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2016/9/7 20:19:17
Jurassic pack idea this video shows a real world example of how to put a character inside a dinosaur attachment to make it move. Note that the actor's legs are plainly visible, but everything else about the T-rex is so over the top that nobody stops to notice the details.

basically the same as Ike's t-rex:

1) the suit is bigger than the actor inside it
2) t-rex feet are attached to the actors feet
3) everything else is just a suit/attachment
2016/9/7 19:15:30
Jurassic pack idea by the way, your promo shot looks very compelling!
(And where did you find the Jurassic font?)
2016/9/7 19:02:57
Jurassic pack idea that's a question you're not likely to get get answered easily. How would anyone know what they're willing to pay for a product that doesn't exist yet? Or how many characters it includes? Or of what quality?

Generally speaking, I think its true that if people want it, they'll pay whatever you ask for it. If they don't want it, they won't even DL it for free. If you make it for your own use, put it in the store and get a few sales at whatever price, you have some money you didn't have before. Some people will wait until they're ready to start a project that requires dinosaurs, and THEN buy it.

On the upside, there's no expiration date on items in the store. You make it once and sell it many times (unlike physical products that have to made for each and every sale). Once there, it could be bought by multiple waves of new users who are seeking new content. So you can't really evaluate the earnings potential based on the short term.
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2016/9/7 15:01:25
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 11.5 days left until the end of the contest!

PLENTY of time to whip something together, even if you haven't started yet! Rapid development is Muvizu's core strength... if you can't do SOMETHING in 11 days with Muvizu... well... good thing you don't use any of the other animation packages!
2016/9/7 14:53:35
Intro (demo) - Main video coming soon! I think I've played that gig before!

I look forward to seeing the whole video....
2016/9/6 23:48:44
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 More prizes on the way! Clayster is making a Raptor to go with Ikes' T-Rex... not sure yet whether everybody who submits an entry will get the raptor or whether it will be a prize for one level of winner.

Also, I'm working on some stuff that might be ready by the time the contest closes on Sunday the 18th at midnight GMT (7 pm US Eastern time)

We only have 3 submissions so far... so there's still time to get something in the contest!
2016/9/6 16:11:53
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers "JURASSIC PACK" ... love it! Great play on words!

I still think you should create a Pig-O-Saurus and put him in a movie named "Jurassic Pork"

Or maybe something set in Ireland when dinosaurs ruled the earth. A reptilian character made from Beefy
might be called ... um... BRAWN O'SAURUS

OK, I'll stop now.
2016/9/6 10:23:25
Downloading Muvizu asaph wrote:
Is there a way to download the latest version of Muvizu Play+ outside of the program for an offline project computer?

you should be able to DL it from the Muvizu store:
2016/9/5 17:35:17
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers thanks for taking time to reply, Jo.

I think the most recent new characters are masterfully done... my hat is off to the designer(s) who created them and their outfits. When I compare what a professional designer can come up with compared to the kludgy things we do to create franken-characters out of bits and pieces of modelled body parts... well.. there IS no comparison.

We wouldn't lower ourselves to beg for more if we didn't like the product.

The topic has unleashed a lot of pent-up energies and sentiments, not all of which are shared by everyone in the forum. Given the price, complaining about Muvizu is a bit like complaining about the quality of a birthday gift.

I had hoped my open letter would come across as less of a complaint and more of a request for dialog. It was certainly challenging in its demeanor.... but effective communication benefits from a frank exchange of perspectives.

I support the notion that software companies should have a vision, and that development should support that vision.

I also understand the reality that user requests pile up so quickly and go in so many directions at once that trying to please users often results in disappointing more people than you please.

Am I correct in interpreting this to mean that your focus has shifted away from end users and development now serves education ?

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2016/9/5 14:10:32
How do I download content from the store? Great question Danny.. one I've also thought about. Here's my solution:

I found the favourites folder and created subdirectories in it. Then when I save new stuff to Favourites, I go to the directory and drag it to my organized subdirectories.

Unfortunately Muvizu does not see subdirectories, so I have to manually move all the content I want into the main favourites folder in order to load it into Muvizu. I do this for each project, then move it back to the sub folder when the project is done.

This also keeps your main folder a lot cleaner and easier to find what yuo need.

The path to the FAVOURITES folder is kind of complicated, (and I think it's different for some operating systems) so once I found mine I created a shortcut on the desktop so I can get there quickly for housekeeping purposes.

here are links to some other threads on the topic:
2016/9/5 13:58:27
FLYING GRASS seems like this can also happen if an object is too close to another object that has "can be stood on" checked. Collision forces it upward in the same way that a box that has "can be stood on" checked will force a character upward if you slide the box toward him.
2016/9/4 0:05:55
The Motherland Calls really nice work, Ziggy. I take it you started with one of the base models then moved it to 3DCoat for all the deluxe stuff...?
2016/9/3 20:05:25
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 it doesn't look simple at all tony.. it looks awesome to me! Good Job!

I have things to do today and tomorrow, but by Monday I'll have a zip file of all the free content that people get when they submit an entry to the contest. It will be awarded as soon as people submit (once it's ready on Monday)
2016/9/3 17:36:23
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 BREAKING NEWS!

Clayster has graciously offered to let his house be provided to everyone who enters something in the contest! So the list of automatic prizes is growing!

EVERYONE wins at least three great prizes just by entering the contest!
2016/9/3 17:31:12
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers then there's the problem you run into when you start down the path of hyper realism, as touted by iClone and Poser. It's the graphical equivalent of bands making the decision to play a cover song in their own style, or trying to nail the original recording note for note.

Nobody ever nails the original recording. Playing your own version changes the audience's expectations, and a good custom version is generally received more favorably than an equally good note-for-note replication of the original. Unless it sounds EXACTLY like the original, in every way, people will mock it.

The problem with the iClone approach is that Hollywood has raised audience expectations to the point that anything you produce will fall short of the expectations. Far better (in my opinion) to create stylized content that makes no claim to Hollywood realism.

This is exactly why I'd like to have modifiable characters in Muvizu. Ideally an animator could make stories in Muvizu that are customized enough that it isn't obvious that it was made in Muvizu. At this time, however, the characters are so identifiably MUVIZU that you can't really create your own branded look.

In my opinion this is the most serious roadblock to artists using Muvizu for commercial projects.
2016/9/3 17:16:57
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers
but where are all the great movies made with SFM ? This is 4 years old and there's virtually nothing.

I think this is a significant observation. One of my benchmarks for evaluating any software's "ease of use" is to look thru its forum to see what users are posting.

If you see mostly demos and exercises, it tells you that people are having trouble bringing their projects to completion. But if you see lots of good finished projects from a lot of different people (not just from a few experts) that tells you the average forum member is successfully assimilating the skills needed to use the software.

Muvizu passes that test. In fact, a quick youtube search for the keyword MUVIZU will yield more hits than you can watch in a day...

In contrast, most other animation forums are full of 30 second long walk cycle exercises or phoneme mouth projects or blinking eyes, and none of them are even half as good as Muvizu's
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2016/9/3 17:07:45
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 tonyob67 wrote:

This is my entry.

This is a profit film because I have 2 sons to feed.

This is my original story, (directed by Steven Spielberg)

In this small film I tried to show the importance of respecting life, in an evil way hahaha

I create the slug small world and use avi for the cascade and the lake, also use png for the backdrops with 2 diferent mountains pics for a 3d look and green screen for the sky and killer laser beam.

Good look every one!!!

I really like this Tony! Rather than say more now, I'll save it for the review at the end of the contest! Thanks for submitting one of your awesome animations to my contest!
2016/9/3 16:59:03
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 I just noticed that the Sept 15 contest deadline is in the middle of the week.... not good for last minute editing.... so, as a special consideration to anyone with a time crunch, I'm changing the deadline to midnight of the following Sunday ... Sept 18

That provides two full weeks and 3 weekends to whip something together for the contest! Plus a bonus day for anybody in the USA, because this Monday is an extra day off!
2016/9/3 0:27:35
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers primaveranz wrote:
Hi Pat,

I'm afraid your initial post shows you are just following the Muvizu "Path of Despair" that many of us have been down already. You can probably see some of our signatures carved on the walls in the flicker of your dying candle

From the first arrival full of excitement and wonder, to the supportive messages to those vets who seem to be complaining unreasonably, to the tentative questioning of Muvizu staff about the future, gradual angry realisation of "the Truth", then a last burst of enthusiasm and effort to ignite things again. Then comes the final pleading for "a Sign". Followed by the apparently irreversible slump into apathy.

Its such a perfect tragedy, someone should make a movie about it.... Cool

man, that really WOULD make a great movie! ;-)

But I honestly don't feel any sense of despair... I'm having fun with Muvizu, and I expect that to continue for the foreseeable future.
The original post is more about identifying the elephant in the living room. If Muvizu is OK with not making any money, that's their call, and only they get to make it.

But if they aren't making money because they truly don't understand why nobody buys their expansion packs.. then that can be addressed. It's pretty clear now what we want and what we don't want.

It is still to be determined what happens next... and it is entirely in Muvizu's power to choose.
2016/9/2 15:07:46
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers MuvizuTeam wrote:
Hi All,
Jo here. Thank you for your letter. I will share your comments and the points raised. As previously mentioned - we are a small team but we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Jo, thank you for commenting!

I hope this thread is not discouraging to anyone at Muvizu. It is intended to show our interest in the product and to point out that what we all want is really pretty simple. We don't want you to work overtime or jump through hoops. We just want you to redirect the same amount of work that you're already doing into features and expansion packs that we can use.

We recognize that Muvizu is one of many tools in the toolbox, and as such we don't ask you to recreate features that we already have in other products.

The most productive and most money-making thing for Muvizu is to take the existing paradigm and refine it:
  • Where there are bugs, fix them.
  • We love the actions so much, we'd rejoice if we had more.
  • expansion packs!
  • outfits!
  • characters that are modifiable! (this is why most of us still use the potato heads... they are more modifiable)
  • timeline enhancements!
the list could get long and overwhelming. But pick one and run with it.

We'll buy it. You'll make money. Everybody will be happy
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