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2010/9/29 0:50:31
Which is your favourite Muvizu animation so far? I'd really like to nominate "Oot the World Cup again" (http://www.muvizu.com/Video/3438/oot-the-world-cup-again) just because it makes me laugh every time I see it, but I think the best animation I've seen made with Muvizu is "Agent Snuff episode 1" (http://www.muvizu.com/Video/4406/Agent-Snuff-episode-1-The-Beginning). The timing, the sets, the clarity of vision...everything combines beautifully. Jonbez is just too damn good - somebody break his PC! He's making us all look bad! ;-)

Hell, just remembered - http://www.muvizu.com/Video/3757/Geraldo-And-The-Plan should also be considered for greatness, because it's so well done, has a great look and it's just so...mental.
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2010/9/27 21:27:26
Importing from Google Sketchup Dammit!! It was the UT3 folder I had completely missed - D'oh! All sorted now, thanks a million. Now I can continue on with my 4 hour epic...bow
2010/9/26 21:21:41
Importing from Google Sketchup Help! I've done everything exactly as described above, and yet all the models I've tried to import turn out purple, with only 2 colours, and they just look a mess. I've tried the other settings, and it just gets worse. I cant even import the Mustang from the tutorial, even though I followed the instructions exactly, without it being a purple mess (as you can see). Any ideas?
2010/9/25 2:58:49
Halloween Film Fest Promo Nice set, lovely lighting.
2010/9/17 22:02:36
New character? artpen wrote:
I think because muvizu updates are regular, I still would like to see these characters.
All us users know how hard you work, and know muvizu is still improving, and I would
Be happy with these experimental characters. Cheers...

Ps fat people hardly shift there arses anyway, ha ha

I'm sorry Artpen but I have to take serious issue with your PS message. It's THEIR arses.
2010/9/17 21:57:55
New character? Personally, I think that any new characters would be a good thing, deformed or not! If the model has a problem, you can always shoot around it. Or fake it. It's quite impressive the range of variations you can already get with the basic stuff, so any new shapes would lead to new possibilities. I think you should release some oddities with a Test or Experimental tag, and see what happens.
Rats. Need rats. Can't believe we have spooky sets and no rats. On all fours rats, not yer cartoon walking upright ones neither. Also, although not a character, having Effects like Mosquito Swarm, Bees, Flies, etc would be a nice option to have. Until we get some rats. :-)
2010/9/15 1:56:35
New character? The classic alien Grey would be good, but a bigger range of basic clothes would probably help more to add variety - I'm talking shorts, jackets, bow ties, jumper tied around the waist, etc. The shorts would be good for those football vids too.

Also, I think we really need some way of reshaping the basic forms - making legs or arms or heads bigger, longer, skinnier, etc. This way we could create something that would look like new characters. And I agree with Artpen - we need a cape!
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