sad and then record him for a bit until he blinks. Slow down that part of the movie when you edit it, and it should look like a sleepy person closing his eyes. Maybe. Good luck!
2011/3/11 23:52:39
Random faces/heads Good idea, and it made me think it would be useful to have a Favourites button for faces too, where you could save your preferred default faces (or just one you need to replicate for whatever reason).
2011/3/9 21:45:03
Jim's last day worship
2011/3/8 20:20:49
Just saying hello Dreeko wrote:
Great to have another Muvizu believer joining the flock!
Remember there are still many to be saved from the world of 2d animation. Spread the joy of Muvizu and open their eyes to another dimension! (too much? ..sorry I've been taking some Charlie Sheen)



Hey, I just bought half an ounce of Charlie Sheen too! Good stuff! Just off for a swim to Neptune... Whaaaaa?
2011/3/6 16:58:08
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Uploaded my Troggs Tapes recording studio set, which some people seemed to quite like. Being a Sunday it wont get processed until tomorrow, but it's on it's way.
2011/3/5 19:50:32
Interface & Timeline Not only that, we could use the sound of Neil's teeth grinding as the login sound for certain members of the forum
2011/3/4 18:55:37
Interface & Timeline Both awesome suggestions, actually! I was just thinking of a simple alert, but yeah, those are better ideas - NEIL! Neil! Over here!
2011/3/4 1:48:19
Interface & Timeline Small thing - could you add the option to play a sound when done creating a movie? Ta.
2011/3/3 19:47:39
Wobbling Imports I find that some objects have an odd sense of where the middle axis is - even if you've centered it exactly on the xyz axis in Sketchup, if can still wobble about when you try to move it. Moving it in Sketchup to align with just one or two of the axis seems to work better sometimes, or have the centre at the edge of the object, not the middle. Shouldn't work any better, and yet...
2011/3/3 19:38:41
What codec do you use and why? AAAARRHTHHGHGHGH!!!¬!!!!

Didn't work either. Although the MS codec looked okay, on closer inspection it's only 16 bit colour, and looks a bit horrible for my purposes. So I thought, Sod It, that Glasgow Jim fella seems pretty confident in this K-Lite pack thing, so I'll give it a go. Uninstalled Shark007's, installed K-Lite, went back to using Cinepak, and looks excellent again. And Premiere's happy too. Thankyou - should have listened to you in the first place!

Vista can go f**k itself, incidentally. It usually does anyway without any help from me.
2011/3/3 17:23:24
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Want it now. Now, I tellsya! Okay, we might have to wait a bit for graphics like Halo's - just have to keep Neil on his toes...poke

Anyway, uploaded my Kung Fu International sets for your delectation, fellow Muvizuers. Hope you find them useful.
2011/3/3 14:49:41
Bizarre news reports Oh yeah, I've seen these - check out the one with Gordon Brown throwing a secretary across the room, or the classic Tiger Woods one - stupidly funny! (incidentally, they do know it was an air rifle, not a Barrett or a bleedin' shotgun, don't they?!)
2011/3/3 13:59:05
What codec do you use and why? Thanks Emily and GlasgowJim - Emily, those settings you mention are what I already use for everything. What I don't get is how I managed to create the Troggs Tapes, finish it, then move onto a new project with the same equipment, no changes, and only then have trouble. Wierd.

I had a look at the Premiere troubleshooting tips and I can't see any issues there either. It's just Cinepak it seems, everything else is fine. No big deal, MS codec is the same quality and it works fine with Premiere so I'll just go with that. I don't want to start messing with the K-lite codecs just now as I use the Shark007 codecs to ensure parity between my Xp and Vista machines, which I have managed to achieve - and you don't want to upset Vista, trust me!. It's possible that an update to the Shark007 codecs may have upset Cinepak in some way, but I already have a solution so I'll leave it at that. Thanks again!
2011/3/3 0:14:19
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Just got round to actually loading these up and having a butcher's - damned impressive. Especially the Town Centre one - where did you get the building textures? Very nice. I also liked the idea of putting the moon in the Winter Scene actually very very far away - simple but effective. Thankyou! Thumbs Up
2011/3/2 22:11:57
What codec do you use and why? I would like to now change my vote to Microsoft Video 1. For some reason Cinepak no longer agrees with Muvizu, Premiere, or anything else important on my Xp machine and my Vista machine. It still just about works, but everything looks totally crap (banded, flickering, faded). No idea why - must be a codec update or something. Anyway, screw Cinepak! MS Video 1 Rules!
2011/3/2 19:48:49
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! Emily wrote:
Such geekery!!

Ah well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Here's my contribution:


I have to say, I do quite fancy a Tech-Sketch Light Pen.

Preferably without the demonic child...

If you haven't already, you really should try that link - I want a Penril Modem! And 16k of Raw Power!! And I think the demonic child is actually plugged into the mains by accident...
2011/3/2 1:24:54
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! Sorry Penman, we seem to have turned your topic into a misty-eyed stroll down memory lane - so, no more talk of tape machines, crap graphics, or floppy disks. Ahh, floppies, them were the days...
2011/3/2 1:17:55
Key Mapping Neil wrote:
I've got one of these at home. Highly recommended.


That was the very one I also considered before going with the Cyborg Command Unit - the Belkin does look very cool though! (I liked the old Saitek GM2 pad y'see, so I thought I'd stick with them).
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