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2010/12/10 23:30:21
Stolen Snowman SORT THAT! Ah, winding up yer mother, always a laugh
2010/12/6 20:36:44
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I normally hate when people do this on forums, but I have to say to the last post - LOL!!!
2010/12/6 20:35:36
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn @Neil Thankyou again, knew you wouldn't let us Muvizuers down (is that the proper name for us now? Muvizuettes, perhaps?)

And if Dreeko gets his dragon, I want a dinosaur!!

Just kidding!
2010/12/3 22:52:21
Bug? - lights have gone out A checkbox on the Make Video screen for lit/unlit would be good. I've always used the camera window as my check for the lighting while I edited the rest unlit (for speed). I haven't built a complex enough set in the new version to have to work unlit, so didn't notice the change. When I did notice it, I would have posted toonarama's question, so thanks toon!

So yeah, please give us the ability to work in mixed lit/unlit modes - I can't see how that's not helpful to anyone, it seems like such an obvious feature to have.
2010/12/1 21:47:45
Background & Skydome - Aspect Ratios. I do want to avoid distortion, so thankyou Emily. I notice no one else thanked you - ungrateful sods!

(of course, having said that, it has taken me several months to find this post...lazy sod!) Sleepy
2010/12/1 20:47:24
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Hang on, been using the new version, and a familiar problem appreared again - I moved a piece of scenery, it hit another bit of scenery which moved, and brought my entire set down. The bits of set were all locked - am I to understand 'locked' doesn't mean it's actually locked, just...what? My understanding is that locked would mean unmovable, uneditable, and, you know, locked, so it can't be affected by anything else you're doing. I build complex sets, I need to be able to have stuff stay where I left it - could you make lock actually lock the buggers down properly? Thankyou.

Also, thankyou for adding the keyboard shortcuts to the zoom buttons in the timeline window, just as you said you would. You make me hopeful that the lock will get sorted too

And for goodness sakes, give Dreeko his dragon! I think he's earned it! Applause
2010/12/1 20:16:58
Favourite ever cartoon? Emily wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Dangermouse!!! How could I forget the little fella, and how could I have forgotten Penfold?! One of the best theme tunes ever, too.

Did you ever see in in Gaelic?

Donnie Murdo!!

Wierd! And funny though - wonder how languages DM has been translated into? I'm sure I once saw Top Cat dubbed into japanese once...or was I dreaming it?
2010/11/27 18:30:15
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely I've seen the Moviestorm stuff, and I just find it tedious. It looks like intro movies for games from ten years ago - when you're tryng to emulate reality, everything that doesn't look real makes you conscious of the fact your watching a constructed thing, something unreal.

Muvizu is cartoonish from the off, so everything is obviously not real, so you don't consciously question it - and so anything that looks real just tends to add to the animation. Look at the Final Fantasy film - utterly beautiful, unbelievably high quality rendering, and it was rubbish. You don't buy the characters, because they're not real, and you can't quite get that out of your head, no matter how detailed the textures are, or how realistic the lighting looked. Then look at the cartoonish side of animation - all the Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks stuff. Buzz Lightyear is a more believable character than anyone out of Final Fantasy, or Avatar, or any 'real' looking animations.

Hmm, reading that over it sounds like I'm dissing Moviestorm. Yeah, probably am - Muvizu Rules!
2010/11/26 20:29:17
Muvizu TV And after seeing how many music videos there are, and guessing how many there are still to come (waves of the blighters, I tellsya), there should be a Music Video category. Then maybe Short Films, Series, and Tests.
2010/11/19 19:38:24
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? @ KerryK Thankyou!

CaligalUK and I had to have a bit of a discussion on how many dead dogs are funny, or not, before we decided on just the one... I wanted heaps! (she was right in the end though). Nice job by Mike too, the guy who did the line.
2010/11/17 21:28:36
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Toonarama said it perfectly - control over character movement is extremely tricky (less so with the camera and objects, but only because you can use the keyboard to move them). Just having a character walk in a straight line, for even a few steps, is an erratic and usually frustrating experience. I have a Saitek Cyborg gaming mouse, and yet according to the program I am incapable of moving it in a straight line, or maintaining a contant speed. Even after my 14th attempt. I didn't headshot all those people in Battlefield 2 and Ghost Recon to be told this! Gun

Can we have the characters guided by the keys now, while we await a waypoint system later? I think this would keep everybody happy for the moment. Well, me anyway
2010/11/17 19:23:15
Muvizu TV Those are both good suggestions I think - there are so many movies now that some re-organisation would seem necessary. Perhaps a new category on the main pages - 'Themed', or something like that. I think it should be up to Muvizu to decide what the categorisation of the movies should be, rather than the users themselves. I say that because it annoys me when people tell me that their movie is funny - I'll be the judge of that, sonny jim!!
2010/11/16 20:37:33
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn You know, this is brilliant - the programmers fix a bug, and the users miss the bug! It is just me that finds that funny?! Okay, just me then

And now, back to the Neil & Dreeko Show! Big Grin
2010/11/15 19:49:30
latest version @Neil Thankyou so much! bow
2010/11/13 19:46:31
Do we get candy I want candy too!

Nice vid
2010/11/12 21:05:03
Stock Images/Textures Here's one for ya all


Repeating wallpaper textures, so no one has any excuse to use the default red and white striped one again! Seriously, everybody, it hurts my eyes...Cool
2010/11/10 22:36:14
latest version i agree

Also, just discovered that you can change the scale of things in all 3 directions - would have found it sooner, but I didn't realise the little lock icon next to the scale bar was actually changing when I clicked on it - you might want to make the button a bit bigger, guys, for us short sighted types Cool

Love being able to stretch the backdrops using it though, and I have to say the animated objects are kinda spooky when they fly about...

Anyway, going back in...
2010/11/10 21:01:12
latest version Hang on...wait...

There, got it - just picking up my jaw.
From the f**cking floor - THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!

Ahem, alright, to put it in a calmer, more constructive way ;
Lovin' the extra options on character attributes - being able to scale and move hair, hats and bits of face will lead to some truly hideous creations. Well, maybe not all hideous

Loooooooooooooooooooooock! Locking stuff down so it doesn't get moved by accident has been the biggest annoyance for me from day 1 with Muvizu, so thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Lovin' all the music stuff - so much more than I expected you'd do. Full band dynamics will be possible - oh dear oh dear...I can feel 10 million sad fan vids brewing even as I type

Splitting movement and action for characters is so much better, and not having the actions window up in movement mode makes it so much easier for moving them about.

Putting the tabs on windows is excellent - so much faster to get to stuff.

Lovin' the bigger head movement area - a simple solution to allow for more subtlety.

Flies!! I asked for flies as an effect, and lo and behold, flies! Now I'm happy

As for the effects in general - bleedin' excellent - the options you can change will allow for a lot of cool (and unexpected) looks. And thank God you added flames - I was wondering how I was going to manage my next project without them, and then...

In a word - Brilliant. That's all I really wanted to say.

Okay, there is one little thing I'd like to ask for - could you assign shortcut keys for the zoom buttons in the timeline, please? I use a Saitek programmable keypad thing to navigate and control Muvizu, and the only buttons I can't program are those two, and it bugs me. Thankyou.
2010/11/1 23:01:39
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Just been reading some of the dump lines - ouch! Interesting challenge to make a one sentence vid though. I'll have a go, if you like.
2010/10/31 18:59:44
Ghost house episode 2 @Stonehead The internet full of brain dead idiots? What, you only just noticed?

Ghost House is ace, the detractors are jealous dolts. Have you ever noticed that the most insulting ones never have anything original posted on their own channels? I check, y'know...
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