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2015/8/20 13:16:19
Beefy playing music Good idea.
Will do!
Thanks man!
2015/8/20 0:26:35
Beefy playing music Good time of the day to all.
First of all, a gigantic BRAVO to the designers and developers of Muvizu. It is a beautiful product that allows so many people to achieve what they wouldn't be able to otherwise, not even in their wildest dreams.
Now, about that subject line
According to what I've read on this forum, there is not currently a way to make the super heroes to play a musical instrument as part of their action pack. And I have one video that is pretty much stuck without it.
If there is a way to put this development request on the "road map" it would be awesome. If not, then no worries. The product is already beating any expectations hands down!
Thank you so much.
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