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2016/11/30 22:23:24
sale on Silo 2.3.1 theotherguy wrote:
I'm trying to get my head around exactly how I would USE software like silo in Muvizu, at least in as far as my storytelling goes. I imagine any character one could make would essentially be a statue, unless it could be animated with something like Toonboom, but then, how to have it interact with Muvizu characters?

Silo (and any modelling software such as Blender, Sketchup, Milkshape, 3DCoat etc) can be used to make attachments, accessories, buildings, trees... just about anything except a whole new character. You CAN, however, make head attachments to make existing characters look totally different. The werewolf and Frankenstein in my halloween video both used head attachments in order to modify existing characters into something "new"

I can see using Silo and similar software to make buildings and the like, but importing them into Muvizu seems pretty technical to me.
Once you know the procedure it's actually easier than most of what you do in your videos

I've had the most success storytelling-wise by importing Muvizu characters into 3-D sets and real environments, but the ultimate goal would see things they could interact with, or characters with scripted movements to use in a backdrop i.e. people working at desks or someone sleeping on a park bench.

I keep getting offers to try/buy the latest version of Poser, and it would seem to be possible to make animated characters you could have Muvizu characters interact with, but nobody seems to be interested in doing this, just making realistic looking characters seems to be enough.

Any ideas as to making additional animated characters or content Muvizu characters could interact with?

I think poser is a good match for your layered approach to combining muvizu footage with real life video. Exporting green screen footage from Poser would be an extension of what you're already doing.

The beauty of Poser is that its characters are already rigged and ready to animate. You just create you animations in that environment,export to video and combine it with your other stuff.
2016/11/30 15:51:35
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Medieval houses: Looking good Wabby! Thanks!
2016/11/30 15:50:18
Hullo Muvizuers Welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing more of your animations!
2016/11/30 1:59:43
sale on Silo 2.3.1 I notice that SIlo is back to $119 USD on Steam again today... so anybody who bought it for $29 got the best deal on it *I'VE* ever seen!

I'm curious to know who all bought it?

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2016/11/30 1:37:50
sound effects issue does it happen for all sound effects? Or just dialog you recorded?
2016/11/29 19:28:35
The most recent safe version of Muvizu? one reason for using the latest version is that a lot of store content was created with newer versions than you were using, so you couldn't open the sets in any version except the latest one.
2016/11/29 16:21:43
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 We're sneaking up on December, so this is a reminder to get those Christmas videos ready! The asset store is full of free content that can be used in your video! So of all topics, Christmas is one that is well supported by free assets!

There are pine trees, fully decorated Christmas trees, Fireplaces, Santa, elves, Reindeer, Kitchens for cooking, planes for travelling, Churches for worshipping, Stores for shopping, Kids for whatever it is that kids do on Christmas day... etc etc etc

If you don't have any ideas yet, just stop right now and look through all the assets in the store, and I bet by the time you reach the end you'll have several ideas worth pursuing!

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2016/11/29 15:30:22
The most recent safe version of Muvizu? I'm currently using the latest version, and it isn't broken in any feature that I use. Unless you have a project in process like UKBerty, I think its well worth the try. It actually solved an issue with transparent video, which I DO use.

But if you have work in process, its always a good idea to stay with that version until you're finished
2016/11/28 16:02:12
Finding muvizu's ase Anticip wrote:
Hi Pat,

I can completely understand that answer. Though it felt like Muvizu was quite a collaborative tool where people create and share so that the product grows bigger and bigger. Let's be honest about it, user made assets are a more than solid argument to invest into muvizu.

I agree wholeheartedly that the large pool of user created assets is one of MUVIZU's selling points. I can testify that the other animation alternatives provide very little to work with unless you buy assets... none of which are free!

And with the tech team itself releasing the base models of the characters so that we can make custom textures, I thought that (disregarding indeed the end user agreement) it was something they would be open to consider as it would make the user creation much faster if we could work off their base models (not to sell them or anything of the sort). actually the tech team didn't release the base models. A user figured out how to extract them and a lot of stuff happened very quickly and before you know it, they were posted for download... It may be worth noting that the user who figured it out was informed about the user agreement and its implications. I think its a good thing that they have allowed the base models to remain available, as they are really useful when you are sizing attachments. I fear that if reverse engineering the product became a cottage industry, they'd have to do something. I speak without real knowledge, just my intuition.

To be honest I thought it was already the case, that it was maybe tricky but that somehow people had already figured out, with muvizu's blessing, how to work off those base models.

Point taken though. Thanks !

I think you are right about everything except the "with Muvizu's blessing" part.

The original thread may still be available, but I don't think the details of how to extract anything were ever posted on the forum. (I could be wrong). If you search for the phrase "base models" (or some variation thereof) you may be able to find more information than I'm able to provide here. At the very least, you may see who to contact privately for more information.
2016/11/28 15:41:36
PC suggestions please LULU153 wrote:
My latest update (to my previous animation) is here - There's more to come!.

I for one AM looking forward to more fun and frivolity! I have a feeling that LULU is about to become a forum regular!
2016/11/27 20:36:22
How I make a toon style Army Tank By the way.. I almost forgot to say: NICE TANK! And nice tutorial too! The best tutorials are those made using software I have for use in other software I have!

It's hard to put a value on that! But if you could, it would be high!
2016/11/27 20:28:13
How I make a toon style Army Tank I had a similar email discussion with the developer of SILO, because it is rumored to be a dead product too. He assures me it is alive and well, but being developed at a much slower pace.

When 3D gaming was fairly new, a lot of small modelling apps had loyal followings, but over time competing apps rose above the pool of small contenders, and the little players started falling by the wayside.

In a few cases, the original developer keeps it alive as a labor of love, but the development takes longer without a full team. These small players are of special interest to us, because their programs are still quite good, and they are still supported.. but the price tags are low, and they were originally created for low poly modelling targeted at game engines... exactly what we need!

MilkShape. Silo and Curvy3D all seem to fall under the same umbrella: easy to learn and inexpensive modelling products that are still being supported by the original programmer, but developed at a slower pace.

People get spoiled by the rapid development cycle of the big players, so you see a lot of complaining on the forums of the 3 apps I named above... but one upshot to slow development is the fact that old tutorials are still relevant. In contrast, 3D-Coat changes so quickly they won't even make a manual, because by the time it was finished it would be outdated.

I like Silo because there is an abundance of good tutorials for it, and they are still applicable to the current version.

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2016/11/27 13:52:59
Problem with Expansion Pack Purchase MrDrWho13 wrote:
BigWhirl2012 wrote:
It doesn't even give me the option to do download. It takes me to the page that tells me I've previously purchased the product and that's all it will do.

Some packs don't require a download, but you need to go to file-->activate to enable then.

in other words, some of the packs (like keyframing, 360degree rotation and maybe some others) are already coded into the program, so there's nothing to download. It just needs to be activated by re-entering your activation code.
The only expansion packs that require a download are the ones that involve characters and assets.
2016/11/27 2:21:47
changing voice thanks to both Rod and Lulu for providing some new options for all of us!
2016/11/26 22:47:09
changing voice here's one:

There are others, but this one has enough different voices to meet a wide variety of needs
2016/11/26 19:13:49
PC suggestions please LULU153 wrote:
I'm setting Muvizu up now, on a computer not dissimilar to one I sold a few years ago... Hopefully it'll all run smoothly. Watch this space... or not!

Thanks for all your help everyone

aw, gee.. no thanks required! It's fun to spend other peoples' money! ;-)

We can't wait to see more LULU movies... (Welcome to the forum)
2016/11/26 19:11:09
PC suggestions please I just got back from buying a computer for my daughter. She wants to play WorldOfWarCraft on it, which doesn't have terribly high hardware requirements. We found a computer with an I-7 CPU on sale locally, but it only has on board graphics. Given the sale price we can add a graphics card later if the game lags. 99% of the time she'll be watching anime videos, so it's probably already overkill.

I was getting ready to sink about $2,000 into my system, but after reading some articles I decided to start with a SSD and see if that speeds things up enough that I don't need to keep spending money.
2016/11/26 15:17:56
PC suggestions please LULU153 wrote:
Oh gosh thank you for that. Im actually in currys now about to hand over a load of dosh to someone whose gone through my printed out list of everyones suggestions.
Needing a double vodka 😨😊

Yes, but think of all the FUN you're going to have making Muvizu videos that amaze and amuse your friends! If you put a monetary value on fun, this could turn out to be the deal of a lifetime!
2016/11/26 12:34:58
PC suggestions please Muvizu is based on a Game engine, so a computer that was intended for gaming is going to be your best bet. Unfortunately, hard-core gamers are competitive and they know that having the best gear helps them to win... so as a business demographic, they are unique in their willingness to spend money for high-end capability. That drives up the price for the rest of us..

But if you search for the phrase "gaming computer" you will find some machines in the $400-$500 range that are capable of handling the requirements imposed by your sample video.

Regarding the practice of building a PC with components: That's the best way to get a computer made of all best-in-class components, but I don't think that's what you want.

Key things to look for:
  • at least 8 gigs of ram
  • an intel I5 or I7 CPU (I7 is better if you can find one on sale)
  • and something in the description that says either GTX or RADEON

Depending on your sons' ages, there's a high possibility that they have gaming computers they've outgrown (for gamers, "outgrown" means it's over 6 months old and is therefore not cutting edge any longer). If so, maybe they'd just give it to you, (or sell it for an amount you can both live with) .

Final thought is to find a computer store that is having sales and ask an employee to show you which computers are for gaming. Then, from that group see if any fit your budget.

Good luck shopping, and I hope to see you back on the forum soon posting more videos!
2016/11/26 1:57:32
sale on Silo 2.3.1
Sorry to hijack this thread. I just wanted to add one final quote from a page on the 3d Warehouse Website:

"3D Warehouse is all about sharing — and that ethos extends to websites and social media."

don't worry about hijacking any threads. This is important stuff to talk about, and I am happy to see people making an honest effort to understand the intent of these licenses.

The most common Muvizu-related use of sketchup models is for people to adapt the model and use it in their own videos. I interpret that to be completely OK. It doesn't get "sketchy" (pun intended) until you put it in a store or other DL site. They say commercial use is OK, but then they go on to outline why it isn't OK.
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